Scenario:Percival - Reaching for His Kingdom

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Reaching for His Kingdom

Percival and the crew help the townspeople across the river fix the floodwall. The younger sister tells Percival how much she loves her town even though the flooding causes problems.

After rescuing the two sisters, the crew sees them off and decides to visit the other side of the river.
Lyria: So this is the small town we saw...
Percival: Yes, indeed it is.
Vyrn: Hm, it's not so much small as it is empty...
Lyria: Yeah. When you compare it with the other town, there aren't that many people, and it's not exactly bustling.
Percival: Well, the other town has a main road along with the river nearby, making it a major point for distribution.
Percival: (It's as clear as day which of these towns is more valuable to the country...)
Percival appears deep in thought.
Just then, a loud commotion can be heard from outside the town.
Townsman 1: Hey! We've got trouble! There's water coming in through the flood wall!
Townsman 2: What! We've gotta hurry. Let's round everyone up and head out there!
Townswoman: This again? I'm tired of worrying every time it rains around here...
Townsman 2: There's no time to complain. We've got to get out there to protect our homes.
The men get their tools in hand and march out toward the river.
Vyrn: Sounds like they could use some help! Let's get out there too, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go!
Percival: Hey! Wait!
Percival: Blast it... Didn't you learn your lesson just now at the riverbank?
Townsman 2: Hey! We need more sandbags over here!
Townsman 1: I brought some more! Is this enough?
Townsman 2: This area should be fine. But that area's looking a little shaky, so let's stack a little more there.
The crew arrives at the river to see people working together to repair the floodwall.
Vyrn: The work is going pretty quick. They're really good at this!
Percival: In fact, they're great at this. But it must mean that they've done this enough times to know it like second nature.
Lyria: That must be tough...
Percival: They've come to protect their town by putting in all this effort.
Vyrn: I know it's difficult, but it's great to have neighbors who really care!
Lyria: Yeah, it sure is!
Townsman 1: Hey, you over there! Are you passing through? Do you mind lending us a hand?
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's give 'em some help, (Captain)!
Percival: I suppose I'll help out too. If something were to happen to you outside my watch, it would surely be troublesome.
The sun has set by the time the repairs are finished.
The two sisters from earlier in the day offer the crew a place to stay for the night as a token of their thanks.
Lil Sis: Hey, mister armor man! Look at this...
Lyria: She seems to really like you, Percival.
Lil Sis: I folded these. I helped with laundry!
Percival: Oh yeah? That's good that you can help around the house.
Lil Sis: It's good? Because I'm a big girl?
Percival: That's right.
Lil Sis: Hee-hee! I knew it! My sister tells me I'm getting to be a big girl now!
Percival: You really like your family, eh?
Lil Sis: I love them! My sister is really good at cooking.
Lil Sis: And my granny is so nice! She teaches me how to sew, and do the laundry, and lots of other things.
Lil Sis: And my grandpa's a builder. He's always fixing people's houses and even the wall by the river. It's like magic!
Percival: I see...
Lil Sis: Yep! Isn't that neat?
Percival: Yeah, it's neat. You love your town, don't you?
Lil Sis: Uh-huh! I have my family here, and Emma next door, and my puppy dog Chee, and my kitty cat Mew!
Lil Sis: But... I wish the water outside would stay down so we can live better.
Percival: Yeah...
Percival smiles as he gently pats the young girl on the head.

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 2

Percival tells (Captain) that he will never sacrifice the few to save the many, even if it's the rational decision. They then visit Aglovale, and on hearing Percival's declaration, Aglovale challenges him to a sparring match.

Late in the night, Percival awakens and silently slips out of the house.
Percival: Hey there, (Captain).
Having followed after Percival, (Captain) walks up to his side and looks up at the night sky.
Percival: Why are you up? You couldn't sleep?
  1. Well, I sort of woke up...
  2. Well, why are you up?

Choose: Well, I sort of woke up...
Percival: Was it me who woke you up? Sorry about that...
(Captain) mumbles that it's all right and looks up at Percival.
Percival: Hm... I know what you're thinking.
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Choose: Well, why are you up?
Percival: Don't answer my question with a question.
Percival: It doesn't matter... I know what you're thinking.
Continue 1
Percival: I'm thinking it too. About what my brother said today.
Percival: About what it means to be a king, sitting at the head of the ideal land I'm striving to create.
In the quiet of the sleeping town, his somber voice rings cold.
Percival: I've told you before that I want to build a land without war, where even the powerless can live in peace.
Percival: But in my land, I won't abandon the few for the sake of the many. I can't.
Percival: Even if it is the most logical way...
Percival: After seeing the people of this town today, I feel that more than ever.
(Captain) listens quietly as Percival continues.
Percival: Surely Aglovale's policy is to always choose the practical solution that will help the most citizens.
Percival: And surely, his choice must sometimes leave others behind.
Percival: It's not that I think it's wrong...
Percival: It's just that I want to follow my heart and find another way.
As if a weight of uncertainty has been lifted from his chest, Percival's mouth begins to curve into a familiar, confident grin.
Percival: (Captain), tomorrow we go to the castle and pay a visit to my brother.
(Captain) smiles and nods eagerly.
The next day, the crew stands before Aglovale inside Wales Castle.
Aglovale: So you've come, Percival...
Aglovale: Which means you've found your answer, correct?
Percival: Yes, Brother.
Aglovale: Good. Then answer me this.
Aglovale's voice echoes as (Captain) and the others hold their breath.
Aglovale: A mother and her daughter stand before you, about to be eaten alive by a monster. You can only save one.
Aglovale: Who will you choose to save?
Percival: I...
Percival lifts his head, staring directly into his brother's eyes.
Percival: I refuse to choose one. I will reach out to save them both.
Aglovale: ...
Percival: ...
The brothers quietly stare each other down.
Aglovale: Percival...
Aglovale slowly stands and walks toward the door.
Aglovale: Come with me.
Aglovale leads everyone to the forest behind the castle before unsheathing his sword and facing Percival.
Aglovale: Draw your sword.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's going here?
Aglovale: It's been some time, but let's have a sparring match.
Percival: As you wish...
Percival steps out before the crew and slowly draws his sword.
Aglovale: You've yet to win a single match against me, haven't you?
Percival: Indeed, I haven't. But I've improved quite a bit since then.
Aglovale: Humph. Enough talk. Let's see what you've got!

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 3

Percival refuses help when he's losing the battle, but then Lyria explains that vassals are meant to fight alongside their king. With renewed resolve, Percival and the crew take on his brother as one.

Percival fights against his brother but is soon brought to his knees.
Percival: Nghh... This can't be...
Aglovale: You've gotten a little better, but still you lack discipline.
Aglovale: You can barely land a scratch with your pitiful swordsmanship, and yet you speak to me of your absurd ideals.
Percival: Brother...
Aglovale: The weak have no right to speak of such things.
Aglovale: That's because your ambition will bring misfortune not only to you, but to the people around you.
Percival: Nghh...
Unable to stand and watch, (Captain) jumps out before Percival.
Percival: No! Stand back!
(Captain) turns to face Percival.
Percival: Just stand behind me...
Percival: Agh!
(Captain) strikes Percival across his cheek.
Percival: (Captain)... Why?
Vyrn: Say, Sir Burnsalot, that hurt, didn't it? My friend's pretty strong! Don't act like you didn't know!
Lyria: Percival, you are always protecting us because you say we're your vassals...
Lyria: But vassals aren't just there to be protected, right? That's not what loyalty is.
Percival: My vassals... (Captain)...
(Captain) nods at Percival, staring clear into his eyes.
Percival: Ha... I see.
I see now...
Percival slowly raises himself to his feet and faces his brother once again.
Percival: Brother, if it's all right by you, I'd like to change my answer from earlier.
Aglovale: Go ahead...
Percival: A mother and daughter are about to be eaten alive by a monster...
Percival: And I, with the help of my vassals, will reach out to save them both.
Aglovale: Humph...
Aglovale: Ba ha ha ha!
Aglovale: Then show me you have the strength to achieve it!

Reaching for His Kingdom: Scene 4

Percival beats Aglovale for the first time in his life. He assures his older brother that he's ready to walk the difficult path he's chosen with the strength of the crew behind him.

Percival: I beat him... for the first time...
Lyria: You did it, Percival!
Aglovale: Humph... Your vassals aren't all bad.
Percival: Yes. They are my pride.
Aglovale: I now know the combination of all your strengths. But... I'm still the strongest one-on-one.
The crew gives a small laugh at Aglovale's gentle, but slightly sulky, reminder.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! I guess that attitude runs in your family, Sir Burnsalot! You both hate to lose!
Percival: Brother... When we were younger, even I and Lamorak couldn't win against you as a team.
Aglovale: Ah... Is that right?
Aglovale chuckles lightly before gazing at his brother with a stern face.
Aglovale: Percival.
Percival: Yes, Brother.
Aglovale: The path you've chosen may lead you to your idealistic values, but that path will surely be trying.
Aglovale: Are you prepared?
Percival: Yes, I—
(Captain) silently stands beside Percival, who straightens his posture and nods.
Percival: I have the best companion by my side. Therefore, I shall see it through.
Aglovale: I see... Then do as you like...
Aglovale: May you never bring shame to that armor.
Percival: I promise. Thank you, Brother.
Percival places a hand over his chest and bows deeply as his brother leaves.
Percival: (Captain)...
Percival lifts his head to see (Captain) still standing by his side.
Percival: I owe you my thanks. From here forward I'll be counting on you as my greatest ally.
The two smile brightly at each other, brimming with pride and a new sense of determination.