Scenario:Olivia - A Summer for Popsicles

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A Summer for Popsicles

After the crew arrives at the beach, Olivia stands on the sidelines watching the other crew members' antics. Soon enough hunger strikes, and Olivia volunteers to retrieve popsicles to help cool the others down.

Lyria: Oh, look over here! There's a really pretty shell!
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, I found a crab!
(Captain) and the others are having a blast on the beaches of Auguste.
Olivia: ...
Olivia is by herself, watching the merrymaking from afar.
Olivia: (They seem to be enjoying themselves. I would not have expected the singularity to engage in such frivolity however...)
Olivia: (It's true that this experience is far from our daily norm, but I can't imagine it will benefit us in the future.)
After a few hours of frolicking on the shore, (Captain) and the others assemble to take a break.
Lyria: Hehe. I love it when we come to the beach!
Vyrn: Olivia, you don't feel like hangin' out closer to the water?
Olivia: Oh, don't worry about me.
Olivia: More importantly, is everyone staying hydrated? You need to be careful of heatstroke.
Lyria: We will! Thanks for the reminder, Olivia!
Vyrn: But more than water, I could really go for some snackage right now...
Lyria: Me too! I'm starving!
Vyrn: All right! Let's scope out all the food stalls around here and bring back somethin' to munch on.
Lyria: Yeah! Ooh, I want to eat dessert too!
Vyrn: How about popsicles?
Olivia: Popsicles?
Vyrn: Yeah. I heard some other tourists ravin' about 'em!
Lyria: Haha. It seems like they're really popular around here. I wouldn't mind trying one!
Olivia: Ah, yes, the popsicle—a frozen sweet served on a stick, correct?
Lyria: Whoa, you've had one before, Olivia?
Olivia: I'm afraid I haven't. But as I recall, aren't they a bit of a rare find?
Lyria: Yeah, I think so. Maybe that's why they're considered Auguste's perfect summer treat!
Olivia: You don't say...
Olivia: (Isn't it just ice sweetened with a bit of flavor? For that to be considered perfection... The children of man certainly do have baffling tastes.)
Vyrn: Okay, everybody! Let's split up, buy a bunch of goodies, and rendezvous here!
Olivia: I'll take care of the popsicles.
Olivia: Mortals' preferences for savory foods are complex, so selecting a simple sweet should be easy in comparison.
Lyria: Thanks, Olivia! That's a big help!
Olivia: What's going on here?
After arriving at the popsicle stand, Olivia's eyes widen in surprise.
Olivia: This line is massive. Just how many people are waiting here?
In what would otherwise be an unassuming corner of the beach, a never-ending line of vacationers wait for their turn to buy a frozen treat.
Olivia: (A line befitting the perfect summer treat, I suppose...)
Olivia: (But it's a mere frozen snack with no nutritional value. Why would anyone go to such lengths to obtain one?)
Determined to find out the reason behind this intense popularity, Olivia walks to the caboose of the winding queue.
???: Grr... How far does this line stretch? I can't even see the front half from here!
Olivia: I recognize that crown...

A Summer for Popsicles: Scene 2

Olivia heads to the popsicle stand, where she finds Charlotta waiting near the back of the line. When their turn finally comes, disaster strikes—the stand is already sold out, thanks to an overzealous customer who bought more than his or her fair share. Moments later a large monster appears on the beach; the pair rushes to help Ilsa take it down.

???: Grr... I can't see where the line ends!
Olivia catches sight of a familiar figure standing near the back of the line and walks over to greet her.
Olivia: Hello, Charlotta.
Charlotta: Oh! Good afternoon, Olivia!
The tiny captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights peers up at Olivia before greeting her with a bow.
Olivia: Are you here to buy popsicles as well?
Charlotta: What! I would never! Th-that's not what I'm doing here at all...
Olivia: Oh?
Charlotta: Yes, um, you see... Popsicles are for children, and I'm a bit too old for them, so...
Olivia: They're for children? There seem to be quite a few adults in this line as well.
Charlotta: Oh, there are? Eh-heh, I didn't notice.
Olivia: In any case, I've come to procure popsicles for the crew. I'll have to wait in this line, it seems.
Charlotta: Ah, um, well... I'll wait with you then!
Olivia: Will you? Then let us claim a spot in line.
Dozens of minutes pass, but Olivia and Charlotta have barely moved.
Agitated by the lack of progress, Charlotta repeatedly rises onto her tiptoes in an attempt to glimpse the front half of the queue.
Charlotta: Grr...
Olivia: The people in front of us have certainly gotten your attention. Is something troubling you?
Charlotta: Considering where we are in this line, I'm worried they might sell out.
Olivia: Do these types of treats usually sell out? I guess the line is rather long...
Charlotta: What! You mean to say you didn't consider the possibility of a low supply?
Olivia: I'm afraid I didn't.
Olivia: But now that you mention it, I suppose it's possible. What do we do if they run out...
Charlotta: Sigh... Let's just hope they don't...
Olivia: Should we try to find another popsicle vendor?
Charlotta: We won't have much luck if we do.
Charlotta explains the stall they're currently in line for is the only frozen treat seller around, mostly due to the difficulty of stocking frozen goods midsummer.
Olivia: That's an excellent point. I have heard that popsicles are an exceedingly rare sweet.
Charlotta: But they're just as popular as they are rare, which explains this kind of line!
Olivia: I'm finally starting to understand our predicament...
Charlotta: Oh how I've longed to taste the summery sweetness of an Auguste popsicle...
Waiting Customer: Hahaha! In that case, you gals can rest easy.
Olivia: Excuse me?
Waiting Customer: Every day this shop stocks more than enough popsicles for everybody on the beach.
Charlotta: Oh! That's great news!
Waiting Customer: Yep. That's why people are willing to wait so long—they know they'll soon get their sweet tooth on.
Olivia: I see. Then we have nothing to worry about.
Charlotta: We certainly don't! We can continue to face this line without fear!
Olivia and Charlotta, encouraged by the other customer's advice, are holding steadfast—until the sudden strike of catastrophe.
Popsicle Merchant: Sorry, everyone, but we're sold out of popsicles today!
Charlotta: What!
With only a few people left in front of them, the pain Charlotta feels is immeasurable.
Olivia: It seems they've exhausted their supply.
Charlotta: It can't be... Didn't that man say they stock enough for the whole beach...
Popsicle Merchant: Yeah, sorry about that. You guys waited in line for a really long time too...
Olivia: We heard that your supply rarely dries up. Is something wrong today?
Popsicle Merchant: For some reason, today we had several customers who seemed to be buying in bulk. They really depleted our stock.
Olivia: I see. Well, things like that do happen. Maybe next time.
Charlotta: Sniff... She's right. It's not an uncommon occurrence, but still... O cruel fate...
Popsicle Merchant: Sigh... Sorry, you two. We'll try to be better prepared tomorrow.
The pair walk away from the popsicle stand, one of them more dejected than the other.
Charlotta: Sigh...
Charlotta walks along the beach, her stride heavy and her shoulders droopy.
Olivia: (It was only food. Why is she so depressed?)
Olivia: Are popsicles really so... tempting?
Charlotta: Hmm?
Olivia: Your mood has me baffled. I understand that this particular treat is rare.
Olivia: But, no matter how precious popsicles may be, aren't they just food? I don't understand why you—or those people in the line for that matter—are so affected by them.
Charlotta: Um, well...
Charlotta pauses for a moment to think about her answer before looking up to face Olivia.
Charlotta: Hm. It's like this—
???: You there! Emergency! Evacuate immediately!
A panicked voice cuts in, preventing Charlotta from starting her explanation.
Olivia: What is going on?
Trainee: A huge monster landed on the beach!
Olivia: A monster?
Trainee: Yes! Normally the bigger types keep to the depths, but we've got a nasty one that's come into the shallows!
Trainee: Our superior officer is handling the situation, but we request that civilians evacuate the area!
Olivia: You mean you've left one person to fight a huge monster?
Charlotta: Olivia, we have to—
Olivia: Yes, immediately! Come on!
Trainee: Huh? W-wait! Come back!
After a quick sprint, Olivia and Charlotta arrive on the beach to see a lone soldier battling a huge monster.
Monster: Groooar!
Ilsa: Tch... You pile of sea crap!
Any version of Ilsa is a crew member

Charlotta: Wait... That's Ilsa!
No version of Ilsa in crew

Olivia: Ilsa!
The soldier turns out to be Ilsa, lead drill sergeant for the Society, who's come to the beach to train her troops.
Olivia: That soldier from earlier was one of Ilsa's trainees!
Charlotta: More importantly, that monster looks ferocious!
Olivia: We have to help her!
Charlotta: Indeed! Prepare for battle!

A Summer for Popsicles: Scene 3

As thanks for helping defeat the monster, Ilsa shares some of her troop's popsicles with Olivia and Charlotta. Olivia enjoys the summer snack while peering out into the ocean.

Charlotta: Whew. That takes care of that.
Ilsa: Thanks for your help.
Olivia: I know how strong and capable you are, but taking on that monster alone was nothing more than foolish.
Ilsa: I won't disagree. I thought I would hold it off until my trainees could clear the area. But that wasn't necessary, thanks to you two.
Trainee: Drill Sergeant, ma'am!
Ilsa: Ah, you're back. I hope you were able to evacuate every last citizen, or there'll be hell to pay!
Trainee: Ma'am, yes, ma'am! There wasn't a single victim!
Ilsa: Damn right! If even one innocent person was wounded, then I'd never let you crud buckets rest again!
Ilsa: Anyway, about the transmission we received from the local defense force—
Trainee: Ahh!
Ilsa: ...!
What is it, soldier!
Trainee: The popsicles!
Charlotta: Huh! Did he just say popsicles?
Olivia: Indeed he did.
Trainee: Thank goodness! They're safe! I don't know what I would've done if they'd been ruined in the monster attack.
The Society trainee dashes to the other side of the beach and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees a box of popsicles unharmed.
Charlotta: Grr... I see you managed to get your hands on some popsicles...
Ilsa: I swear on my gun... Soldier, I'll make you pay for screaming like we were under a bloody assault!
Trainee: Eep! Forgive me! B-but, your popsicle is still here too, ma'am.
Trainee: I made sure to buy enough for the whole troop.
Charlotta: What's this... That explains why there weren't enough popsicles at the stand!
Olivia: With the number of troops they brought, it certainly does.
Ilsa: What happened? Is something wrong?
Olivia: Well, you see...
Sparing no gritty detail, Olivia explains the popsicle shortage to Ilsa.
Ilsa: Ah, my troops really did you a disservice. I'll take full responsibility.
Ilsa: Maggot! Bring that box of popsicles over here now!
Trainee: Yes, ma'am!
The trainee wastes no time in dragging the box over. Ilsa picks out two popsicles and hands them to Charlotta and Olivia.
Ilsa: Here. Your fair share.
Olivia: Are you sure?
Charlotta: Um... Did you not buy these yourselves?
Ilsa: Yes, but I can tell we have more than we need to cover our troops.
Ilsa: The reason the shop ran out of stock was because my idiot trainee forgot how to count his platoon buddies. Consider this an official apology as his superior officer.
Ilsa: Not to mention you saved my bacon with that monster back there. You've earned this much at least.
Charlotta: Oooh! Well, if you insist, we'll gladly take them!
Ilsa: Maggot, distribute the rest of these popsicles to the others. Relay the message that I'm giving everyone a break to enjoy their snack before it melts.
Trainee: Ma'am, yes, ma'am!
The trainee heaves the box of popsicles over his shoulder and heads down to the beach.
Olivia: ...
Ilsa: What's wrong, Olivia?
Olivia: I was supposed to buy popsicles for the crew.
Olivia: But it would look pathetic bringing back only one...
Charlotta: Yes, it would. But even adding mine to the mix, that would only make two...
Ilsa: Haha. Then you should eat them now.
Smiling, Ilsa unwraps her popsicle and bites a chunk out of the top.
Ilsa: Aaah. Refreshing and delicious.
Olivia: But I was supposed to—
Ilsa: This is your reward for helping me dispatch the monster—not a part of your shopping. It would be strange if you didn't eat it.
Olivia: But...
Olivia: (It's not that I want to try a popsicle...)
Olivia: (I could care less about this...)
Charlotta: Hehe, Olivia!
Charlotta: Earlier you asked why so many people want to eat popsicles, right?
Olivia: Yes, I believe I did.
Charlotta: I think you'll get your answer if you try one!
Olivia: Fine. I'll eat the popsicle.
Olivia gingerly touches the tip of her tongue to the fruity, frozen surface of the popsicle.
Olivia: Mm...
Olivia: (The faint sweetness is a like a vehicle that transports the coldness of the dessert to the rest of the body. Perfect under the summer sun.)
Olivia: Humph. I see now.
Seeing the usually stoic Olivia crack a smile causes Charlotta and Ilsa to grin as well.
Charlotta: Hehe. Delicious, isn't it?
Ilsa: Of course. It owes its popularity to that flavor.
The three of them carry on chatting while enjoying their frozen treats.
Ilsa: I have to say, Olivia, that swimsuit really flatters you.
Olivia: Does it? I don't understand fashion myself, so I let Lyria and the store assistant pick it out for me.
Ilsa: They've got good taste.
Olivia: However, I found its form to be greater than its function when it came to battling that monster.
Charlotta: Oh, Olivia, you're always so vigilant!
Charlotta: Despite my status as a knight, I've slipped into the vacation mood... It's embarrassing.
Ilsa: It is true that function is important.
Ilsa: But even more important still is wearing an outfit that allows you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
Ilsa studies Olivia's swimsuit for a moment and then grins.
Ilsa: Hah... So Lyria chose this.
Ilsa: Seems like you've got a good stylist on your hands, Olivia. She knew exactly how to accentuate your features.
Charlotta: I agree! The nice, cool color goes well with the cute design.
Charlotta: It would be hard to find a swimsuit that suited you more!
Olivia: If you both like it so much, you should wear one like it.
Ilsa: Just because I think it looks good on you doesn't mean I want to wear it myself.
Olivia: Of course, because you came for training. It would be dangerous to wear equipment that exposes so much.
Ilsa: No, it's not because of training...
Ilsa: Everyone has a different style that best showcases their personality. I suppose that's what I mean?
Olivia: Fashion can display your personality?
Ilsa: Very much so. It's easiest to display who you are when you're feeling your best.
Olivia: I see...
Olivia: (Lyria did suggest there was a connection between what you wear and how you feel...)
Olivia stuffs the remainder of the popsicle into her cheek and stares out into the distance.
Olivia: (The ocean... swimsuits... popsicles...)
Ilsa: What is it, Olivia? You seem lost in thought.
Olivia: Sorry. I was just thinking that the children of man place such importance on the season known as summer.
Charlotta: Hmm... Well, it isn't like summer is the only thing we hold dear.
Charlotta: Oh! Look over there!
Charlotta points to the open sea.
Ilsa: Ha. The sun's setting already.
The sky begins to change from a crystal blue to a myriad of orange and purple hues.
Olivia: The ocean's surface... It's reflecting all the colors of the sunset...
Olivia: (Amber skies...)
Charlotta: Wow! It's beautiful, isn't it!
Ilsa: Yes. There's nothing quite like a summer evening on a beach.
Olivia thoughtfully observes Charlotta and Ilsa gazing at the idyllic oceanscape before joining them in their contemplation.
Olivia: (These colors, these feelings... It's hard to describe them in words.)
Olivia: I bet (Captain) and the others would love to see this too...
Charlotta: I'm sure they would!
Olivia: I'll go fetch them then.
Ilsa: Hurry before the sun completely sets.
Olivia: I will.
Olivia nods to Ilsa before dashing off to find the crew.
Though she missed the chance to share the frozen glory of popsicles with everyone, Olivia feels grateful that they can still savor the summery beauty of sundown.