Scenario:Pengy - Pengy: The Hope of All Kids

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Pengy: The Hope of All Kids

The crew finds a pair of kids who refuse to believe that superheroes exist. Pengy is in the middle of trying to explain to them that she's the real deal when monsters attack.

(Captain) and crew head toward a town in search of parts for Pengy's... Pengy suit.
Since joining the crew, Pengy's exploits have reached the far corners of the sky.
However, there was something different about this town.
Boy in Hat: What's with the dumb getup? You can't beat bad guys and help people dressed like that!
Pengy: P-pegy?
Vyrn: This kid doesn't like Pengy? Have we ever seen this happen before?
Pengy: Pegy...
Boy in Hat: There's someone in there moving this stupid thing around, right? This just in! Your costume's lame and you suck!
Male Erune: Yup, craptacular.
Lyria: Oh no! Pengy's feelings are hurt!
Pengy: Pegupegu! Pegy...
Lyria: Hm, how do I convince that Pengy is really cool...
Pengy: Pennn! Pegy! Pegy!
Male Erune: We were actually Pengy fans up until recently, but now we know the truth.
The boys once loved Pengy and other allies of justice.
But that love turned to hatred after a stage show gone awry.
Vyrn: So you're saying the heroes on stage ran away when they saw real-life monsters?
Boy in Hat: Yeah, and Pengy here's no different! Just another phony!
Pengy: Pegyy! Pen... Pegu pegu!
Lyria: Exactly! Pengy would never run away from monsters! Especially if they showed up here!
Pengy: Pen! Peggyy!
Boy in Hat: Whatever. Those phony losers said the same thing. Why should we believe yo—
Monster: Grooar!
Vyrn: A monster? Now? How convenient!
Boy in Hat: Aah! A m-monster!
Pengy: Pegy! Peh...gyyyy!
Vyrn: Just watch and learn! Pengy and (Captain) are gonna show you what real heroes are made of!

Pengy: The Hope of All Kids: Scene 2

(Captain) and Pengy deal with the monster, but the youths still won't believe that she's a real hero. When some new monsters appear, it's up to Pengy to save the day once again.

(Captain) and crew made quick work of the monster. They hope that this display changes the youth's hearts, but...
Pengy: Peggyyyy!
Vyrn: So? Betcha think Pengy's the real deal now, huh?
Boy in Hat: You're not gonna trick us that easily! You faked that monster attack!
Vyrn: Good grief, these kids are a bunch of Pengy conspiracy theorists...
Lyria: Hmm, this is bad. How are we going to get them to trust Pengy again?
Pengy: Pen...
Monster: Grrr...
Vyrn: Uh oh. I think that monster from before brought some friends!
Boy in Hat: Whatever! I'm not scared of some fake monsters! Bring it on!
Vyrn: W-what do you think you're doing! Throwing stones at monsters is dangerous!
Monster: Groar!
Vyrn: Now you've made them mad!
Boy in Hat: But it's... just another guy in a suit...
Monster: Groooar!
The angry monsters charge toward the boys.
Male Erune: Waaaaah!
Vyrn: Pengy's trying to protect the kids!
Lyria: Oh no! We have to help her, (Captain)!

Pengy: The Hope of All Kids: Scene 3

The boys finally realize that Pengy is a true superhero as she fends off the horde of monsters. With their faith in heroism restored, Pengy heads off once again to protect the skies from evildoers.

(Captain) and crew manage to protect the boys from the horde of marauding monsters.
Pengy reaches her physical limits just as the boys finally realize the monsters were real.
Pengy: P-Pegu!
Vyrn: Whoa! You okay, Pengy?
Pengy: Pegu... At least we managed to beat those monsters!
Boy in Hat: What the?
Pengy: Well, this is penguinely embarrassing.
Pengy: I finally prove those monsters weren't fake, and then I pop out my suit and ruin everything.
Boy in Hat: ...
Pengy: I... hope I didn't crush your dreams of what a superhero is.
Male Erune: ...
Pengy: It's okay, kids! I wasn't trying to deceive you, I—
Pengy: Ow...
Male Erune: Are you okay?
Lyria: Oh no, Pengy's hurt! We have to help her!
Vyrn: This is no time to worry about the kids! You need medical attention!
Pengy: Pegugu... No worries, this penguin just has a few scrapes, that's all.
Pengy: What matters most are the dreams of these kids here!
Boy in Hat: ...
Pengy: You must be... pretty mad at me, huh?
Boy in Hat: Nuh uh! We just can't believe how totally rad you were, Pengy!
Pengy: Peh?
Male Erune: Thanks for saving us, Pengy. We're sorry for ever doubting you.
Boy in Hat: You were so... freakin'... cool!
Pengy: Peg your pardon? Did you just say I was cool?
Boy in Hat: Yeah! The coolest penguin around!
Boy in Hat: And... listen, we gotta apologize. You got beat up because of us.
Male Erune: Sorry, Pengy. It's all our fault.
Pengy: Penga... riffic!
Pengy: No worries, kids! Bumps and bruises will heal, but kids telling me how cool I am will stick around in my heart forever!
Lyria: Hooray! You made them see the truth, Pengy!
Boy in Hat: When I grow up, I'm gonna be a cool protector of the innocent just like you, Pengy!
Pengy: Aw, shucks! I'm sure you'll be a great hero!
Pengy: I'm gonna do my best to make sure I live up to your expectations, kids!
Pengy: Just remember... I can't do it without your support! Pengy out!
With the boys' love of heroes rekindled in their hearts, Pengy and the rest of the crew set off on another great adventure.