Scenario:Norcel - Momma-Lovin' Country Boy

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Momma-Lovin' Country Boy

After our heroes had accepted the mission to transport cargo from the Knickknack Shack, they sighted Norcel, who had been beset by hooligans. The party trying to help, but the hooligans ran in terror from Norcel’s fears and powers. The interested party attempted to speak to Norcel, who claimed that he was looking for a job to support his bedridden sickly mother, but was having trouble finding one. Thus the party invited Norcel into their Order.

Our heroes undertook a mission from the Knickknack Shack To transport cargo to a different island, and headed back for the airship with a wagon in tow.
Lyria: Don’t overdo things, (Captain). This book is rather heavy...
Vyrn: Good grief... Hey maybe it would be good to have you help us inside our airship?
Someone could be her breathing heavily nearby after pushing a heavy card.
Hooligan: Hey, watch where you’re going! You bump into this injury I have and I’ll have to go see a doctor!
???: A doctor! That must’ve been some injury!
Hooligan: Hm? What do you really mean?! Give us all your money!
???: Money?! I just came back from work, I'm not carrying any money!
Hooligan: What? How are you going to make it up to us?! Then give us that book! We will sell it!
???: Hey! That book ain’t the real thing!
Vyrn: Uhm! They're trying to shake him down! We gotta help him!
Hooligan: Oh shut up! Just shut up and give us the book! Whoa, it’s heavy!
The hooligan dropped the book that he had stolen from the Harvin, and it fell on his foot.
Hooligan: Gah! Ouch! What kind of book is this?!
???: Argh! I dropped it!
???: You’d better go to the doctor. Over here!
Hooligan: Forgive us! It’s a bad idea to try to get that power in that book!
???: Hey! Where you going!?
Vyrn: Whoa, there! You guys are just trying to extort him! Leave him alone!
???: Katalina?! It’s true? Scary...
Lyria: Are you alright? This book for you! I picked it up and it’s very heavy!
???: Hey! So this is a book of magic? It’s heavy!
Lyria: Wha...?! Oh my gosh! Handling such a heavy book so lightly!
???: Oh stop praising me like that, you’re embarrassing me!
???: If you read this book out loud you can use magic. But it’s so heavy it’s a pain in the neck.
Lyria: Pain in the neck?
???: Yeah, you know, it’s bothersome to handle it...
???: I’m from a village in the mountains. It’s snows all the time in this island. I’m sorry I speak with such a thick accent.
Lyria: Don't worry about it. I think you sound cute.
???: Ha ha, you’re embarrassing me by praising me like that! hey! My name is Norcel.
Lyria: Hey! Hey, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, either. I am Lyria, this is (Captain), and this is Vyrn.
Norcel: You are very kindly people. They say people in the big city are cold, but you guys seem pretty warm.
Vyrn: Right, Norcel. Why did you come from your home all the way to this town? Did you have something you need to take care of?
Norcel: My mother is in a coma. It seems like a grave illness.
Norcel: And when she drank a little medicine she became well enough to work for a bit.
Lyria: I see... You are worried about your mother...
Norcel: Yeah. I think I could help her if I could just find the right doctor.
Vyrn: For sure, just a temporary reprieve from her illness thanks to some medicine wouldn’t be enough.
Norcel: They are not used to seeing a Harvin on this island.
Norcel: I was mistaken for a child and cannot find work...
Vyrn: Yeah, I bet a Harvin would look like a young person if you didn’t know what they were...
  1. Can I come with your Order?
  2. You, boy? Girl?

Choose: Can I come with your Order?
Norcel: For real? Well, whatever the case, let’s do it! Though I have never been in a fight before...
Norcel: In the mountains I hundred rabbits, refined metals, made footwear... Maybe I could come in handy doing those things?
Vyrn: Great job, dude! You seem like a pretty useful guy! Welcome aboard!
Norcel: Thank you for looking out for me from now on, (Captain). I will do my best, so I am looking forward to traveling with you.
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Choose: You, boy? Girl?
Norcel: Wha?! I'm a man, but...
Lyria: Huh? Was that it?! Without a doubt I...
Norcel: Uh... That’s not what I think...
Norcel: All right! Maybe that’s why I always get turned down for manual labor?
Vyrn: Is that so?! That’s just too damn bad...
Norcel: Hm...? What you think, (Captain)? Could manual labor be my strong point?
Norcel: Because of all the snow, I brought back and stacked up some firewood higher than myself.
Vyrn: What?!? Higher than yourself?! That’s a huge amount!
Norcel: Oh yeah? That’s actually the norm in my village... What's wrong, (Captain)?
Norcel: Whaaat?! You’re going to let me into your Order? However, I don’t know if I could be of use to you...
Lyria: You’ll be fine! There is a great variety of work that is done within an Order!
Lyria: Ever since joining our fellowship, it looks like Norcel will take on an ever greater variety of work...
Norcel: Oh yeah? Then why don’t you tell me what I can do?
Norcel: Thank you for looking out for me from now on, (Captain). I will do my best, so I am looking forward to traveling with you.
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Norcel: So, is that your wagon? Shall I carry something?
Lyria: Wha?! It's dangerous to carry something so heavy on your own!
Norcel: Yeah, you said it! Huh? What did you just say?!
Lyria: You're amazing! You’re so very strong!
Norcel: No need to praise me, I didn’t do anything special. Nothing like the way you make it sound.
Norcel: Ah, what nice weather. It would be nice to go for a walk through the mountains.
Norcel had wondered about aimlessly since leaving the countryside, but after his chance encounter with our heroes he joined their fellowship.
If he goes so far to help his mother, that he would probably do the same thing for his friends.