Scenario:Pecorine - Way of the Gourmet

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Way of the Gourmet

The crew encounters Pecorine, who is chasing a thief who took off with her bag. The crew finds it only to learn that it's full of creepy-crawlies that Pecorine actually consumes in accordance with her personal philosophy of honoring any life taken.

Flavorville is having its Gourmet Festival in two days.
While the town is getting ready for its festival, (Captain) and crew are searching for the lost member of the Gourmet Guild.
Vendor: Have a taste of my boiled manju! They're to die for!
Lyria: Wow... That smells so good, my stomach is growling...
Vyrn: (Captain), let's take a quick break, yeah? I've got the apple-munchies too.
(Captain) nods, and Lyria and Vyrn make for the nearest food stalls.
Lyria: Excuse me! Could I get three manjus please?
Vendor: Sure thing! And here's an extra one on the house!
Lyria: Really? For me? Thank you!
Lyria thanks the vendor and returns to the crew extremely happy.
???: Wait! Hold up!
Vyrn: What's happening over there?
Lyria: I wonder... Let's go see for ourselves!
Pecorine: Stop running! I said... hold on... Pant...
Vyrn: If it ain't Miss Peckish! What's up?
Pecorine: I... I...
Pecorine: I can't talk... I'm so hungry...
Lyria: Oh no!
Lyria: Are you okay! Uh... Um...
(Captain) hands a manju they received earlier from the vendor to Pecorine.
Pecorine: Oh, thank you!
Pecorine: Nom, nom, nom... Burp... That hits the spot! Food is all I need...
Pecorine: This is D-lish! Thank the heavens, the stars, and you, (Captain)!
Pecorine: One free meal buys a lifetime of gratitude! I'll be sure to return the favor!
Vyrn: So what happened to you? You seemed like you were in a big hurry...
Pecorine: Gasp! That's right! I had somewhere to be!
Pecorine: Or rather... I smelled something good earlier and thought I'd pop by to check out what it was...
Pecorine explains that while she was engaged in consuming a delicious treat, the man they saw earlier stole her bag.
Pecorine: It's bad enough my lunch was stolen... But there was also stuff in there from the restaurant I work at...
Pecorine: And I'm on a tight deadline, so I need to get those items back now...
Vyrn: So that guy that just ran off had your bag?
Lyria: Exactly! (Captain), let's go after him!
Pecorine: I'm going too! That food really helped boost my energy levels!
(Captain) looks determined to help Pecorine find the man who stole from her.
(Captain) and crew carefully walk the back alleys in search of the thief.
???: Aaagh!
Lyria: Did you hear that?
Pecorine: Sounds like it came from in there! Let's go check it out!
The crew race to the source of the scream.
When they arrive, not a person is left in sight. There is only a large bag.
Pecorine: That's it! That's my bag!
Pecorine: And... nothing was stolen! Oh, thank goodness!
Lyria: Looks like everything is okay! I bet the thief ran off somewhere though...
Pecorine: Well as long as I have my things, I'm willing to forgive him.
Pecorine is extremely happy to have recovered her things.
(Captain) looks around the surrounding area and finds a small box that's fallen from Pecorine's bag.
Vyrn: Hm? What's this?
Vyrn: This box is kinda open... I wonder what's inside...
Vyrn pushes the lid fully open and peers inside.
Vyrn: Aagh!
Lyria: Aaah! V-Vyrn... Why are you yelling?
Vyrn: T-there's... something gross squirmin' around in there!
Vyrn latches onto (Captain) and peers fearfully at the box.
Pecorine: Box?
Pecorine: Oh! That's my lunch box!
Pecorine plucks up her lunch box and holds it out for (Captain) to see inside.
Lyria: That's... food?
The crew looks into Pecorine's lunch box and is rooted to the spot in terrified silence.
The box is big enough that Pecorine needs both hands to lift it, and brimming over with writhing, slithering, intertwining, unmentionable organisms.
There is no doubt that the thief took one glance inside the box and ran away in horror.
Vyrn: Miss Peckish... What is this?
Pecorine: Monsters native to this island, of course!
Pecorine: I've never seen any of these species before, so I gathered them all to make a medley!
Pecorine: They do look a little bad, but I promise they taste amazing!
Pecorine: As they say, once you've had bugs, you never go back! So who wants to take the first bite?
  1. Gimme!
  2. Gross!

Choose: Gimme!

Pecorine: That's the spirit!
Pecorine: Grab yourself a big handful and chow down!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Gross!

Pecorine: It's not! I promise! I'll take full responsibility for whatever happens!
Pecorine: I've even got medicine and everything! Just try a little piece!

Continue 1

Pecorine beams as (Captain) gingerly selects the smallest possible clump of interlocked invertebrates and manages to ingest them before they swarm down the captain's arm.
(Captain) hears and feels the snapping and bursting of so many different limbs.
But the juices just explode across the tongue and are oddly delicious.
Pecorine: How is it? You like it, right?
(Captain) nods in stunned agreement.
Pecorine: All right! Now we have (Captain)'s seal of approval! Why don't you try some too, Lyria and Vyrn?
Lyria and Vyrn's eyes meet. Despite their initial hesitation, they put the ickies in their mouth.
Lyria: Crunch... Crackle...
Lyria: Hm? This is really good!
Vyrn: I guess so...
Pecorine: Just like I said! This is my very own recipe! I knew you'd like them!
Vyrn: But why are you eating monsters?
Pecorine: I feel bad just taking life without giving it the respect it deserves. So I eat them to honor them.
Pecorine: No matter what the monster, I eat every last bite without leaving a single scrap.
Pecorine: My errands for the restaurant always take me through the forest, and there are so many monsters that just pop out.
Pecorine: I can't let their lives go to waste, so that's why I made this dish!
Vyrn: Right...
Lyria: You're... amazing! I guess we shouldn't judge food based on what it looks like.
Vyrn: That's cool too, but I'd rather not lose my lunch lookin' at my dinner.
Pecorine: Everyone has their preferences.
Pecorine: But you can't say you don't like something if you've never tried it before!
Lyria: Good point... There may be things we've never eaten before that taste amazing...
Pecorine: Lyria, don't tell me you've gotten a taste for monsters? That's the absolute best thing I could have hoped for!
Pecorine: How about I take all of you to my favorite restaurant?
Pecorine: Come with me on a dazzling journey into the world of food!
Lyria: Are you sure? If you don't mind, I'd love to try more things!
(Captain) also seems enthused and agrees vehemently with Lyria.
Pecorine: All right! Let's get this show started! You're all about to embark upon a journey into the fantastic world of gourmets!
Vyrn: Yeah... Something doesn't sound right about this...
Lyria: Vyrn! Let's get going!
The crew is led by Pecorine into a world of scrumptious cuisine.
Or so they think. What they will soon learn is that the world of edibles is as vast as the grand blue sky above.