Scenario:Noa - Secret of the Grandcypher

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Secret of the Grandcypher

Vyrn and company notice Noa having a conversation with a pillar. Puzzled, they question him and discover that he isn't speaking to the pillar, but the airship itself. In response to Noa's request, who claims the airship is using the ill-fitting materials, the party decides to search for the necessary supplies.

Noa: Hm... I see...
Noa: Hehe. I yeah. I know, but...
Noa: That's no good. Alright... I'll take care of it.
Lyria: Huh? Noa? What are you doing here?
Vyrn: Hey... were you talking to that pillar just now...?
Noa: Yeah. Apparently it's not doing so well...
Vyrn: Wha!? You were really talking to the pillar?
Noa: Ah... looks like there's a bit of confusion.
Noa: I wasn't talking to the pillar, I was talking to the airship... Grandcypher.
Lyria: What?! You can talk to Grandcypher?
Noa: Hehe... I am a ship building primal beast after all.
Vyrn: I see! Tell me, what were you and Grandcypher talking about?
Noa: Hehe... that's between me and Grandcypher...
Noa: But it seems Grandcypher is a bit distressed.
Noa: Apparently the wrong materials were used in previous repairs and its been agitating it.
Vyrn: Wow, you can tell that by...talking to it?
Lyria: Then why don't we find material that's better suited for Grandcypher?
Lyria: We should do it as a token of appreciation for everything its done for us!
Noa: That's a good idea. I'm sure it'll make Grandcypher happy.
Vyrn: Okaay! It's settled then, let's go! (Captain)!

Secret of the Grandcypher: Scene 2

To find materials fit for Grandcypher, (Captain) and company visit Lumacie Archipelago. As an expert airship builder, Noa personally selects each tree to be used in his craft. However, he has been having issues finding just the right materials. The party accompany Noa into the depths of the forest.

(Captain) and company made their way to Lumacie Archipelago in search of materials fit for Grandcypher.
Noa: No... not this one. I should be able to find a better one.
Lyria: Amazing! You can tell which trees will go well with Grandcypher?
Noa: Building ships is my specialty, which includes picking out the materials.
Noa: Besides, Grandcypher is special. It needs lumber from a very special type of tree or it won't work.
Vyrn: Well? Did you find that special tree?
Noa: Not around here... I can't find a pure one because they've blended together.
Noa: I'm sure I could find a better tree if we go deeper into the forest...
Vyrn: Okaay! Let's keep going then!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's do it! (Captain)!

Secret of the Grandcypher: Scene 3

In the depths of Lumacie Forest, the party finds a tree that was planted by the people of Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals. They use its lumber as material for Grandcypher's repairs. Noa then reveals that he had built the airship to be used to invade the skydoms.

(Captain)'s party reach the depths of the forest.
Noa paused in front of a small grove of trees.
Noa: Hm... one of these trees should work.
Noa: This is surprising... I didn't think there would be any left.
Noa: Heh... this smell brings back memories. It's been so long...
(Captain)'s party takes a tree from the grove.
They then made supplies from the tree and used it to repair Grandcypher.
Lyria: Wow! It feels like Grandcypher is more energetic than usual!
Noa: Looks like Grandcypher is in a good mood. It's grateful to you all for your help.
Vyrn: Hm... so that means Grandcypher was built in Lumacie, right?
Noa: No, Grandcypher was built in a place far, far away.
Noa: But there are still trees that were planted by the Astrals long ago in the depths of Lumacie's forest.
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean?
Noa: Grandcypher was made in the Island of the Astrals, Estalucia.
Noa: As a ship building primal beast, the Astrals originally had me make it as the flagship for their fleet.
Noa: That fleet was for invading the skydoms, but...
Noa: Due to a turn of events, it eventually washed up on Port Breeze.
Vyrn: What!? Th-Then... going to the Islands of the Astrals will be a homecoming for Grandcypher...
Noa: You could say that... heh... a homecoming after several hundred years.
Lyria: Then that's all the more reason to get to the Islands of the Astrals!
Lyria: Hehe... on to the Island of the Astrals, right, Grandcypher?