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Trial of the Eternals

Anre appears before Niyon after hearing that she's lost her ability to hear the melodies of others and warns her that rumors of her plight are already spreading across the skies. He then challenges her to a duel in order to ascertain whether she still possesses enough power to remain an Eternal.

Anre: I heard what happened, Niyon. Your ability to hear the melodies of others has returned?
Niyon: Yes. Just a little bit, thanks to the Nine-Realm Harp.
Anre: That's reassuring. Then I trust you know what I came here for?
Niyon: I do. You're here to test my musical abilities.
Anre: Many have already heard about your weakness, and they could attack at any time.
Anre: I want you to show me that you have what it takes to protect those important to you.
Niyon: Of course. I intend to.
Anre: Your worthiness as an Eternal is on the line. Sorry to say... but I won't be able to hold back.
Niyon: Right. I'll play with everything I have.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 2

Niyon's strength impresses Anre, who can't believe she's lost her powers. In the name of (Captain) and the crew, she steels herself for a challenge from the other Eternals.

Anre: Well, that's surprising... It's like you never lost your powers at all.
Niyon: Huff... huff... My fingers are exhausted.
Anre: That was a wonderful performance. It conveyed just how much you want to fight to protect those precious to you.
Anre: The other Eternals will likely want to challenge you as well. But I'm not worried.
Niyon: My hands are shaking a little...
Anre: I'm confident that you'll be fine, Niyon. You're fighting for (Captain) and the others, aren't you?
Niyon: Yes. I'll do my best.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 3

Tweyen arrives to test Niyon's abilities and is surprised to see that the diminutive harpist isn't her usual scared self.

Tweyen: Hello, Niyon.
Niyon: Hello, Tweyen.
Tweyen: You've probably heard from Anre already, but I'm here to test your abilities.
Niyon: Yes. Whenever you're ready.
Tweyen not in crew

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Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: You're usually so scared before a fight, but you seem to be holding it together.
Niyon: I'm not scared anymore. I've decided to do my best to protect those who matter most to me.
Tweyen: Same here. I'm doing everything in my power to make sure everyone stays happy.
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Continue 1
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: You're usually so scared before a fight—especially against a monster like me—but you seem to be holding it together.
Niyon: I'm not scared anymore. I've decided to do my best to protect those who matter most to me.
Tweyen: I see. So you've found allies who matter that much to you, eh?
Tweyen: I think I might be just a little bit jealous.
Tweyen: You know, I've never really considered you to be some kind of super special friend or anything...
Tweyen: But as a fellow member of the Eternals, I'm obligated to go all out. For your sake.
Continue 2
Niyon: Right.
Tweyen: Here I come, Niyon.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 4

Niyon manages to emerge victorious against Tweyen, who invites her out for a bite to eat. Niyon responds that she'll tag along if the mood strikes her and reaffirms her distaste for noisy locales—a decidedly Niyon response.

Niyon: Are you okay?
Tweyen: I'm fine. You managed to beat me... Very impressive.
Niyon: I thought I was probably going to lose.
Tweyen: Feeling more confident?
Niyon: Yes.
Tweyen: Hey, Niyon. Wanna get something to eat after this whole thing's over?
Niyon: I'll come by if the mood strikes me. And I hate loud places.
Tweyen: Heheh... A very Niyon response. I'll make sure to pick someplace quiet.
Tweyen: I wish you all the best until then.
Niyon: Thanks, Tweyen.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 5

Next up on the list of Niyon's challengers is Threo, who is under the mistaken impression that she's supposed to put Niyon out of her misery. Niyon considers correcting her but decides her actions will speak for themselves.

Threo: Sniff, sniff...
Niyon: ...?
Threo: What's goin' on here? You don't smell like you've gotten weaker.
Niyon: So you've come too, Threo?
Threo: Yup! Anre said you were wounded and asked me to put you out of your misery!
Niyon: That doesn't sound right.
Threo: Oh yeah? But it's true you're not the strongest string player in the sky anymore, right?
Threo: I've seen the law of the jungle carried out more than once! Whoever's strongest thrives! Whoever's not strongest... doesn't thrive!
Threo: So lemme make it quick! Rest easy! It won't hurt a bit!
Niyon: ...

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 6

A defeated Threo demands Niyon follow the law of the jungle and finish her off, but Niyon chooses to play a lullaby on the Nine-Realm Harp and put Threo to sleep instead. She even has the good sense to watch over Threo until Anre shows up, practicing her harp skills in the meantime.

Threo: What was that about? I couldn't swing my axe how I wanted to at all! There's somethin' wrong with me!
Niyon: I'm sure there is. I added just a bit of dissonance to that primeval melody of yours.
Threo: Huh? Is that supposed to make sense?
Niyon: Sorry.
Threo: It's cool. Do what you want to me.
Niyon: ...
Threo: You won! I lost! So hurry up and get it over with!
Niyon: ...
Niyon: Okay. You asked for it...
Now listen to my song.
nulll: Before Threo can respond, Niyon gingerly begins to play the Nine-Realm Harp.
Threo: Hm? What the...
Threo: I'm feelin' super sleepy all of a sudden...
Niyon: ...
Threo: Zzz...
Niyon: Sweet dreams... Guess I'll keep practicing until Anre comes to pick you up.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 7

Feower tests Niyon's skills next and grows increasingly upset when Niyon explains that (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp are to thank for her gradually regaining her lost powers.

Feower: Hey, Niyon. Heard from Anre that you've run into a bit of trouble.
Niyon: Yeah.
Feower: I couldn't believe it... Depending on how things play out, you might actually get kicked out of the Eternals?
Niyon: Yeah. I'll be fine though. Thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp, I'm slowly getting my powers back.
Feower: Well happy day. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in, or have you strummed all the brain cells clean out of your head?
Niyon: ...!
Feower: What do you think the Eternals are for? We can't afford to have weaklings in our ranks!
Feower: Whatever. I'll just kill you where you stand if I have to.
Feower: One less bad musician to worry about!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 8

After confirming Niyon's powers firsthand, Feower attempts to leave. Niyon comments on the hidden kindness within Feower and reaffirms her commitment to the children of Stardust Town.

Feower: Gwargh!
Niyon: Are you all right?
Feower: Hrmph. Guess you weren't lying about your powers coming back.
Feower: Fine then. Later.
Niyon: You're a kind soul.
Feower: ...?
Niyon: Your threats of violence were genuine. But I could hear it ever so faintly... You were forcing yourself.
Feower: Don't be ridiculous.
Niyon: You did it so that I'd fight at my best.
Feower: ...!
I'm leaving.
Niyon: Thank you, Feower. I'm doing my best for the children of Stardust Town too.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 9

Fif stops by to test Niyon's powers, promising to do everything she can to return Niyon to her usual self.

Fif: Niyon!
Niyon: Hello there.
Fif: Are you feeling okay, Niyon? Do you have a tummy ache? Does your head hurt?
Niyon: I'm fine. Just a little dissonance ringing in my ears.
Fif: Lemme see, lemme see!
Fif: Hm... I see... This is a real problem, huh?
Niyon: That's why I'm dueling everyone. Wanna duel, Fif?
Fif: Hmm... I'd prefer to make you all better...
Fif: But if fighting you would help, then I'll give it everything I've got!
Niyon: Okay. Thanks.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 10

After getting an earful of Niyon's masterful musical powers, Fif gains a sudden interest in the Nine-Realm Harp. She chooses to express this interest by violently mistreating the instrument.

Fif: Wow, you don't seem weak at all, Niyon!
Niyon: Heheh... Thanks to the Nine-Realm Harp.
Fif: So the sound from that harp has healed you? Hmm... Now I'm curious.
Niyon: Do you want to look at it?
Nine-Realm Harp: What?
Fif: I do, I do! Wowzers... So this is the Nine-Realm Harp?
Nine-Realm Harp: W-wait, child! I have not permitted you to handle my—
The revenant harp's pleas fall on deaf ears, and Fif quickly begins a legendary jam session.
Fif: Bwang! Bwa-bwaaang! Hahahaha! This instrument stuff is fun!
Nine-Realm Harp: Gwaah! Stop this at once! Don't pluck me all willy-nilly! I'll go out of tune!
Oh, my aching strings...

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 11

Niyon's next challenger is Seox. She expresses surprise that he even bothered to help out, and Seox clarifies that he simply understands what it's like to be on one's own.

Seox: ...
Niyon: ...
Seox: This pressure... Though you once lost your power, your strength has not diminished. Just as Anre said.
Niyon: I never thought you of all people would agree to help me.
Seox: I know how much deeper the darkness can feel after every flame has flickered and died.
Seox: If the light glinting from my claws can help you find your way, then let us begin.
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 12

Seox has given the nature of strength some thought and urges Niyon to treasure those who accept her.

Seox: Ngh!
Niyon: ...
Seox: I have a few thoughts on the nature of strength.
Seox: Is strength the ability to survive when swallowed by the darkness of isolation?
Seox: Or is it the ability to follow a long and winding path based on someone else's words?
Seox: Whatever the case... Treasure those who accept you.
Niyon: I will. Thank you.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 13

Seofon is here to test Niyon's strength, but she really doesn't want to deal with the lackadaisical leader of the Eternals and attempts to shrug him off. Seofon apologizes for putting her through his jokes and prepares to duel.

Seofon: Hey, Niyon. How you feelin'?
Niyon: Normal.
Seofon: Hahaha! Glad to hear it! I heard you weren't feeling particularly down in the dumps, but seeing it for myself is just the reassurance I needed.
Niyon: I bet.
Seofon: Aw, c'mon. Gonna give me the cold shoulder as usual? Looks like we need to improve our work relationship. Maybe go out to eat or something, y'know?
Niyon: Sigh...
Seofon: There it is! The legendary Sigh of Niyon! Just hearing it puts my mind at ease... Sorry, sorry. You never were a fan of this kind of rapport.
Seofon: But even I need to do a little emotional preparation before fighting another Eternal.
Seofon: I know you need this, though, so I'll do what I can.
Seofon: You now face Siete, Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 14

Seofon is reassured to see Niyon back to her usual self, asks her out to dinner, and leaves.

Seofon: Yeeoowch... Niyon, are you sure you actually have something to worry about? Aren't you awfully strong already?
Niyon: Yes. Thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp, I'm playing even better than I was before.
Seofon: Oh, is that so? Would've helped if you'd mentioned that earlier!
Seofon: Guess that just about does it for me then. I was serious about grabbing food though! Tweyen's been feeling pretty lonely too!
Niyon: Okay.
Seofon: Awesome. Tweyen's gonna be real happy to hear that! Lemme know when you're all finished up and we'll go eat!
Seofon: And try not to forget that you have friends! Bye now!
Niyon: Yes. Later.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 15

Eahta arrives to test Niyon's musical prowess, likening her to a wounded tiger. Niyon is afraid of making eye contact with the samurai, however, and begins the fight wordlessly.

Eahta: ...
Niyon: ...
Eahta: You appear to have lost your ability to sense the emotions of others.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: A cornered tiger sometimes discovers great and unthinkable power within itself to survive.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: What power will you tap into to overcome your weakness? Show me.
Niyon: Okay.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 16

Eahta praises Niyon's skills. Niyon apologizes for being scared of him and thanks him for helping.

Eahta: You are like a tiger that has lost an eye, Niyon. You found ways to compensate for a weakness that would have crippled a lesser warrior.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: And like the battle-scarred tiger, you have no need for flattery.
Niyon: Sorry. I'm just... frightened of you.
Eahta: Hrm. Indeed. It is not uncommon for others to find my presence unsettling. A natural result of my pursuit of mastery over all else.
Niyon: But... I still want to thank you, Eahta.
Eahta: Thanks will not be necessary. That which I learned from our battle will serve me well on my path.
Eahta: Even I will one day face the sort of weakness you have overcome.
Eahta: May you remain hale and hearty.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 17

Last on the list of Niyon's challengers is Tien, who considers the duel a thank-you to Niyon for performing for the children of Stardust Town.

Niyon: So you're up last, Tien.
Tien: Mm... You really fought hard to make it this far, Niyon.
Tien: When Anre told me what you were going through, I wondered whether you would make it this far.
Niyon: Yeah. I'm here thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp... and everyone else.
Tien: I'm going to do everything I can too. It's only fair after you played that concert for the kids in Stardust Town.
Tien: You made a lot of kids happy that day. They really want you to come back.
Niyon: Yeah.
Tien: I'm sure Feower feels the same. We're going to do everything we can for you.
Tien: So here I come. All out. You've made it this far... so I'm sure you can handle it.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 18

Tien is relieved to hear that Niyon's hearing ability has returned. The topic of conversation shifts to Tien's twin brother Feower, who Tien admits may be overcompensating for shyness deep down inside.

Tien: Mm... No need to worry, I see.
Niyon: It seems like my sense of hearing has returned.
Tien: Oh yeah? Glad to hear it.
Niyon: Your brother's melody was very complex, by the way.
Tien: Mm... He's a kindhearted soul deep down.
Niyon: It's almost as if he chose frightening timbres on purpose. Is he shy?
Tien: He must be. He'd probably blow up at you if you told him that though.
Niyon: Yes. Let's not mention this to Feower.