Scenario:Philosophia - The Philosophia Dialectic

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The Philosophia Dialectic

Philosophia and Laguna first met a few days earlier, and they quickly bonded over the fact that they both possess mysterious relics. They are now enjoying a conversation in the mess hall, until Philosophia makes a comment implying their relics don't have a will of their own. Laguna takes this as a slight against her Omar's Odyssey, and she leaves in a huff.

Philosophia not in crew

???: Aha-ha.
One day a young woman startles the crew by suddenly landing on the Grandcypher while riding a spinning top.
She asks the crew a thought-provoking question, one which they can't definitively answer.
???: Tee-hee! Did I startle you? Hey, do you mind if I ask you a question?
???: Would you say that you're flying through the air right now?
The girl smiles with delight upon seeing the crew members lost in thought.
???: Aha-ha... You guys are so cute. The faces you pull when you're confused... They're so... so...
She manages to settle down and politely bows to the crew.
Philosophia: My name is Philosophia. Some call me a sage, and others call me a philosopher.
Philosophia: But I am merely a fool who delights in challenging people's preconceptions—who spins wild theories for the simple pleasure of knocking them down...
As soon as Philosophia is done introducing herself, she poses (Captain) with yet another question.
(Captain)'s answer catches the girl off guard, which instantly rouses her interest in the captain.
Philosophia: Okay... I've decided. I'm coming with you.
Philosophia: Of course I'm not expecting a free ride. I'll help out in any way that I can!
And that is how the top-riding philosopher known as Philosophia came to be a part of the crew.
One day as (Captain) and a few others are about to go shopping, they hear friendly chatter coming from the ship's mess.
Two women are seated at a table, enjoying an assortment of cookies and cakes. They raise their glasses of milk and clink them together.
Philosophia: Okay, okay, here's a question for you. How would you define bravery?
Laguna is a crew member

Laguna: In my humble opinion, it means never showing your back to the enemy.
Laguna not in crew

???: In my humble opinion, it means never showing your back to the enemy.
The young Draph woman barely hesitates, pausing just long enough for a sip of milk before answering. Her name is Laguna.
She's a soldier from a small kingdom, and she wields a spear named Omar's Odyssey, a weapon that stores experience from every battle it's ever seen.
It was Laguna's hobby to ask travelers for their stories, and the visiting (Captain) and company were no exception.
The crew's tales of adventure convinced Laguna to ask her superiors for a brief leave, and now she is temporarily traveling with the crew.
Philosophia: All right, then here's a follow-up. What if you knew for a fact you couldn't defeat that enemy and losing would cost you something?
Philosophia: Like, say... Omar's Odyssey.
Laguna: Hm, that's a tough one. In that case I don't think you could call that bravery. But on the other hand...
Philosophia: Aha-ha. There's the cute, confounded face of Laguna.
Laguna: P-please don't tease me like that. It's embarrassing, Sophi.
Lyria: Um, is that Philosophia with Laguna?
Vyrn: Huh. Now there's a duo you don't see every day.
Vyrn: Hey, Ms. Necktie, you must be on pretty good terms with Philosophia to be speaking so casually with her.
Vyrn: When did you girls become such good buddies? Have you two always known each other?
Philosophia: Hahaha. Perish the thought. We actually met by chance not too long ago.
Lyria: Oh, really? How did you hit it off so quickly?
Philosophia: Well, you see...
Philosophia: Ah, but first I'll take this macaron. Om-nom...
Mm, scrumptious.
Quietly munching the dessert, Philosophia recounts the story of how she and Laguna met and bonded.
Philosophia: I believed it happened a few days ago. I was floating above the deck, letting my thoughts roam free.
Philosophia: Then I heard someone's voice coming from below. It sounded like trouble.
Philosophia: Hm, I wonder if it's a fight. But wait a minute. I only see a woman by herself. Isn't her name Laguna?
Laguna: Sigh... How many times do I have to tell you that goes against my rule?
Laguna: Ungh... So heavy... You increased your weight on purpose, didn't you? Are you sulking?
Laguna: Agh, fine, fine! Stop being so grumpy! You're my comrade in arms. Of course you're important to me!
Laguna: The next time I run into a sword-wielding maniac I can't handle, I promise I'll let you do the fighting. Sigh, no I'm not lying.
Philosophia: I was certain Laguna was alone, but clearly she was bickering with someone.
Philosophia: I was so intrigued by this paradox that, before I knew it, I was standing right beside her.
Laguna: Wha? Um, can I help you?
Philosophia: Do you mind if I ask who you were speaking to? Could it have been this weapon?
Laguna: Ah, you seem to have picked up on that. My weapon and I were having a minor... tiff.
Laguna: It probably sounds far-fetched, but I can hear his voice. Sometimes tempers flare—
Philosophia: Wow!
Philosophia: You too? I've finally found another person who can hear the voices of objects when no one else can!
Laguna: Come again? Do you have these conversations like I do?
Philosophia: Yep! In my case it's with my spinning top, Crypton. It supplies me with a steady stream of riddles.
Laguna: That's very interesting. My spear is named Omar's Odyssey. He tends to act out a lot.
Philosophia: It was my first time meeting someone else who could converse with a supposedly inanimate object.
Philosophia: Needless to say I was very excited. Laguna and I started chatting up a storm.
Philosophia: About the mysterious possessions in our care. About the things we've experienced.
Philosophia: We learned that her Omar's Odyssey and my Crypton were both found in old ruins.
Philosophia: Whenever I'd ask Laguna something, she'd get an introspective look on her face. I could tell the cogs in her head were spinning.
Philosophia: Aha-ha. The normally unflappable Laguna puts on the cutest face when she's thinking, just like (Captain).
Philosophia: And so on and so forth. We chatted like old friends.
Vyrn: I see, I see. In other words you two hit it off right from the start.
Philosophia: Haha, I suppose. Not to mention we share a penchant for this lovely beverage.
Lyria: Is that milk?
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I don't think anyone who shares the same taste in food can be a bad person.
Philosophia: Hehe, milk pairs perfectly with sweets any day of the week.
Philosophia: Munch...
Glug, gulp...
Aah... Yummy.
Vyrn: Uh-huh. I can see how you two are like peas in a pod.
Vyrn: Say, Ms. Necktie, don't you find Philosophia's way of speaking kinda... I don't know, tiring?
Laguna: Not at all. Sophi's words are insightful.
Laguna: Listening to her has allowed me to arrive at many different conclusions I otherwise would've never considered.
Philosophia: Hehehe, and I get my fill of seeing Laguna's pondering expressions. They're captivatingly cute.
Laguna: The one hitch being how she teases me so.
Lyria: Hahaha, you two go well together.
Vyrn: All righty then. We'd better go get our shopping done.
Philosophia: Oh, since you're heading out anyway, can I add a few things to your shopping list?
Lyria: Haha, milk and snacks, right? We've got you covered!
Philosophia: Thanks a bunch. See you soon!
Philosophia waves goodbye to (Captain) and the others. Then the casual get-together picks up where it left off.
Philosophia: So where were we, Laguna?
Laguna: You sure don't waste much time. What would you like to talk about next?
Philosophia: How about the concept of will?
Laguna: Will, huh... That sounds like a doozy.
Philosophia: Now then, a question, if I may. What does will mean to you?
Laguna: In my humble opinion, it's the ability to voluntarily express one's thoughts. Like engaging in a conversation for example.
Philosophia: So you're saying that both of us are exercising our will right now as we speak?
Laguna: Hm. Yes, naturally.
Philosophia: Okay, then here's the follow-up. What about Crypton and Omar's Odyssey?
Philosophia: Do they have will?
Laguna: Yes, without a doubt. Haven't we spoken with them on multiple occasions before?
Laguna: My talking to Omar was the entire reason you and I met.
Philosophia: Hehe, so it was. But what if our possessions don't actually have will?
Laguna: What?
Philosophia: Isn't it possible that all of their responses are predefined statements, merely following a script based on what we say?
Laguna: That's impossible. Do you know how many times Omar has saved me without me saying anything?
Laguna: He... Omar has a soul.
Philosophia: Are you positive that you haven't simply convinced yourself that he does? Actions predicated on preset instructions; can that really be considered will?
Laguna: That's... Well... He's...
Philosophia: (Heehee... She's such a cutie when she gets befuddled.)
Philosophia is ecstatic to have found a friend possessed of communicative ability much like Philosophia's own.
Perhaps that is why she doesn't sense that a feeling of resentment is building in Laguna.
Philosophia: Aha-ha. So it would appear our possessions don't have their own will after all, wouldn't it?
Laguna: No, Omar does. In fact he... My comrade feels slighted that you would reject his existence.
Philosophia: Huh?
Laguna: I'm sorry. This conversation is beginning to bother me.
Philosophia: Wha?
Laguna: Sophi... I didn't want you to reject Omar for who he is.
Philosophia: Er... Wait... Th-that's not what I—
Laguna: This is just my opinion, but I believe you should take a few moments to consider the feelings of others. That is if you have the will. And a soul.
Philosophia: L-Laguna...
Lyria: We're back! We bought milk and treats like you asked...
Vyrn: Hm? What's with Ms. Necktie?
Philosophia: (Captain)... Sniff... What am I going to do? Laguna hates me...
(Captain) and company try to calm the sobbing girl.
They can't understand how a rift has opened between two good pals within such a short time.