Scenario:Randall - No Surrender

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No Surrender

(Captain) and company come across a sign advertising a fighting event, and Randall joins it in order to face the champion, who hasn't lost in years. Other participants ridicule Randall for fighting weaponless, but he does have a weapon—his body.

(Captain) and company are docked at an island, where they come across a sign.
Signboard: "Challengers Wanted!"
Lyria: For what, I wonder?
Townsman: Are you interested in participating, little lady? Might be a tad dangerous for someone like you though.
Lyria: What would I be participating in?
Townsman: There's a sort of festival going on right now.
The townsman explains that whoever beats the champion in a fight will become the new champion in addition to winning prize money.
It started a long time ago when young fighters embarked on an arduous series of brawls to see who would be the last one standing.
But as time passed, it eventually became more like a festival for the town.
Vyrn: Cool! That sounds pretty interesting!
Townsman: Well, I think you're better off being in the audience if you don't take it seriously.
Townsman: Hahaha! The current champion's protecting a winning streak held for years!
Vyrn: Wowzers! Must be pretty good then!
Randall: Heh... this sounds right up my alley!
Lyria: Oh! Are you thinking about participating in it, Randall?
Randall: I can't ignore a champion that's gone undefeated for so many years. This is the perfect chance to go all out!
Randall: I'll go to the extremes and make my debut!
Randall: Nothing's stopping me from joining this.
Vyrn: Sigh... No surprises there.
Randall: I can't wait to face this champion!
Randall heads to the venue to register.
More than a hundred people are already lined up outside.
Lyria: Wow! There are so many people here!
Emcee: Would you look at this amazing turnout! This is more than we were expecting!
Emcee: This calls for an emergency format change. The original tournament is off. Let the knockout matches begin!
Randall: Hell yeah! I'm all fired up!
Any manner of weapons and styles can be used, but killing is an immediate disqualification.
On the emcee's signal, a wave of adrenaline washes over the area.
A group of fighters in high spirits saunter up to Randall.
Hooligan 1: Yo, bro! How you gonna fight without a weapon?
Hooligan 2: Yeah, man. Gawkers should just go home while they still can.
Randall: Looks like you two don't have a clue.
Hooligan 1: Huh? Whazzat's supposed to mean?
Randall: My flesh is the ultimate weapon! I don't need anything else!
Randall: If you've got time to worry about others, why don't you spend it worrying about yourselves?
Hooligan 2: What!
Hooligan 1: Yo! We rough this one up first!
Randall: Go ahead.
Randall: I could use a warm up! Come at me!

No Surrender: Scene 2

Randall is injured in the bouts leading up to the final showdown, and the champion advises him to pick up a weapon before they fight. Randall refuses to back down from his creed, eventually finding an opening against the champion.

Randall rolls through the competition, earning him a match with the champion.
But during the course of his battles, an underhanded attack leaves him with only one good leg.
Randall: Tch. This is pitiful.
Vyrn: So, uh, shouldn't you pull out?
Randall: This isn't worth being worried over. It's nothing.
Lyria: But...
Randall: Scuse me. It's about to start. I'm doing this!
Randall shakes off the crew's concern and climbs the stage to challenge the champion.
The champion enters soon after, announced to raucous cheers as he comes into view.
Champion: Bahaha! Another young'un comes to challenge me!
Randall: So you're the champion. Yeah... You've got a different air about you.
Randall takes his stance, but the champion doesn't reciprocate, choosing to question Randall instead.
Champion: How's about picking up a weapon first?
Randall: What?
Champion: Your bouts have been brilliant. To witness a fighter using only his natural-given body is admirable.
Champion: But it's not fair for you to fight with that injury.
Champion: Look, I'm going to use weapons and armor. The least we can do to level the field is for you to pick up a weapon.
The champion is sincere in his proposal, but Randall stubbornly shakes his head.
Randall: Sorry, but my body is all I need. It's the ultimate weapon!
Randall: And I'm gonna tell you right now, no injury or whatever's gonna stop me. I don't need your concern!
Champion: Hm, so be it. Just don't whine about it later, all right?
The champion proceeds to swing his mighty cudgel relentlessly at his opponent.
Without the proper use of his legs, Randall is immediately forced into a one-sided defensive slog, which everyone expected right from the start.
Randall: Tch!
Champion: Hey, are you done standing around? I'm getting bored. Grab a weapon already!
Randall: I told you before! No weapon is better than my body!
Randall: Prattle all you want, but I won't bend my conviction!
Champion: Very well. I'll respect your stalwart will.
Champion: In that case, I shouldn't drag this out and make your injury worse. This one decides it all.
It seems like the end has come. The champion draws closer to Randall with each step, his cudgel poised to fall.
But once the champion is in range, Randall lets loose with his fists.
Champion: What!
The unexpected counterattack catches the champion off guard, staggering him.
Randall: You let yourself get distracted by my leg!
Randall: Gotcha!
Randall: Raaah!
Champion: Urgh!
Randall: You're...
Randall: Finished!

No Surrender: Scene 3

When Randall defeats the champion and assumes the title, he is treated to a story about the true undefeated champion, who vanished without a trace many years before. That champion is revealed to be Soriz—Randall relinquishes his title until he can best the undefeated old-timer.

Randall grits his teeth through the pain of his injury and goes in full bore.
In the end, Randall's tenacity overcomes the champion's might to achieve victory.
Champion: Who would've thought you'd set me up to hit me with your fists. You got me perfectly.
Randall: I beat you because someone once told me I should employ my fists too.
Randall: If I'd remained stubborn and kept to my legs, I don't know how it would've turned out.
Randall: Never thought I'd see a time where my fists saved the day. Wonder if I can start to understand that aggravating idiot's point of view too...
Champion: Hm?
Randall: Nothing. Forget it.
Winner and loser share a warm handshake, a budding friendship fostered by a hard-fought battle.
Champion: Anyway, congratulations. You're the new champion.
Champion: But I gotta say the sting in your punches reminds me of him.
Randall: Him? Who are talking about?
Champion: The previous champion. He was undefeated too, but then one day he just up and left.
Champion: I challenged him more times than I can remember, but I never bested him once. An old man who only used his fists.
Randall: No... You couldn't be talking about—
Soriz appears behind Randall midsentence.
Soriz: Now wasn't that an ugly bout! You can't call yourself the strongest fighting like that!
Randall: Tch, I don't need you to tell me that! I'm not exactly happy about it either!
Champion: No way! Kid, you realize who you're talking to?
Randall: I'm guessing from your reaction that he was the previous champion?
Champion: You seriously didn't know?
Randall: Why didn't you tell me, you old fart?
Soriz: Settle down there! I just found out you were joining this thing.
Soriz: Besides, why should I have to say anything about it?
Soriz: Listen. Glory is in how you live your life. Can you agree with that?
Randall: Ugh! I don't want to hear any more damn lectures from any of you!
Randall: Damn it! I need to aim even higher!
Randall: Hey, champ! Tough beans, but I'm not gonna take your seat just yet!
Randall: I can't call myself a champion until I beat this old sack of bones!
Champion: Hahaha! Well said! But I think you've got what it takes to do it someday.
Randall hands back the title to the champion and rejoins the crew to continue the journey.
He vows to gain the strength to one day overcome Soriz.