Scenario:Pecorine - Pecorine Pays It Forward

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Pecorine Pays It Forward

In search of information about the lost guild member, the crew finds Pecorine, who has been asked to collect a large volume of ingredients by the owner of the restaurant where she works. The crew offers to help her lift the things and heads back to her place of employment.

Lyria: Excuse me... We're looking for someone...
The crew and the guild split up to gather information about the lost guild member.
Despite effort on everyone's part, no one is able to find any meaningful leads.
Pecorine: Mister! Could I have a box of these vegetables?
Vyrn: Hm? That voice...
Lyria: Is that Pecorine in front of that vegetable shop?
Vyrn: (Captain), let's go see if she's learned anything new!
Shop Owner: Sure thing! But are you sure you can carry this yourself?
Pecorine: I'll be fine! I'm quite the little powerhouse!
Pecorine: Oh! And one more thing! I'm looking for someone!
Pecorine: He's about this tall, with black hair, and has a cloak on. Have you seen him?
Pecorine: I've been looking for him since I got into town, but I can't find him anywhere.
Shop Owner: Hm... Sorry, I can't help ya with that. I haven't seen anyone like that around these parts.
Pecorine: I see... Sigh...
Vyrn: Hey, Miss Peckish! Whoa! That thing is huge!
Lyria: Hello! Are you in the middle of a shopping spree?
Pecorine: Vyrn! Lyria! And (Captain)! How ya doing?
Pecorine: Tomorrow is the Gourmet Festival, so my boss asked me to get some ingredients!
Pecorine: Since I'll be in the eating contest tomorrow, I won't be able to help out around the restaurant. Gotta work while I can!
Pecorine has mountains of different foods packed in bags and boxes all around her.
Vyrn: That's a lot... Why don't you just get all of it delivered?
Pecorine: Um... Well, this is more than usual, but I can handle it!
Pecorine: And if I go in person, I can ask people about my missing guild member!
Pecorine: Sadly... I haven't really learned anything new yet...
Lyria: Sorry to hear that... Neither have we...
Pecorine: Lyria, don't look so down! It's okay!
Pecorine: We'll find him! I bet he'll be drawn to all the tasty street food!
Pecorine: Look at the time! I have to get back.
Vyrn: Okay! But how about you let us help out with all that stuff?
Pecorine: Really? Are you sure? Thank you!
Pecorine: Hehehe... You're all so nice!
Vyrn: Helping friends in need is what we do! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and extends a helping hand.
And so the crew heads to the restaurant where Pecorine works.

Pecorine Pays It Forward: Scene 2

The crew sees the owner arguing with a dubious fellow. The owner then explains that the man has bought the entire supply of needed meat underhandedly. To help him, the crew ventures to a nearby forest to acquire it from the source.

Restaurant Owner: You won't get away with this! Ya hear?
Lyria: Oh no... Is someone arguing?
The crew arrives at Pecorine's place of employment and finds the owner highly agitated.
McShady: Get away with what? I don't like your tone.
Restaurant Owner: Now you're gonna act like you don't know what you're doing? You purposely bought out all the meat we need!
McShady: Why would I do something like that? I just happened to need that meat and acquired it through perfectly legal means.
McShady: And it is a busy season, so there was quite a large fee... But rupies talk.
McShady: I'll take my leave now. I don't like hurtful lies. You'd do well to remember that.
With a self-satisfied sneer, the man takes his leave.
Pecorine: Boss! What happened? Who was that?
Restaurant Owner: Pecorine... Did you hear all that? I...
According to the owner, his order of meat was bought from under him by his unscrupulous rival.
That man owns the largest restaurant in town and is able to do whatever he pleases with his large reserve of rupies.
Restaurant Owner: Without that meat... We'll be in the red this year... No... It'll be worse... I'll be out of business!
Vyrn: But even without that meat, there's lots of other stuff you can make, right?
Restaurant Owner: That's true, but this festival is when profits are highest.
Restaurant Owner: Everyone puts their best foot forward and offers customers special meals that fetch a handsome price.
Restaurant Owner: If we don't have something to serve those with money to spend, we'll lose more than their patronage...
Restaurant Owner: Our popularity among the gourmets will go in the gutter...
Restaurant Owner: Then I'll lose this place... That's how things work in Flavorville...
Pecorine: No... Isn't there anywhere else to buy ingredients? Maybe from a nearby town?
Restaurant Owner: There's only one other option... To hunt for it ourselves...
Lyria: Hunt?
Restaurant Owner: Right. The meat I need can be taken from the packs that roam the nearby forest.
Pecorine: This looks like a job for Pecorine!
Pecorine: Leave it to me, boss! I'm a tough cookie!
Restaurant Owner: I won't have it. There are monsters that roam that forest, and I've heard stories of hunters losing their lives...
Vyrn: But you need that meat, right? Don't worry about it! We'll help out too!
Restaurant Owner: I appreciate the thought, but the monsters there are far too dangerous.
Restaurant Owner: No matter how strong you are, you shouldn't risk your lives. Please... don't go.
Pecorine: Boss...
Restaurant Owner: Enough of that... I'll be fine. I'll find some way to meet my customers' expectations.
The owner laughs weakly and goes back inside, shoulders slumped.
Vyrn: We won't stand for this! That other dude needs to learn to share!
Lyria: He was so sad... And what if his business goes under...
(Captain) and crew are saddened by the owner's despair and angered by the crooked businessman's tactics.
Pecorine stares into the restaurant and her resolution grows stronger.
Pecorine: I'm doing it. I'm going to the forest.
Pecorine: I can't stand by and do nothing with my boss looking like that!
Pecorine: He took me in when I needed a job... and on the spot too.
Pecorine: He even gives me food at the end of the day and always asks what I think of his newest dishes...
Pecorine: We've only known each other for a short time, but I really owe him.
Pecorine: He's been up late every night preparing new items for the customers to try in preparation for the Gourmet Festival.
Pecorine: I can't let that go to waste. I won't!
Pecorine: Because I love his cooking!
Vyrn: Then it's decided! We're coming too!
Lyria: Exactly! We can do anything together!
(Captain) nods with a serious look.
Pecorine: Thank you, (Captain)!
Pecorine: I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have met so many nice people!
Pecorine: Let's get to it! No one get hurt, okay? I don't want to cause him any extra stress!
The crew agrees and together, they head into the woods.

Pecorine Pays It Forward: Scene 3

The crew track the animal that has the meat they require, but a colossal monster attacks them. For the owner, Pecorine decides to fight.

In pursuit of meat, (Captain) and the crew find themselves in a forest near Flavorville.
Vyrn: We haven't seen any monsters since we got here... I wonder if there really are any...
The crew delve further into the forest to find their prey.
(Captain) looks around and sees a bush that has clearly been trampled.
Pecorine: (Captain), what's up?
(Captain) points at the bush.
Pecorine: I see... Something must have passed by here recently. It might even still be in the area!
Pecorine proceeds to walk in the direction she suspects the beast went.
Vyrn: Hey! There's something over there!
Pecorine: Maybe that's the thing we're after! We can get it from this distance.
Pecorine makes herself completely silent and sneaks up on her prey.
Vyrn: Dang! It ran away!
The animal runs deeper into the woods.
Pecorine: Not so fast!
Pecorine: (Captain), let's split up and corner it!
(Captain) nods and follows Pecorine's instruction.
Pecorine: Give it up, you're surrounded!
The crew have the animal boxed in.
Vyrn: What the...
Lyria: The ground is shaking...
???: Grrroar!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! What'd we do!
Lyria: Aaah! It's a monster as big as a mountain!
The monster swats trees aside like flies as it lumbers up to the crew.
Forest Beast: Blaaargh!
Pecorine: Get down!
The massive creature's tread causes the earth to churn, uprooting trees as it passes.
Pecorine: This might not be so easy to take down...
Pecorine: But we can't turn back now. I must get what I came for! For the restaurant! For my boss!
Pecorine unsheathes her blade and (Captain) follows suit.
Pecorine: This is it, (Captain)! For the meat!

Pecorine Pays It Forward: Scene 4

With the monster defeated, the crew acquires the necessary meat and heads back to the restaurant. The owner is moved and decides to make the crew the best meal they have ever had.

Forest Beast: Blaaargh!
After a long-fought battle, (Captain) delivers the final blow and sends the monster crashing to the ground.
Vyrn: Cough, cough... Did we beat it?
After the dust settles, the crew walks over to the monster cautiously.
The monster now appears to be nothing more than a simple, unmoving boulder.
Lyria: You did it, (Captain)! Are you hurt?
  1. I'm fine!

Choose: I'm fine!
Vyrn: I thought that was gonna be a bigger pain than it was.
Lyria: It's a good thing Pecorine and (Captain) were strong enough to beat it.
Lyria: Hm? Where did Pecorine go?
(Captain) and Vyrn also notice that Pecorine is nowhere to be found.
Vyrn: Hey! Miss Peckish!
Lyria: Pecorine! Answer if you can hear my voice!
Lyria: Aaah! Is that another monster!
Lyria hides behind (Captain), who eyes the bush with suspicion.
Pecorine: Heyo! How ya doing, everyone?
Vyrn: Why'd you scare us!
Pecorine: Hehe... Sorry about that...
Pecorine: But look what I got!
Pecorine then lowers her bag to show the crew what she captured.
Lyria: Is that...
Pecorine: It is! The meat we were looking for! This is the absolute best catch ever!
Vyrn: Really? Way to go, Miss Peckish!
Pecorine: Thanks! Now let's head back to the restaurant!
With the required ingredient in hand, the crew rushes back to the restaurant.
Pecorine: Boss!
Pecorine: This is kinda weird, but I have to apologize before anything.
Restaurant Owner: Pecorine! What do you mean? And what is that you're carrying?
Pecorine: I couldn't just let you suffer like that...
Pecorine: So (Captain) and crew helped me get the meat you need!
Pecorine hands their catch over to her boss.
Restaurant Owner: This is... But how? Weren't there monsters?
Lyria: (Captain) and Pecorine took care of it!
Vyrn: And I don't think there were any other baddies in those woods, so your hunters shouldn't have any more trouble!
Restaurant Owner: You really beat the monster? I can hardly believe it... But the proof's in the pudding.
Pecorine: So... are you mad?
Restaurant Owner: Not at all. I'm just surprised.
Restaurant Owner: And glad you're safe. On top of that, you brought so much for me to use.
Restaurant Owner: Thank you. Now I have all I need to make the best dishes yet! You saved me, Pecorine!
Pecorine: Hehe... I'm just glad you're smiling again!
(Captain) smiles at the sight of the pleased Pecorine and her elated boss.
Pecorine: Oh no... I just realized how hungry I am...
Lyria: Oh my... Me too...
Restaurant Owner: Then give me a second, and I'll whip you up a hero's feast!
Vyrn: Really? Thanks, Pops!
Restaurant Owner: No problem! It'll be done before you know it. Just sit tight!
The owner disappears into the kitchen.
Before the crew knows it, a delicious aroma permeates the air.
Lyria: Wow... That smells great! I wonder when it will be ready.
Pecorine: Just from the smell of the meat, I think I could eat three servings! Hope it comes out soon!
(Captain)'s stomach, too, rumbles in response to the enticing scent.
Restaurant Owner: Lunch is served! Eat up, everyone!
Vyrn: Will do! I was about to keel over!
The owner comes from the kitchen in high spirits and serves plate after plate of delicious food.
Pecorine: Wow! This is the absolute best meal ever! I'm glad we did all that work!
Lyria: Gasp! Every dish looks so tasty! Is it really okay if we eat it all?
Restaurant Owner: Of course! I have to show my appreciation! Dig in!
Pecorine: Watch me! Gotta take in every bite before it gets cold! But first let's say...
Pecorine: Thanks!
All Three: Thank you!
And so (Captain) and crew enjoy the best late lunch of all time.