Scenario:Noa - The Vessel of Wishes

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The Vessel of Wishes

The crew have stayed on Golonzo to continue servicing and inspecting the resurrected Grandcypher. At the dock, the crew are listening to Noa's reflections on the Grandcypher, when suddenly a commotion breaks out in the port. When they hear that some skyfarers are running riot and are about to smash up everyone's ships, they rush to the aid of the shipwrights.

Rackam: All right! We've replenished all of the supplies, we're all set to go!
Noa: Heehee… Everything ship-shape, just how you like it to be, Rackam. I can tell the Grandcypher is pleased too.
Rackam: Hehe! Well it looks like we're going to be flying aboard her for some time to come, so I can't take my hand of the tiller!
By entering into a new covenant with it, (Captain) and the crew have resurrected the Grandcypher.
The crew have stayed on Golonzo in order to inspect and service the revived airship.
Lyria: Heehee… After being revived and cleaned up, the Grandcypher is looking better than ever!
Vyrn: Yeah… Maybe it's the patches and scuffs, but it still doesn't really feel all that "renewed," you know?
Noa: I know what you mean… It would have been nice if its appearance would have also been renewed…
Noa: But I like how Rackam has patched up the old Grandcypher.
Noa: I think even the tracks and scars left by shoddy repair jobs are beautiful, so I'd like him to leave it how it is.
Rackam: Hey, watch it! How can you say "shoddy repairs" with a straight face like that?
Noa: Heehee… I said I liked the shoddy repairs.
Vyrn: Hehe… Noa, you've really warmed up to the Grandcypher haven't you!
Noa: I guess so. For me, the Grandcypher is…
Rackam: What was that? Was that a gunshot just now? over there…
Shipwright: Help! Some skyfarers are attacking the port! They're smashing up everyone's ships!
Noa: That sounds serious… (Captain), we should lend a hand.

The Vessel of Wishes: Scene 2

The skyfarers rampaging in the port are about to smash up the warships and other heavily-armed craft, in order to rid the skies of war. Although Noa shows some sympathy for the skyfarers' claim to righteousness, he points out to them that the important question is not whether the airships should exist, but to what use they are put. His argument falls on deaf ears however, and the crew faces off against the skyfarers.

(Captain) and the crew face off against the skyfarers who were about to start doggedly smashing up the ships in the port.
Rackam: Hey! Stop that! What do you think you're doing!
Noa: We cannot just stand by and let you smash up these ships.
Skyfarer 1: Why you… You think you can save these ships? If you want a fight that badly, we'll give you one!
Noa: What is the meaning of this?
Skyfarer 2: You have some nerve… These are warships, loaded with weapons, we won't stand for it!
Skyfarer 1: Yes, we are on the side of righteousness! For a Sky Realm without wars, we must be rid of these things!
Noa: So in other words…
Noa: You're saying that to rid the skies of fighting, you're going to destroy all warships and any ships that have armaments?
Skyfarer 1: Yes, that's right. Ours is a righteous cause!
Rackam: But that doesn't mean that you have the right to just smash up these airships…
Noa: He's right. Though of course airships have on occasion fanned the flames of war…
Rackam: Hey! Noa! Whose side are you on?
Noa: I too once harbored doubts about the way airships are being used…
Noa: And yet… and yet. When I first came to Golonzo, I met a boy who taught me something.
Noa: Each one of these airships is built so beautifully, with such passion and yearning. An airship itself knows no sin.
Noa: The important question is not whether an airship should exist, but rather, how will the airship be used.
Noa: I think you skyfarers already understand that, do you not?
Skyfarer 1: Enough! Our cause is just! Righteousness is absolutely on our side!
Vyrn: Sheesh… There's just no reasoning with these guys.
Noa: It does seem that way…
Noa: I feel sorry for them. But it seems that to protect these blameless airships, we will need to subdue these skyfarers by force.

The Vessel of Wishes: Scene 3

Having handed the skyfarers over to the port guards, the crew listen to the story of what happened leading up to Noa's first meeting with the young Rackam. Back then Noa was shaken by the thought that the ships he had built had been used in wars that had brought misery to many, and he lost faith in his abilities. At that point he met Rackam, who was still a child then, and it was the young boy's words that convinced Noa that there was a future for him as a shipwright, and his self-belief was restored. Noa smiles as he recalls these memories.

(Captain) and the crew capture the marauding skyfarers and hand them over to the guards.
Lyria: Hey! What you were saying earlier, about the boy you met on Golonzo…
Vyrn: Hehe! You weren't talking about Rackam were you?
Noa: Yes. Just before I first met Rackam, I was doubting the reason for my own existence.
Noa: As a shipwright primal beast I had made lots of ships, and entrusted them to all kinds of people…
Noa: But those ships that I made were being used in the War and in other conflicts. They brought misery to so many people.
Noa: Even while I continued being a shipwright, I started to hate my ship-building, and lost faith in my abilities, my very existence.
Lyria: How awful… But you're not responsible for what happened in the War…
Noa: But if it weren't for my ships, they would've had no way to reach the battlefield. The whole war could've been avoided.
Noa: The Grandcypher was one of those ships.
Noa: It was wrecked in the War, but I'd lost so much faith in my abilities that I couldn't even repair it to my satisfaction.
Noa: That was when I decided to join a crew. We were visiting Golonzo…
Noa: …And I encountered Rackam. He was so tiny back when he was a child, but he still spoke like he had an old head on his shoulders.
Noa: Even though the Grandcypher was just a shipwreck back then, Rackam told me that it was beautiful.
Noa: When I heard that it made me so glad, from the bottom of my heart.
Noa: I believed that one day the Grandcypher would sail through the skies once more, and would this time be used to save people.
Noa: I once again believed that there was a way forward for me… And I decided it was time to go back to being me.
Noa: So that's how I ended up here on Golonzo, waiting for Rackam. I just knew that he'd become the pilot of the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Of course! So that's why you decided to wait for Rackam!
Lyria: Right! That promise must really have been important to you, Noa.
Noa: It was because Rackam was there that time that I didn't just fade away, and instead became the person you see before you now.
Noa: Rackam… For me, you are irreplaceable.
Rackam: Oh for… I don't think I can listen to much more of this.
Noa: Heehee…
Noa turns away slightly, but keeps his eyes on Rackam, and smiles cheerfully.
Out of all the events in a primal beast's long life, it is one chance encounter that Noa is profoundly thankful for.