Scenario:Pavidus - Save My Betters!

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Save My Betters!

Pavidus notices that his "superiors", the animals, are out of sorts. He inquires after the cause and discovers that this is due to the changing environment. Accepting Pavidus's request, the crew plot a course to temporarily return to the mountain where Pavidus and the animals used to live.

One day, not long after Pavidus had joined the crew…
Chick: Caw…
Bird: Ca-caw…
Pavidus's "superiors" were not as energetic as usual.
Lyria: Hmmm… What's wrong with them do you think?
Pavidus: Birds! What's wrong? Why are you not your usual selves?
Pavidus: You don't say… the environment has suddenly changed?
Bird: Caw! (Stop your blabbering! That's not what we meant!)
Chick: Ca- caw (we can thrive no matter where we are!)
Pavidus: You mustn't tell lies to me, birds! I am your loyal servant charged with your protection!
Pavidus: If you, my masters, are suffering, I can not turn a blind eye!
Boar: Oink oink… (Huh? It's just like we said)
Boar: Oink oink oink… (Certainly we are not in a good way at the moment. It's like you just said, the shift in our environment is to blame).
Pavidus: As I thought… Well, for the moment let's return to the mountain…
Bird: Caw (Yes, that might lift our spirits a little…)
Pavidus: I see…
Vyrn: Erm? What were you guys saying?
Pavidus: We were saying that my masters' spirits may be restored if we return to our homeland mountains awhile.
Pavidus: So I have a request! Would we be able to return, temporarily to the mountain where I was living?
Pavidus: I want to help my masters!
Chick: Caw caw! (Thanks Pavi!)
Rackam: Well, I guess it can't be helped… Plot a course for Pavidus's mountain!
Pavidus: Thank you! My masters, please endure these conditions for just a while longer.
Thus, the crew set a course for the mountain where Pavidus used to live.

Save My Betters!: Scene 2

Bandits have taken up residence in Pavidus's mountain home. Angered at the bandits' behavior, the birds attack, but they are driven back. Now it is Pavidus's turn to be angry, and, summoning his last reserve of energy, launches an all or nothing attack on the bandits. The bandits are about to make good their escape, when they are surrounded by a flock of furious beasts. The crew ready their weapons and prepare to teach the desperate bandits a lesson.

The crew arrived back at the mountain. But Pavidus and his "superiors", the animals, wore grim expressions on their faces.
Pavidus: The forest… This silence, it's… deafening.
Lyria: What does it mean?
Chick: Ca- caw! (Wha- what's happened? There's something very peculiar here…)
Pavidus: There is no bird song. This does not bode well… (Captain), we should proceed with caution.
Advancing cautiously across the mountain, the crew eventually reached Pavidus's house…
…Only to discover a brigade of bandits had taken up residence there.
Bandit: Oi! Look here you horrible lot! This here's our hideout now, understand?
Chick: Ca- Caw! (Oh yeah? That's what you think! This is our nest!)
Pavidus: That's right! This house is ours! Ours I tell you!
Bandit: Ha! Didn't you hear? It's not good to leave a house like this vacant, hehehe.
Pavidus: And my superiors, the birds! What have you done with my superiors!
Bandit: Huh? "Superiors?"
Rackam: So rude… Why can we not hear the chatter of the animals and birds that once lived here?
Bandit: Oh, them… They pecked and bit us ferociously, so we drove them away.
Bandit: Huh…. Those guys put up quite the fight. We had to cook a few up for dinner!
Lyria: How could you… You're evil…
Pavidus: You won't get away with this! As long as there's a breath left in my body!
Pavidus: I- I shall be the one driving you away!
Bandit: Yeah? You and what army? You knock-kneed weakling!
Pavidus: Why you… you…
Bandit: We'd like to see you try! Bring it on!
Bird: KA - CAW! (Stand firm Pavi! We'll lead the attack!)
Rising from behind Pavidus, the birds spread their wings and swooped down on the bandits.
Bandit: Curses! Wha- what's with these birds!
The birds attacked the bandits but gradually their assault was repelled.
Bird: Caw caw! (Darn it! They're too strong for us…)
Bandit: Ha! Is that all you've got?
Bird: Caw!
Rackam: All right you lot, that's enough fun and games!
Rackam turned his muzzle on the bandits.
Just then however, another group of bandits appeared and surrounded Rackam and (Captain).
Bandit: Hey! We saw them first, they're our problem.
Rackam: Why you…
Bandit: You riffraff! Are you threatening us?
Bird: Caw caw!
Pavidus: Noooooooo!
Letting out a great cry, Pavidus lunged into the crowd of bandits, recklessly swinging his sword in all directions.
Bandit: Aaargh!
Bandit: Argh! You swine! Is this berserker really that weakling from before! Retreat!
Boar: Oink oink! (We should have done this ages ago!)
Bandit: Eek! A boar? It's huuuge!
Pavidus: Great Master Boar!
Boar: Oink oink oink! (Not bad Pavi! You really pulled out the stops there…)
Boar: Oink oink oink! (We mustn't tire just yet! Hold the line, you lot!)
The boar let out an bellowing roar, and a veritable deluge of birds and beasts came surging out of the forest.
Bandit: Eeeeek! Heavens above! Men, take aim! We can do this!
Boar: Oink oink oink! (All right, now we've beefed up our numbers… let's see if we can turn this around…)
The boar looked at (Captain) and let out an enormous snort.
Rackam: Hehe, well I think we understood what that meant. Let's give these dunderheads a beating they won't forget, (Captain)!

Save My Betters!: Scene 3

Pavidus and the crew finish driving out the bandits. His "superiors", the birds and other animals, praise him for this deed. Pavidus is glad to receive this commendation, but rather than dwelling on his triumph, the animals immediately order him to gather food. The sight of Pavidus hurrying off to gather supplies would stay with (Captain) for quite some time.

Together with their animal army, (Captain) and the crew had beaten the bandits and driven them off the mountain.
Bird: Caw caw! (And don't come back, you nincompoops!)
Pavidus: M- my masters, are you injured?
Bird: Caw… (Our feathers are a little crumpled, but we're all right.)
Pavidus: Oh, that's a relief…
Vyrn: Haha, on top of that, you really gave it to them, Pavidus!
Rackam: Yeah, you were totally mowing them down… You're surprisingly strong, no?
Pavidus: Oh I wouldn't say that. If Great Master Boar hadn't come to my aid, I would surely have been beaten…
Pavidus: Thank you from the bottom of my heart… Great Master Boar… Birds… Once again you have saved me…
Pavidus bowed deeply to the boar. Just then, the animals swarmed around Pavidus, and started to peck and prod him.
Pavidus: Ouch! Ow ow!
Bird: Caw caw! (Stop taking such garbage! You also gave it your all!)
Bird: Caw, caw… (If you hadn't come back home, we would've been done for!)
Bird: Caw! (Thanks!)
Boar: Oink, oink! (You've gotten a lot stronger. You did yourself proud out there.)
Pavidus: Masters!
Lyria: Ummm… what are you guys talking about? I don't speak bird, but you seem pleased, Pavidus.
Vyrn: Hehehe. I think they're singing his praises!
Chick: Cheep cheep! (Oy, how long are you gonna stand around grinning! This is where you belong! Bring us food!)
Pavidus: Yes, I'm on my way!
With a smile plastered across his face, Pavidus headed toward an area where lots of berries grew.
Lyria: Are you perchance going to gather food for the animals? Teehee, we'll come and help! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nodded and followed Pavidus.
The sight of Pavidus pressing ahead to gather berries would stay with (Captain) for a long time.