Scenario:Percival - A Royal's Resolve

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A Royal's Resolve

Percival and the crew visit Wales, governed by his older brother Aglovale. Before seeing him they go to check a nearby floodwall, but a sudden storm urges them back to shelter.

Percival: Wales...
It's been quite a while.
During their journey, (Captain) and the crew decide to visit Wales, Percival's home.
The country is governed by Percival's older brother Aglovale.
Vyrn: So your brother's here in this town, Sir Burnsalot?
Percival: Yes, apparently for a visit. He's quite busy, so it'll be some time before we can see him.
The crew has come to a riverside town after learning that Aglovale is here on official business.
Percival: He guides the country as its leader. There's much I could learn, so I'm eager to speak with him.
Lyria: Sounds like there's lots to look forward to.
Vyrn: At any rate, this place is bustling with people!
Percival: With both the river and a large road nearby, the area here soon flourished into a town.
Percival: But rising waters brought flood damage every now and then.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? For a town as nice as this, the up-keep must be tough.
Percival: Well, not anymore. A floodwall was built recently, so there's no more concerns about that, I've heard.
Lyria: Oh, really? That's a relief.
Percival: Indeed. That gives me an idea... Hey, (Captain), let's go see it for ourselves.
  1. Lead the way!
  2. Aw... Do we have to?

Choose: Lead the way!
Percival: Hah... I see you've finally come around.
Percival: After all it's your duty as my vassal to accompany me on inspections.
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Choose: Aw... Do we have to?
Percival: You're my loyal vassal, are you not? Why wouldn't you accompany your future king?
Vyrn: Now back it up a second. Why does the future king need to inspect a floodwall anyway?
Percival: It's obvious. A king must be familiar with construction efforts in order to ensure a comfortable standard of living for his people.
Percival: There's no better example than to see my own brother's achievement firsthand.
Vyrn: If you say so...
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Lyria: Then let's be on our way!
Vyrn: Whoa, the water's pretty high.
Percival: Yes. It seems there's been a lot of rainfall these past few days.
Lyria: Even so, the wall looks well-built, so there's nothing to worry about.
Percival: Indeed. There's no concern of collapse. It should hold.
Vyrn: That's a relief. Your brother really did a good job here!
Percival: You're right. It's all the result of his policies.
Percival: ...
Percival knits his brows as he looks over at the opposite bank.
Lyria: Hm? What is it, Percival?
Vyrn: Are you looking over there at the riverbank?
Oh, it looks like another town.
Lyria: Hm... Oh! I see it. It looks a little smaller.
The crew strains their eyes at the opposite town when tiny beads of rain begin to fall.
Lyria: Is it raining?
Percival: It's starting to come down. Looks like it's going to be a storm.
Percival: Right, let's hurry back into town.
Lyria: Okay!
Whoa, it's really pouring now!
Vyrn: Yikes! Let's skedaddle!
The gang makes a run for it in the pelting rain, back toward the town in search of shelter.

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 2

(Captain) and company go to visit the floodwall again; it's sturdy, but the wall for the village on the opposite riverbank looks unsafe. This leads Percival to suspect that Aglovale had to make difficult decisions during construction.

The storm grows stronger through the night, but it slowly dissipates as dawn comes.
Then, early that morning...
Vyrn: The rain's stopped, but now the river is roaring with waves.
Lyria: It's a little nerve-racking to watch.
Vyrn: Well from the look of that floodwall yesterday, it's not gonna crumble anytime soon!
Vyrn: And anyway, Sir Burnsalot, what's gotten you so curious about that other town all of a sudden?
The crew accompanies Percival on his way to check out the town across the river.
Percival: Just take a look at that floodwall.
Lyria: You mean, the one over there?
Vyrn: Hm, I can't see it very well, but it looks shorter than the one over here.
Percival: Indeed, it does. It's most likely weaker than the one on this side too.
Lyria: But you don't think it will fall... do you?
Percival: It's been bothering me since yesterday. Factoring in the rainfall and the rough waters...
Percival: I'm not entirely sure about it.
Vyrn: Well, that doesn't sound good! And how come only this side gets a decent wall?
Vyrn: They're so different! Doesn't it seem unfair?
Percival: Unfair, you say... But the problem isn't as simple as you think.
Percival: It's impossible to carry out construction everywhere at the same time in equal measure.
Lyria: You're right... They'd have to do it in some order or another.
Percival: Exactly. Areas must be prioritized, and flood control is a tough undertaking in itself.
Percival: This is surely all according to Aglovale's calculations. This must've been the most logical way to carry out the task.
Vyrn: I see. I guess that makes sense. Not that I would know...
Lyria: I see... Being a king sounds hard.
Percival: Indeed...

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 3

Percival and the crew cross the river to find two sisters about to be swept away by the high water. Percival gets stuck trying to rescue them both and refuses help from the crew, but soon Aglovale appears and comes to their aid.

The gang crosses a large bridge and reaches the opposite side of the river.
Vyrn: Yikes... The water here is way higher.
Lyria: And the waves are choppy here too. It's a little scary.
Percival: Hm?
Quiet down for a second.
Lyria: Huh?
???: Waaah...
Vyrn: Hm? I hear a voice...
Lyria: Oh no! Look over there!
Big Sis: Hold on! Don't let go!
Lil Sis: Waaah... I'm scared!
Just ahead, a turbulent stream is threatening to carry away two young sisters.
Big Sis: It'll be all right! I p-promise... I'll save you!
With her body half-submerged, the older girl grasps her younger sister with one arm while clinging to the riverbank with the other.
Lil Sis: Waaah... I'm scared... And the water's so cold!
Big Sis: Nghh! My hand's... too slippery!
Percival: Tch...
Big Sis: Huh? Who are you?
Just before the girls are swept away from the riverbank, Percival jumps down to grab them.
Percival: Hold on! Don't let go of your sister!
No... My footing...
With the force of the waves and weak ground of the riverbank, Percival can't pull up the two girls, let alone himself.
Percival: Hey! Can you try and pull yourself up slowly?
Big Sis: Nghh... I can't...
Please, could you just save her first?
Lil Sis: Waah...
Percival: Nghh...
Percival: (If I save her sister, then I have to let go of her hand. But then that means...)
Lyria: Percival!
Vyrn: Hey! We'll give you a hand!
Percival: Stay right there!
Lyria: Huh? But...
Percival: The ground is weak! Don't come near the water! You won't help anyone by falling in!
Vyrn: But Sir Burnsalot! If we don't do something—
Monster: Grooar!
Vyrn: Yikes! A monster came out of the river!
Lyria: Percival!
Percival: Nghh... No!
Just as the monster is about to swallow up Percival and the girls, the monster and the water surrounding it freeze instantly.
Vyrn: What was that!
Aglovale: ...
Percival: Brother?
Aglovale: Have you lost your mind? Foolish brother.
Percival: Hey! Hold on to me and pull yourself up!
Big Sis: All right!
Using the frozen layer of water for footing, Percival pulls the sisters safely onto the riverbank.
Lil Sis: Waaah! I was so scared!
Big Sis: But you stayed brave. Good girl!
And thank you so much, everyone!
Lyria: I'm glad you both are okay! And thank you, Aglovale—
Percival: Hey! Don't congratulate yourselves yet. We've got company.
Monster: Grooar!
The monster jumps out from between the cracks in the ice.
Percival: Heads up, (Captain)!

A Royal's Resolve: Scene 4

Aglovale criticizes Percival for being unable to make rational decisions, endangering everyone around him. He gives Percival a new wardrobe and dismisses him until he can answer what it is to be a king.

The crew combines their strengths to fight off all the monsters.
Vyrn: Whew... Talk about a surprise attack.
Lyria: You said it... But at least everyone is all right! Aglovale really saved the day!
Percival: Indeed. Brother, I truly—
Aglovale: If I hadn't come, what would you have done?
Aglovale: In foolishly attempting to protect those two girls, as well as your vassals, you put everyone in even more danger.
Percival: ...
Aglovale: Seems you're aware to some extent... But do you understand? This was all caused by your weakness.
Aglovale: You've learned nothing from your journey. I pity the people swept up by a king like you.
Vyrn: What? Now look here, that's going too far!
  1. Spare us your pity!
  2. Tell us what you really think.

Choose: Spare us your pity!
Percival: Hey, (Captain)...
Lyria: That's right! We appreciate Percival for his kindness and...
Aglovale: Percival. What do you say?
Percival: ...
Aglovale: No response then?
Vyrn: Hey! Why are you being so mean? Aren't you supposed to be his brother?
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Choose: Tell us what you really think.
Aglovale: Do you not get it? As his vassal, your stature is as worthless as Percival's.
Vyrn: Hold it right there, pal! Are you trying to start a fight with (Captain) too?
Continue 1
Percival: My vassals... Stand down. That's enough.
Percival raises a hand to signal (Captain) and the others to calm down.
Percival: This is my problem and mine alone.
Lyria: Percival...
Aglovale: Percival, what exactly is a king to you?
Percival: A king...
A king is...
Aglovale: Humph. That's enough. For now, let's do something about your deplorable appearance.
Percival's clothes are sullied with mud and water from the rescue.
Aglovale: I'll let you have this, so change into it.
Aglovale takes a bundle from a guard and tosses it over to Percival.
Percival: Wait, Brother. I...
Aglovale: I'll hear nothing more from you. When you have your answer, you may return to the castle.
Aglovale leaves without another word.
Vyrn: Wow! I've gotta say, that outfit really suits you!
Percival changes out of his stained and worn gear into the new outfit given to him by his brother.
Percival: ...
Vyrn: That's some pretty fancy armor!
Percival: This is an heirloom of the House of Wales. It was one of my father's most prized possessions.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Well, you can tell!
Lyria: Yeah, it's excellent! You look marvelous—just like a king!
Percival: Like a king...
Percival: (I wonder... Will I ever become worthy enough for this armor?)
With a quiet burning in his eyes, Percival gazes into the distance, contemplating his future kingdom.