Scenario:Rackam - To Fix What's Broken

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To Fix What's Broken

Rackam is in high spirits after obtaining a precious part. However, a boy that suddenly appeared steals it from him. Rackam tries to chase after the boy into the forest, but monsters were waiting for him.

Rackam: Whistle...
Lyria: Aren’t you glad, Rackam?! You were looking for this part for a long time, right?
Katalina: I didn’t think you would find such a rare part in the countryside like this.
Rackam: Lucky finds and bargains are always found in remote places like this. Now Grandcypher will be even more...
Rackam: Whoa!
Child: ...
Rackam: Ow... What was that kid?He didn’t even apologize...
Vyrn: Come on. You okay? That’s what you get for being so careless.
Rackam: Shut up! Geez... Wait... Hm...?
Rackam: ...! Where’s the part?!
Lyria: I think that boy picked up something back there...
Rackam: That damn brat! Come back here!
Rackam: Gah! Damn it! He ran into the forest!
Vyrn: The forest... Then...
Katalina: Yeah... I have a bad feeling about this...
Katalina: Here it comes! Monsters!
Rackam: Damn! I don’t have time to deal with you!
Rackam: Let’s beat them down real fast! (Captain)!

To Fix What's Broken: Scene 2

(Captain) and company go after the boy. But monsters stand in their way.

Katalina: Where did that child go?
Lyria: Over there!
Rackam: Damn it! Get back here!
Rackam: Huff... Huff... That kid is quick!
Lyria: The aura of the monsters are getting stronger... I hope he’s okay...
Child: Ahhhh!
Vyrn: I knew it! Let’s go help him!

To Fix What's Broken: Scene 3

After saving the boy from the monsters, Rackam retrieves the part from the boy, but then he is attacked by monsters again.

Rackam: You stupid brat! I finally caught you! Give me that part back!
Child: Ahh! Give it back! You beard-faced freak!
Child: That’s mine! If I have that, it might come back to life!
Rackam: Huh? Come back to life? What are you talking about?
Rackam: ...! I see... This is...
Katalina: What’s wrong, Rackam? This place is...
Lyria: More monsters! They’re mad because we defeated their friends...
Rackam: Tch... We’ll hear you out later! Kid! Just stand back!
Rackam: This place isn’t somewhere monsters can mess around with... Let’s beat them back, (Captain)!

To Fix What's Broken: Scene 4

This place has the remains of what was once a giant ship. The boy tried to revive the ship, but Rackam gave him the cold, hard truth and advised him of what he must do from now on.

Katalina: The presence of the monsters seems to be gone... Those last ones must have been the leaders.
Vyrn: Hey, Rackam. What’s so special about this place?
Rackam: Look around you. Does this look familiar?
Lyria: Huh? What’s going on...?
Katalina: It’s covered in ivy... This appears to be the bilge of a ship.
Vyrn: And the log over there is the mast? This must have been a big ship.
Rackam: The stuff scattered around here are all remains of airships.
Rackam: It was so big, I didn’t realize it. This must have been a grand ship.
Child: Of course it is! This ship belonged to my dad! I rode this ship for as long as I could remember!
Child: But it crashed years ago, and they told us it won’t fly anymore... It was taken apart with nothing but its bones left.
Child: Damn... It flew the skies for so long. It’s too cruel to throw it away just because it fell!
Child: That’s why... I...! I wanted to gather the parts and...
Lyria: You wanted to revive the ship...
Vyrn: Say, Rackam. Can’t you fix it...?
Rackam: That’s impossible. That ship is already dead. It’s not like Grandcypher.
Rackam: It’s not rare to gather parts to fix up a broken ship.
Rackam: It’s better than making the parts from scratch. If that were the case, Phantagrande would be full of shipwrecks.
Rackam: That’s how parts get passed on and find new life in the next ship.
Katalina: That sounds like a logical way to go about it. Still, that may sound too cruel to a child's ears...
Child: ...
Rackam: Hey kid. Hold out your hand.
Child: ...?
Rackam: Here. You can have the part.
Child: What?!
Rackam: This ship won’t ever be revived, but as long as you remember it, it will always live in your heart.
Rackam: When you get your own ship someday, put that part into it.
Child: ...! T-Thank you... But I don’t have any money...
Rackam: You owe me one. Pay me back when you become a skyfarer.
Child: ...! I’ll definitely become a skyfarer someday!
Child: And I’ll fly with it... I’m sure of it! Thank you, mister!
Vyrn: But wasn’t it a really rare part? Are you sure about this?
Rackam: It’s fine. We might come across an even better part eventually.
Lyria: Let’s go and find it! I’ll help, of course! Um... I can cheer you on!
Katalina: It might not be easy to find. But that makes it all the worth doing.
Rackam: Yeah. The world is a big place. My journey with Grandcypher is far from over.
(Captain) and company placed their dreams and futures into the Airship Grandcypher and flew to the skies.
Skyfarer Rackam takes the helm flies to his destiny, to a world he still does not know.
They must head to the end of the sky, Estalucia. The airship Grandcypher’s journey continues...