Scenario:Percival - Two Kings

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Two Kings

Percival, (Captain), and the crew visit Wales, ruled by Aglovale. He asks Percival to capture raiders in a remote village, and the crew agrees to help him.

Some time has passed since the series of incidents that sparked turmoil in Wales were resolved.
Feendrache, as a gracious victor, has given sovereign rights to Aglovale.
Today (Captain) and the crew, along with Percival, are paying a visit to Wales.
Percival: Did you call for me, Brother?
Aglovale: I have a favor to ask.
Percival: Of course. Just tell me what it is.
Aglovale: It seems some raiders have appeared, taking advantage of the recent chaos to ransack a remote village.
Aglovale: I need you to go there and capture them.
Percival: Understood. I'll handle the situation there and return order to the village.
Percival turns around to address (Captain) and the crew, who stand there patiently.
Percival: So, my vassals, what will you do?
Percival: Actually, since it doesn't concern you, I don't mind if you stay here and relax...
Lyria: We'll help you! If you're going somewhere, then your vassals will follow!
Vyrn: Yep! You can count on us! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) looks up at Percival with a big smile and nods.
Percival: I should've known... You're too chivalrous for your own good.
Percival: Humph... Very well, then. I'm counting on you.
And so, (Captain) and the crew hurry away to the remote village, eager to defeat the raiders.

Two Kings: Scene 2

Percival, (Captain), and the crew reach the village and demand that the raiders surrender. Their leader refuses to back down and orders an attack.

News has spread regarding a remote village overrun by armed raiders.
Percival, (Captain), and the crew dash there to help bring order back to the area.
Percival: Listen up, you despicable vermin! I am Percival, leader of the defense corps.
Percival: Here's your only warning! If you don't put down your weapons and surrender now, you will be removed by force.
Boss Raider: Tch... The lap dogs of Wales are here already, eh!
Percival: You... Are you their boss?
Boss Raider: Yeah! What's it to ya?
Percival: Then you can choose whether you all come along quietly or whether I burn you all to a crisp where you stand.
Boss Raider: Oh really? Tryin' to tell me what to do, huh? Over my dead body!
Boss Raider: Hoo-wee! I'm feelin' up for a fight! Let's get 'em!
Percival: These fools don't know who they're up against...
Percival: Oh well... They'll find out soon enough.
Vyrn: That's right! Time to roll up our sleeves and fight!
Lyria: Yep! And I'll be standing by to help!
Percival: Let's go, (Captain)! Follow me!

Two Kings: Scene 3

The crew defeats the raiders. Aglovale asks Percival to stay and learn to build a country by his side, but Percival chooses to remain with the crew and discover his own path to kingship.

After defeating the raiders and saving the village, Percival, (Captain), and the crew report back to Aglovale.
Percival: Brother, I've returned from the village. The head raider and his gang have been successfully captured.
Aglovale: Excellent work, Percival.
Aglovale: By the way... I know you've just gotten back, but I have a matter to discuss with you.
Percival: Of course. What is it?
Aglovale's expression turns serious as he faces his younger brother.
Aglovale: What do you think... about building the future of Wales with me?
Percival: Brother... Could you mean...
Aglovale: Indeed I do. How'd you like to see firsthand the way to build a nation?
Aglovale: And of course, (Captain) and your other loyal vassals are gladly welcome to stay.
Aglovale: What do you say? Not a bad idea, eh?
Percival pauses to think before answering his brother's proposal.
(Captain) and the crew remain silent as they wait anxiously for his response.
Percival: Brother, I am humbled by your generous offer.
Percival: But I've already decided to establish my ideal nation with (Captain) and the crew.
Percival: And until I've determined what an ideal nation should be...
Percival: I'll continue to search for the answer during my travels with the crew.
Hearing Percival's words, Aglovale lets out a deep sigh.
Aglovale: Very well. You've made yourself quite clear.
Aglovale: It is true... You might lose sight of your ideal nation if you only stay by my side.
Aglovale: So I won't say anything more. Walk the noble path you've chosen, Brother, as you see fit.
Percival: Brother...
I, Percival, will surely find my own path to kingship.
Without another word, the brothers part in silence.
Percival boards the Grandcypher, and it sets off once again into the sky.
Percival: ...
Vyrn: What happened back there? Why'd he turn down a great chance like that!
Lyria: Hehehe... I dunno, but I'm glad he chose us instead!
(Captain) stands beside Percival, feeling the gentle wind pass between them.
Percival: So, (Captain)... where are we off to next?
The modest words of the future king resound in the hearts of his vassals.
The answer to his search surely lies ahead somewhere in the endless sky.