Scenario:Percival - A Memory of Brothers Three

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A Memory of Brothers Three

On the journey to Wales, the crew listens as Percival talks about growing up with his brilliant brother Aglovale and his playful brother Lamorak.

On their journey to Wales, (Captain) and the crew stop at a village inn.
Everyone gets to chatting and soon enough, the topic turns to Percival and his brothers.
Percival: In all our time together, (Captain), I suppose I've never really brought them up.
Percival: But what's the point in telling you about my brothers?
Vyrn: The point? There is no point. We're just curious is all.
Lyria: Well, um... As your vassal, I'm curious to know what kind of family you have!
Percival: Hm... I see what you mean.
Well then, (Captain), who would you like to hear about?
  1. Your oldest brother!
  2. Your second oldest brother!

Choose: Your oldest brother!
Percival: Hm... My oldest brother, huh?
Percival: His name is Aglovale. He's the current head of the House of Wales, and he's incredibly brilliant.
(Captain) asks if Percival has any fond memories of his brothers.
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Choose: Your second oldest brother!
Percival: His name is Lamorak, and he's an outstanding sorcerer who travels around.
Percival: He's a bit of a joker, so he always kept our whole family laughing.
(Captain) asks if Percival has any fond memories of his brothers.
Continue 1
Percival: Ah, yes... I'll tell you about something that happened once.
In a forest just behind Wales Castle, Aglovale and Percival challenge each other's sword skills.
The eldest parries each thrust of Percival's wooden sword without breaking a sweat.
Percival: Raah!
Aglovale: Feh!
Percival: Raah!
Take that!
Aglovale: Is this it? Is this the progress you were so excited to show me?
Aglovale: (Hm... His swings still lack force...)
Percival: Hraagh!
Aglovale: (But he's driven. And his control is quite good. But that's not enough...)
Aglovale: Humph!
Percival: Whoa!
With an effortless swing, Aglovale sends Percival's sword flying high into the air.
Percival feels his brother's sword against his throat before his own sword lands with a thud.
Aglovale: Hmm...
Percival: Y-you got me...
Lamorak: And we have a winner! It's big brother Aggy!
Aglovale: Percival, I see you've improved. But you've a long way to go still.
Percival: Ah... Guess I'm still no match for you.
Aglovale: But your control has gotten much better, so keep at your training and don't slack off.
Percival: I won't, Brother!
Lamorak: (Heheheh... Now's my chance!)
A mystical mass of energy flies straight toward Aglovale from the shadows.
Aglovale: !
With a burst of light, Aglovale is instantly surrounded by smoke.
Lamorak: Not bad, huh?
Aglovale: Whew... That was close.
The smoke clears, revealing Aglovale completely unharmed after summoning a barrier of chilly vapor.
Lamorak: No way! Nobody can block a surprise attack from a blind spot like that!
Aglovale: Well, it was either block it or run, and I couldn't run...
Lamorak: Well, don't you look smug! Like you're mocking me! Are you mocking me?
Aglovale: Ah, but if you were out to hurt me, then you came pretty close, I think.
Lamorak: No, no, that's not the point! I'd never use that kind of power as a prank! Oh... Just forget it...
Percival: Lamorak, you were supposed to be watching our match.
Percival: How did you conjure that up from so far away?
Lamorak: Sorry! But I'll never tell!
Aglovale: Actually, Lamorak, why don't you give swordplay a try?
Lamorak: No thanks! I like to stick to what I'm good at. And swinging a stick just isn't my style.
Lamorak: Besides, the other day when Percy and I sparred against you at the same time, we couldn't land a single hit!
Aglovale: Heheheh... If you say so. But you'll never know if you don't give it your best shot.
Lamorak: What? I give everything my best shot! And what about... you know, that other thing... How does it go again, Percy?
Percival: Lord Aglovale!
The Wales Prodigy, he's called!
Unrivaled in sword and sorcery, he's the genius among us all!
Aglovale: Nah... When it comes to sorcery, surely Lamorak is better.
Lamorak: Oh, just quit it already! You know I'm no match against you!
Lamorak: Right, Percy?
Aglovale: Humph... Stop being modest.
Aglovale: If we Wales brothers combined our strength...
Aglovale: Then we could conquer all the skies one day!
Percival: Yep! If you lead us, Brother, I know we can! Let's conquer the skies!
Lamorak: Ah, I've got better things to do. I'll pass, thanks!
The brothers' laughter echoes on and on throughout the forest...
Percival: And that's the kind of bond we had, I guess...
Lyria: How sweet! You guys seem really close.
Vyrn: Hm... But it's sort of funny to think that Sir Burnsalot's got two big brothers, you know?
Percival: Humph. Really? I don't see what's funny about that.
Percival: What do you say, (Captain)? Did that satisfy your curiosity?
Amidst the excitement (Captain) asks a string of questions to get Percival sharing more about his childhood.
Percival: Hm, you want to hear more, do you? I don't know what could possibly be so interesting about it...
Percival: But... I guess I could indulge you just this once.
(Captain) and the crew listen intently as Percival begins another story.
They spend a pleasant evening talking and laughing well into the morning.