Scenario:Noa - Amid the Miasma

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Amid the Miasma

As (Captain) and the others cross the Grim Basin, they spot a mysterious island through the miasma. On the island, they meet some villagers who call Noa "the star god" and seem to have no knowledge of the existence of airships.

Vyrn: Ick! Is it just me, or does this place get creepier every time we hafta cross it?
As (Captain) and the crew follow the map pieces to their next destination, they find themselves passing through the Grim Basin once again.
Noa: Haha... Rackam's skill at the helm never fails to impress me.
Noa: The map pieces may be showing us the way...
Noa: But crossing the Grim Basin is still not an easy task.
Vyrn: That's our crew's helmsman for ya!
Rackam: Ah, you better stop before it all gets to my head and the whole ship goes down!
Rackam: It's the Grandcypher that's doing all the work anyway.
Vyrn: Heheh. With both the Grandcypher and Rackam, there's nowhere we can't go!
Lyria: Yeah!
Noa: Haha...
Lyria: But I agree with Noa and Vyrn... The Grim Basin isn't a very nice place at all.
Lyria: If only it didn't exist...
Vyrn: Well, it does, so what can ya do?
Vyrn: But we've got nothin' to worry about as long as we have our ship to take us through it!
Noa: Vyrn's right—no need to worry.
Noa: But it's not only the ship itself.
Noa: An airship can only fulfill its duty if there are people who board it, steer it, and take it to where they want to go.
Lyria: People?
Noa: Yes... Like all of you.
Vyrn: Heheh!
Rackam: Wait a minute.
Vyrn: What's the matter, Rackam? Don'tcha agree with what Noa said?
Rackam: It's not that. Take a look over there, will ya?
Noa: What's wrong?
Rackam: There... It's an island.
The crew turns to look in the direction Rackam is pointing at.
Noa: You're right... There's an island.
Vyrn: An island in the Grim Basin... You serious?
Lyria: There was North Vast when we first crossed over from Phantagrande to Nalhegrande, wasn't there?
Vyrn: Guess so. North Vast's basically an island in the Grim Basin too, right?
Rackam: Right, but there's something off about this one...
Noa: Yes, it does seem strange...
Noa: An island in the Grim Basin isn't too surprising.
Noa: But it shouldn't be a suitable place for people to live.
Lyria: That's true... The Grim Basin's miasma can't be good for the body.
Rackam: Thing is, there doesn't seem to be any miasma around that island though.
Lyria: Oh... I thought that was because the map pieces were opening up the way for us.
Noa: No, that island isn't exactly on course for us.
Vyrn: Does that mean the island never had any miasma to begin with? How does that work?
Lyria: I don't understand either... Is that kind of thing possible?
Noa: Hmm... I'm afraid I don't have the answers, but it must be a niche within the Grim Basin.
Rackam: I have no idea what it is either, but I can't say I've seen anythin' like it.
Noa: Neither have I.
Vyrn: So did we just make a huge discovery or what?
  1. Let's check it out!
  2. We should move on.

Choose: Let's check it out!

Lyria: Do you think it could be dangerous?
Vyrn: No worries! You've got me and (Captain) with ya!
Lyria: Hehe, that's true.
Noa: I'd like to take a closer look myself.
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Choose: We should move on.

Noa: Hm...
Rackam: What's up, Noa?
Noa: There's something about the island that just doesn't sit right with me.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Noa: I'm sorry, I can't quite put it into words...
Noa: (Captain), do you think we could drop by the island?
Vyrn: It's not every day that Noa makes that kind of a request.
Lyria: Yeah. Why don't we go take a look, (Captain)?
Seeing the crew's interest piqued, (Captain) nods in assent.
Noa: Thank you, (Captain).

Continue 1

Rackam: All right! I'll steer us toward the island then!
Rackam: Things might get a bit bumpy. Hang on tight!
With that, the crew find themselves landing on a mysterious island a little ways away from their original path.
Vyrn: Hmm... Looks normal to me so far.
Lyria: Yes, and there isn't any miasma at all...
Lyria: I don't sense any primal beasts either.
Noa: ...
Rackam: You okay, Noa?
Noa: Oh, yes, I'm fine. It's just that...
Lyria: Oh!
Islander: Could it be...
Vyrn: Whoa! There's people here?
Rackam: Well I'll be damned! Didn't think there'd actually be people living on this island.
Islander: I don't believe it... So the legend is true!
Noa: The legend?
Vyrn: What're you talkin' about?
Islander: Another temple of the stars... Did you lot—I mean, if I'm not mistaken, did all of you emerge from that temple just now?
Lyria: Umm... What do you mean by temple?
Rackam: Sorry, I'm not followin' either.
Noa: It looks like this man is referring to the Grandcypher as a "temple of the stars."
Vyrn: Huh? But one look at the Grandcypher and you can tell it's an airship. Doesn't look anythin' like a temple to me!
Islander: Air... ship?
Noa: ...
Islander: Is that the name of the temple?
Rackam: Wait a second... You're joking, right?
Vyrn: Haha... Don't tell me you don't know what an airship is...
Rackam: The Grandcypher is pretty big for a ship, I'll give ya that. But I've never heard it called a temple before...
Islander: A ship? You mean the vessel used to cross rivers?
Vyrn: Wait, this guy's serious.
Lyria: Um... We're skyfarers. We just happen to be passing by the Grim Basin...
Islander: I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you are implying...
Islander: If it's not too much to ask, will you pay a visit to our village?
Islander: The chief would have liked to come welcome you personally, but as he's well into his years, I'm afraid he can't move as much as he used to anymore.
Lyria: Oh, um... sure?
Noa: (Captain), why don't we take him up on the offer and visit the village?
  1. Sure, let's go.
  2. I'm not too sure about this.

Choose: Sure, let's go.

Rackam: Wouldn't hurt to check it out. After all, we won't find any answers if we don't go and get 'em ourselves.
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Choose: I'm not too sure about this.

Vyrn: Come on, we can't just leave without at least gettin' a few answers!
Lyria: I'm curious too. I'm sure it'll be okay if we stick together!
At Lyria's words, (Captain) agrees to check out the village.

Continue 2

Vyrn: Guess it's settled then! Take us away!
Lyria: Thank you for the kind invitation!
Islander: Not at all. This way, please. It's just a short walk...
The crew follows the man down a winding path.
Rackam: Hey, Noa.
Noa: What is it?
Rackam: That man was really surprised to see our ship... Do you have any idea what that was about?
Noa: No... I can't make any conclusions yet. Let's wait a little longer and see where that takes us.
(Captain) and company slowly make their way toward the village, curious as to what new discoveries await them there.