Scenario:Rackam - So You Wanna Be a Pilot

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So You Wanna Be a Pilot?

A young girl asks Rackam if she can be his piloting apprentice. He refuses due to her inexperience, and she runs off. The crew later hears that the girl has been arrested for confronting imperial soldiers, and Rackam sneaks off alone that night to help her.

(Captain) and the crew stop by an island to get the Grandcypher a tune-up.
As they make their way through the town, several helmsman from other airships stop Rackam and praise his skill.
Vyrn: Wow, Rackam! You're pretty popular around here!
Rackam: Beatin' up the empire over and over is just the kinda thing that improves your reputation with pilots.
Lyria: Hehe! Some even asked for your autograph!
Rackam: Haha... It's a real pain. I'm not the celebrity type.
Girl: Hey, you Rackam?
Rackam: Huh? What do you want squirt?
Girl: I'm not a squirt! I'm a helmswoman!
Vyrn: Huh? You pilot airships? Oh, do you want Rackam's autograph?
Girl: No! Why would I want his dumb autograph!
Girl: I want to be Rackam's apprentice!
Rackam: Come again?
Girl: I'm gonna be the best helmswoman to ever sail the skies! And I'm gonna steal all your techniques to do it!
Girl: You took on the empire, right? That makes you the perfect teacher!
Lyria: The best helmswoman to ever sail the skies... That's quite a big dream for such a little person!
Girl: I'm not little! Go away, blue girl! The
grown-ups are talking!
Rackam: Since when are you a grown-up?
Rackam: Okay... Pop quiz. What's the easiest type of dynamic force engine maintenance?
Girl: A whosit?
Rackam: What's the standard procedure for a
mid-flight wing tear? How about the three primary air currents in Phantagrande Skydom?
Girl: Um... I...
Rackam: That's what I thought. You were lyin' when you said you were a helmswoman.
Girl: B-but!
Lyria: Really? How did you know?
Rackam: Any helmsman could easily answer those questions. You're a beginner. I bet you've never even touched a ship's wheel before.
Girl: Whimper... Yeah! So what!
Girl: I've worked on an airship before! Cleaning, laundry, luggage, and—
Rackam: You got about ten years left before you can pilot a ship.
Rackam: Go and train in Golonzo. Learn more about airships and how they work. Build your strength, and—
Girl: Shut up! What makes you so high and mighty!
Girl: My... Sniff... My daddy was a helmsman!
Girl: He designed a brand new airship, but he got sick... So I'm going to build it and fly it for him!
Rackam: I see... But you know, bein' a pilot means takin' an entire crew's lives into your hands.
Rackam: You can't rush it. Get out there and get more experience. There's no other way.
Girl: Don't lecture me, you stupid poopy beard!
Vyrn: She's gone. Do you think she'll take your advice, Rackam?
Rackam: She will. Trust me—I could see it in her eyes.
Rackam: She's got an airship she wants to fly... And attitude to spare. But you need guts like hers to pilot a ship.
Lyria: Huh? You seem sort of happy, Rackam!
Rackam: You kiddin'? Course not.
Lyria: Munch... Munch... Wow! This is all delicious. Have you guys had any yet?
Rackam: Haha! Stop talkin' with your mouth full!
After the Grandcypher is finished with its tune-up, the crew takes a minute to grab a bite to eat. A helmsman approaches them.
Helmsman: Hey, Rackam! Did you hear the news?
Helmsman: You were talking to a girl in the afternoon, right? Well, turns out she got into an argument with an imperial soldier, and they arrested her!
Rackam: Arrested! She's just a kid!
Helmsman: Apparently her bags were confiscated, and she flew off the handle at the soldier!
Helmsman: But I'm sure she'll be released soon enough. She would've been fine if she'd just stayed calm... What an idiot.
Rackam: Hope you're right.
Vyrn: You think she's really okay? That wasn't too smart of her...
Lyria: I'm worried about her. I hope nothing horrible happens...
Rackam: ...
Vyrn: What should we do, (Captain)? She'll probably get out eventually, but still...
  1. Let's go and save her!
  2. Let's see what happens...

Choose: Let's go and save her!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Let's see what happens...
Lyria: Um... You don't feel bad for her?
Continue 1
Rackam: Hold it.
Rackam: In case you've forgotten, we're being pursued by the empire. You really just want to drop in and say hi?
Lyria: I guess you have a point...
Rackam: She's just a kid. They'll give her a slap on the wrist and let her go.
Rackam: Let's turn in for the night. If you're still worried, we can go in the morning.
Vyrn: If you say so, Rackam...
Rackam: Hmm... Luggage, was it...
Lyria: What? Did you say something, Rackam?
Rackam: Wha—nope. Not a peep.
The crew retires to an inn, where (Captain) is awoken by Vyrn in the dead of night.
Vyrn: Hey... You awake? It's Lyria...
Lyria: Sorry to wake you like this... It's just that I have a really bad feeling...
Vyrn: It's Rackam—he's gone. I checked his room, and nobody's there.
Lyria: Eek! What was that?
Vyrn: That was gunfire! And it sounded really familiar...
Vyrn: Wait! What if it's Rackam!
Lyria: Did he go to rescue that girl by himself?
Vyrn: He didn't even ask us to come with him! What a jerk!
Vyrn: We're comin', Rackam!
Rackam has parted from his crewmates to confront the empire and save the little helmswoman.
With mounting worry, the crew hurries after Rackam.