Scenario:Paris - Footsteps of War

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Footsteps of War

Paris chases away a group of protesters in the streets of Capulet, but he's unable to settle the anxiety in his heart. Thanks to encouraging words from the crew, he renews his zeal to protect Juliet and the people.

Count Paris comes out to meet the crew when they arrive in Verona.
He leads them to Castle Capulet.
Paris: Thank you for coming all this way.
Vyrn: Hehe! Glad to see you're doing well, Paris!
Lyria: Yes! Thank you for showing us to the castle!
As they continue to head towards the castle, they pass by a protest in the streets.
Violent Man: Hey! Are you listening to me, citizens of Capulet? If things keep going like this, we're finished!
A man at the center of the crowd continues to call for the invasion of the Montague district.
The residents are frightened by his extreme outbursts.
Paris walks into the crowd and approaches the man.
Paris: Ahem. Any demonstrations that disturb the peace are prohibited.
Paris: Stop this immediately, or I'll be forced to take action against you.
Violent Man: What? Oh great, it's Paris. All right, all right, I'll stop!
Violent Man: Hey, we're packing it up! That's it for today.
The protester and his companions take off running.
Paris: I won't be so lenient next time. You'd best prepare yourselves.
The residents who were watching begin to cheer.
Young Woman: Wow! I knew we could count on Sir Paris! He's so dashing!
Young Man: Yeah! As long as we have Sir Paris and Lady Juliet, this land will continue to prosper!
Young Woman: Yes, Sir Paris and Lady Juliet always put our needs first. I respect them so much.
The citizens call out affectionately to Paris.
Paris: I'll tell the guards in this area to be more thorough in their patrols.
Paris: If that doesn't resolve the issue, please come to the castle, and inform us of the situation.
Paris talks to the nearby guards, and then quickly leaves.
The crew is surprised by the deep trust the residents have placed in Paris.
Vyrn: Whoa, check out Mr. Popular!
Lyria: That's amazing! Everyone's calling out to you, Paris!
Paris: I established a friendship with the people during the reconstruction of the city. That's all it is.
Vyrn: Wow. I knew you were a good guy, but I didn't think you'd be this nice.
Lyria: Yes, and it's not just the townspeople either. Even the guards admire you!
Paris: Of course they do. It's because I'm the one overseeing the Capulet forces.
Vyrn: Of course, he says. Sheesh, for most people being admired isn't as easy as you make it out to be!
Lyria: Ahaha. That must be the secret to your popularity, Paris.
Paris looks glum despite the crew's praise.
Vyrn: Hey, why are you so down all of sudden?
Lyria: Um, was it something we said?
Paris: No. You've said nothing wrong.
Paris: This is my problem.
Paris speaks in a softer voice.
Paris: As you can see, public and government relations are frayed, and the people are gripped by overwhelming anxiety.
Paris: They've put up walls around their hearts that are difficult to bring down.
Paris: It's all because my abilities are still lacking that we're in this mess.
Paris: I couldn't keep my promise to Romeo.
Vyrn: Look, I know how you feel, but you shouldn't blame yourself.
Lyria: It's all right. Your feelings will definitely get through to everyone!
Paris smiles gently at the encouragement from the crew.
Paris: Thank you. You're right. I should try to think of something to do rather than wallow in self-pity.
Paris: My duty is to protect Lady Juliet and the people of this land.
Paris: Come what may, this conviction shall never waver.
Paris renews his resolve.
Even if a great crisis were to arise, he would surely have the courage to stand up and confront it.