Scenario:Orchid - Innocent Doll

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Innocent Doll

Orchid and a young girl are captured by a man who plans to cash in on their rare and curious features. Orchid calls Lloyd to help them escape.

Orchid: ...
Orchid: Next we'll be going to this island.
Orchid: I can't wait to see what's there...
With Lloyd by her side, Orchid continues her wandering journey to create a future where everyone can be happy...
Though this is not the only reason for her quest.
She also wishes to see the world that Apollo protected.
Everywhere she goes, she witnesses rare and fascinating things that captivate her.
She thinks of everything she sees as something that Apollo protected...
And she can't help but be filled with joy.
Orchid: Let's go, Lloyd.
Everything on her solo journey is going great.
Or so it seems...
Orchid: ...
Orchid finds herself in a land where golems are unheard of.
But a person who knows the rarity of golems captures Orchid. She is locked up in a dark cell.
Orchid: This... can't be good.
Surrounded by cold, hard walls, Orchid stands there, peering through the iron bars at the rest of the prison.
Orchid: Someone's coming.
Fearsome Man: Bein' difficult, huh? Guess I'd better teach ya a lesson!
Girl: Please, no... I just want to go home...
Fearsome Man: Well, ya can't! Yer mine, ya hear?
Suddenly a man and a small girl appear through the doorway. As he yells the man violently shoves the girl into a cell.
Fearsome Man: Get in there! And quit yer cryin'! No one's gonna want you with all that blubberin'!
Girl: No! Let me out! I'm so scared... Please!
Orchid: She's... yours?
Fearsome Man: What? Yeah, ya heard me right! She's mine and so are you! And I'm gonna sell ya to the highest bidder at the show!
Fearsome Man: A talkin' doll and a sparkly-eyed girl... I'm gonna make a fortune!
Orchid: A show? But I can't do anything interesting...
Fearsome Man: Huh? You ain't gotta do nothin'! Just keep yer trap shut so I can sell ya off!
Orchid: ...
Fearsome Man: Man, yer creepy. Just stay in there and keep yer mouth shut 'til nighttime!
Girl: Sniffle... Sob...
Daddy... Daddy, I'm scared! Daddy!
Girl: Sniffle... Aren't you scared too?
Orchid: No. I know much scarier things than this.
Girl: Huh?
Orchid: Never mind. Now, do you want to get out of here?
Girl: You mean, you know how to escape? Sniffle... How?
Orchid: It's easy. Just stay quiet for a second.
Girl: ...?
Orchid: Lloyd...
Following Orchid's command, Lloyd appears from out of the darkness.
Girl: Aah!
Orchid: Please stay quiet...
Girl: Aaahhh! Stay back!
Fearsome Man: Hey! Is that the whiny brat from earlier? What a pain in the neck...
Fearsome Man: What's this!
Fearsome Man: Who are you? And how'd you get in here?
Orchid: He's been with me the whole time. So... he came in through the front door, I guess.
Fearsome Man: You watch yer mouth, freak! And you, just what are ya doin' in here?
Girl: Eep... You're scaring me! You're scaring me!
Fearsome Man: Hey! Someone get over here! We've got an intruder! I'm gonna need backup for this one!
Orchid: If you're going to cause a fuss, then I'll just have to deal with you.
Orchid: We'll get you out of our way in a flash... and make our escape in a cinch.
Orchid: Time to go, Lloyd...

Innocent Doll: Scene 2

Orchid helps the young girl return home, but monsters soon catch up with them.

Orchid: If we've made it this far, we must be safe.
Orchid: I had really wanted to sneak out quietly and see more of this place. But oh well...
Orchid: Still I think... that was the most exciting thing we've done in a while.
Girl: You're so amazing...
Orchid: You think I'm amazing? That was nothing. Lloyd's the tough one here.
Girl: You and Lloyd... You have my thanks.
Orchid: Your eye is so sparkly and beautiful. Like a gemstone...
Girl: Well...
Girl: It's kinda weird. That's why scary people try to take me away.
Orchid: You think your eye is weird? No. It's beautiful.
Orchid: Look at this.
Orchid reveals the joints in her legs.
Orchid: I'm the only weird one here. I'm not even human. That's weird.
Girl: Wow! You really are a doll! That's amazing!
Orchid: Amazing? How is that?
Girl: I have dolls back at home, but none of them can talk.
Girl: But you can! It's totally amazing!
Orchid: Thanks... That's nice of you to say.
Orchid: So where is home for you? I can take you there.
Becoming fast friends, Orchid and the girl chat away as they head toward the girl's home.
Girl's Father: Are you okay? What happened? I'm so glad you're not hurt!
Girl: I'm fine. And it's all thanks to this girl.
Girl's Father: We owe you a great debt! Oh thank you, thank you!
Orchid watches as the father and daughter happily reunite.
Orchid: ...
But with the dawning of each new day, Orchid finds herself missing the Black Knight more and more.
Orchid: I'm glad you're back together again.
Well, see you around...
Girl's Father: Wait a second! Won't you let us do something to thank you?
Girl: Yeah, come play with me!
Girl's Father: We might not have much, but we have to do something to—
Orchid: No, it's okay. Your gracious words are more than enough. I wouldn't want to put you in danger.
Girl's Father: Danger?
Monster: Grr...
Girl's Father: Eek!
Orchid: Too late...
Girl's Father: Wh-what is going on here?
Orchid: When I summon Lloyd, he stands there for a while. Before long something bad always comes...
Orchid: I should have left while I had the chance. I'm sorry for getting you caught up in this.
Girl: You're in danger! You'd better run too!
Orchid: No. I won't run.
Girl: What?
Orchid: It might be... a little scary. But you two should hide so you don't get hurt. I will protect you.
Orchid: Time to go, Lloyd...

Innocent Doll: Scene 3

Orchid and Lloyd leave after defeating the monsters. While Orchid is reflecting on her memories with the Black Knight, (Captain), and the crew, she senses that Orchis is in danger from Freesia and departs the island to find her.

Orchid: That's all of them for now. You can come back out.
Girl's Father: Just... who are you?
And why are you—
Orchid: My name is Orchid. This is the path I chose, and this my role within it.
Orchid: More importantly, I'm glad you're safe.
Girl's Father: But...
Orchid: I have to go now.
Girl's Father: Th-thank you...
Orchid smiles back at the two strangers before disappearing with Lloyd into the dark of the night.
Monster: Groaar!
Orchid: You won't get away...
Lloyd, go!
Monster: Grawr!
Orchid: Ugh.
Orchid: We have a lot of work to do...
With monsters all around, Orchid battles tirelessly through the night.
In time the sun again peaks out over the horizon, signaling the end of Orchid's night-long struggle.
She now stands silently atop a high lookout point and takes in the view.
Orchid: ...
Seeing the whole wide sky before her, Orchid stops for a moment and thinks about everything she's done that led up to this moment.
Orchid: Lyria, Io, (Captain)... I wonder how they're doing.
Orchid: When we were together, every day was an adventure.
Orchid's personality first began to emerge during her travels with the Black Knight.
And she strived to grow ever stronger after meeting the crew in Lumacie.
Orchid: I remember being so happy that they all called me their friend.
Orchid: I wonder if I'll ever see them again...
Orchid: That would be nice...
Several months have passed since Orchid began her adventures with Lloyd.
Battles, loneliness, and her sense of purpose have become her life.
And on every island she's visited, she's made it a point to find a place to stand and take it all in.
Orchid: I wonder what Apollo saw on this island. I wonder if she saw what I see now...
Orchid: Apollo...
Orchid: If there were some way to make Apollo happy, I would give all of myself to make it happen. I've always thought that. Even now.
Orchid: But if I ever said that... both Apollo and Orchis would be sad.
Orchid: And if they're sad, that makes me sad.
Orchid: But if they're happy, that makes me happy.
Orchid: That's why I want everyone to be happy. I'll do whatever I can to make that happen.
Orchid: I guess I love happy endings too. Hehe.
It's these feelings that are the driving force for Orchid to continue her lonely journey.
Orchid: Strange... There's a funny feeling in my chest.
Orchid: !
Freesia: Oh... It would seem that Your Highness has a sharp intuition.
Orchis: What! When did you—how did you get here!
Orchis: !
Orchid: What's going on?
Orchid: Orchis is in danger! Freesia is after her!
Orchid: I have to go.
I have to rescue Orchis.
Orchid's fighting spirit burns silently as she departs for the ultimate battle.
But she cannot possibly imagine who or what is awaiting her arrival.