Scenario:Owen - The Ever-Loyal Knight

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The Ever-Loyal Knight

Owen has been assigned as Anne's bodyguard while they are both enrolled in the Mysteria Academy of Magic. Anne requests that they treat each other equally as friends; a
duty-bound Owen is reluctant at first but eventually changes his mind.

Knight Captain: Hm... It fits you rather well.
Owen has come to meet with the knight captain in the royal castle. He's wearing a special uniform as instructed.
Owen: Thank you, Captain.
Owen: But may I ask why I need to be in this uniform?
Knight Captain: You're going to need it for a special assignment.
Owen: Sir?
Knight Captain: Let me explain, Knight Owen. I would like to entrust you with a certain task.
Owen: Yes, sir. What would you have me do?
Knight Captain: You are to be the princess's bodyguard. However, this is not a regular escort mission. You will be the only one posted to Her Highness.
Owen: Only myself? Shouldn't all of the knights be accompanying the princess?
Knight Captain: What I'm about to tell you does not leave this room. Understand?
Owen: Sir!
Knight Captain: The princess has been accepted into Mysteria Academy.
Owen: Oh! That's wonderful news.
Knight Captain: Yes, it is. Unfortunately there is one matter of great concern regarding her enrollment.
Owen: The princess's safety.
Knight Captain: Correct. She is our national treasure. If anything were to happen to her...
Knight Captain: I dare say it would be a devastating loss for all of us.
Knight Captain: You will therefore be entering the academy with her. Treat her security as your only reason for existing.
The captain's eyes bore into Owen, never blinking.
Owen: I just have one question.
Knight Captain: Let's hear it.
Owen: Why was I chosen for such a crucial responsibility?
Owen: Wouldn't a female bodyguard be better suited for the princess's daily routines? I believe it would give her more peace of mind.
Knight Captain: I thought so as well, but you're about the same age she is.
Knight Captain: Moreover, you're the only one who possesses the strengths needed to guard the princess.
Knight Captain: There is also relevance in your lineage. I recommended you because of that qualification.
Owen: ...
Knight Captain: Knight Owen. Will you accept this assignment?
Knight Captain: Will you protect the princess, the future of our country, with your life?
Owen: Yes, sir. I humbly accept this assignment you have entrusted to me.
Owen stands tall and salutes.
Knight Captain: Thank you. Next we shall greet the princess and inform her of this arrangement. Come.
Owen: Sir!
Owen salutes again and follows the captain to the audience chamber.
Knight Captain: Pardon the intrusion, Princess.
???: Hey, Captain! You've got great timing!
Knight Captain: Princess?
The doors to the chamber open wide to reveal a girl wearing a uniform similar to Owen's.
???: What do you think of this uniform?
The girl hurries over to the knight captain and stops right in front of him.
Knight Captain: It's worthy of your personage, Princess.
Anne: Thanks!
Hm? And this person is? His clothes are...
Knight Captain: This knight will be attending Mysteria Academy alongside you as your bodyguard.
Owen: My name is Owen.
Owen: I may be young, but I promise to serve and protect you with my life.
Anne: Oh, wow... So you're around my age, huh?
Owen: It appears so.
Anne: Nice to meet you, Owen!
Owen: With all due respect, the pleasure is mine.
Owen gives the princess a salute.
Anne: Ahaha... You don't have to be all prim and proper, you know.
Anne: Since we're both going to go to school together, we ought to be friends.
Owen: Huh?
Owen looks bewildered. He can't seem to wrap his head around what Anne wants him to do.
Anne: What? Why are you making that face at me?
Owen: Erm, no, I...
Ahem. Princess. I am your bodyguard.
Owen: To be a friend of the princess and all that it entails is an honor one can only dream of.
Anne: It's not like that. Once I pass through the gates of the academy, I'll be a regular student like everybody else.
Anne: So you don't have to make a big deal out it!
Owen: That is unacceptable. I am a knight. I am a servant of my lord.
Owen: I cannot be seen gallivanting around with the person I am charged to protect.
Knight Captain: Owen is right, Princess. Please try to understand this from his position.
Anne: Oh, come on. We finally get to go to school together. If we're going to build trust in each other, then I want us to be friends!
Owen: Well...
Anne: Please, Owen?
Anne looks at Owen with pleading eyes.
Knight Captain: Princess. Please be reasonable—
Owen: Understood. I, Knight Owen, shall heed your wish.
Anne: Thanks, Owen!
Knight Captain: Hm? Explain yourself, knight.
Owen: The most important aspect of being a bodyguard is to establish trust and rapport with whom you are protecting.
Owen: You were the one who taught me that, Captain.
Owen: I simply seek to follow your lessons and build a faithful link with the princess.
Knight Captain: ...
Owen: And above all else, a loyal knight of the realm may not refuse a request made by the princess.
Knight Captain: Sigh... Very well.
There's a twinge of exasperation in the knight captain's tone, but he doesn't bother to hide his bemused smile.
Anne: Hehe. Well then, let's have a blast at the academy, Owen.
Owen: As you wish!
From here on out, Owen's path as a bodyguard and a student begins.