Scenario:Ranko Kanzaki - Return of the Demon Ruler

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Return of the Demon Ruler

On the way to meet their client, the crew catches sight of the ancient castle where they first met Ranko. The client, who happens to be the elder of a nearby village, describes the things that have been haunting the castle. He wants the crew to vanquish the monsters around the castle. From a distance Ranko and Lyria are terrified to see the shadow of a woman inside the castle, taking it for a ghost. Yet they march on and arrive in front of the castle where monsters show up.

After having traveled with Ranko for some time, the crew stops by a village.
Ranko: Huh?
Ranko: Ngh... Could these be... memories from a previous life? (This all seems so familiar...)
Vyrn: What's that? Memories from a past life?
Ah, I get it! You've seen it before!
Vyrn: Well, this place is near the ancient castle we first found you in after all!
Ranko: Ahh... The primordial barrier's presence stands strong as always. (Wow, that castle brings back memories!)
Vyrn: Hm? You want to go take a look? Our assignment has to come first though.
Lyria: Yeah, you're right. I think the elderly person over there is who we're looking for?
Village Elder: Ah, thank you for coming out here, skyfarers... Hrm? Aren't you...
Ranko: Huh?
Village Elder: Could it be? Are you not Demon Ruler Brunnhilde?
Ranko: Thou knowest my true name! (Yup! That's me!)
Village Elder: Hm, but if you're traveling with these skyfarers, then who's in that castle right now?
Vyrn: Huh? What do you mean, gramps?
Village Elder: Well, this is related to the assignment I have for you, but...
Village Elder: Monsters that usually don't show up in these parts have been lurking in the forests around the village lately.
Village Elder: And they seem to be especially rampant around the castle deep inside the forest.
Lyria: Erm... That castle is where Demon Ruler Brunnhilde-san used to be, right?
Village Elder: Yes. Our scouts tell us of strange shadows accompanying a female voice coming from inside the castle.
Village Elder: That's why we thought you had returned...
Ranko: My journey across the welkin has not allowed me to grace the ancient forest with my presence...
Ranko: (I haven't been back to the castle ever since leaving for the skies...)
Vyrn: She's been traveling with us, so that's definitely not her.
Village Elder: I figured as much.
Lyria: Okay, so our mission is to search the castle grounds, right?
Village Elder: Not quite. Our first priority is for you to take care of the monsters.
Village Elder: However their connection to the castle is almost unmistakable.
Vyrn: Ah, right. You did say those types of monsters don't show up here. What an oddball case we're dealing with here!
Ranko: Mwahaha... My infinite wisdom and glorious radiance shall shine through the darkness of night! (No worries. I'll make sure it all turns out okay!)
Village Elder: Umm, wisdom? Darkness of night?
Vyrn: I think she's trying to say there's no need to worry because we'll take care of it!
Village Elder: Ahh! You have my utmost gratitude, Demon Ruler! Thank you so much!
Ranko: To allay the fears of my people is my duty...
Ranko: (Just doing what anyone else would!)
Vyrn: All right then! Let's go check out that forest!
Lyria: Umm...
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong, Lyria? Ain't no time for standing around! We have to keep moving.
Lyria: Wait! Over there in the castle is...
Lyria: Erm... Th-that's not a ghost, is it?
Ranko: ...!
Vyrn: A ghost? Oh come on, Lyria.
Lyria: I mean, just look! It sounds like a girl, and we can only see its shadow. What's more there are monsters all over!
Lyria: Brr... Could that really be...
Ranko: Eep!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's wrong now?
Ranko: Ugh...
Vyrn: I guess you don't handle ghosts all that well either?
Ranko: Th-the walking dead are a desecration to the purity of life... (This stuff creeps me out...)
Vyrn: Sigh... I guess you're scared after all.
Lyria: Ahh... I know how you feel, Ranko-chan.
Vyrn: Oh boy, that's not helping things. If we turn back now, the old man's gonna be so disappointed.
Ranko: Th-the contract shall not be revoked! (Well, a promise is a promise! We'll do our part!)
Lyria: Ah, Ranko-chan! Wait!
Ranko marches onward, slightly trembling along the way, while Lyria tries to catch up.
Lyria: Um, why don't we hold hands as we go?
Ranko: Azure Maiden... (Lyria-chan...)
Vyrn: Sigh... We should get going too, (Captain).
Ranko: I can sense the primordial barrier... (The castle should be just ahead now...)
Vyrn: Ah, here we are! This is...
Monsters: Grooar!
Lyria: Eek!
Vyrn: These must be the monsters the old man talked about. Let's do this, (Captain)!

Return of the Demon Ruler: Scene 2

The crew notice the unusually thick atmosphere as they step into the castle. They draw their weapons to fight off the monsters that show up when the ceiling suddenly comes crashing down with a dragon. Ranko is all hyped to fight a real dragon as the crew follows behind her.

Vyrn: Phew, looks like that's all of them.
Lyria: Yeah... They looked just like normal monsters to me though.
Vyrn: Well, sure they might look normal to us, but these monsters usually don't show up in this area.
Ranko: We must seek out the forbidden key of my former abode... (There must be some sort of hint inside the castle...)
Lyria: Ah, right... I'm still kind of scared, but I'll manage!
Vyrn: This place feels different from our last visit... It almost seems more oppressive...
Lyria: There's nothing here, right? I don't see anyone either...
Ranko: The curtains of total darkness and tranquility seek to embrace me... (It's so dark and quiet...)
???: I call...
Now go...
Ranko: Eek!
Lyria: Eep!
Ranko's and Lyria's hearts skip a beat as they hear the voice of a slender girl from the top of the stairs leading to the second floor. They hold each other tightly in fear.
Vyrn: What was that? It sounded like a chant for some kind of curse. Did that come from upstairs?
Lyria: ...!
A-a curse?
Ranko: E-eerie voices are an invitation to the underworld... (It really is a gh-gh-ghost!)
Vyrn: Well, why don't we take a closer look up there, (Captain)?
Vyrn and (Captain) nod in agreement. But as they make their way up the steps...
Monsters: Grooar!
Vyrn: Whoa? These monsters are inside the castle too? Here we go again, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company draw their weapons.
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Wh-what's happening?
The ceiling suddenly comes crashing down with debris flying all over.
Dragon: Gwaawr!
Lyria: Yikes! A d-dragon?
Vyrn: Aww, gimme a break! Nobody said anything about a dragon!
Lyria: Oh no! What now?
Ranko: Wings of destruction hail from the nether realm! (Wow, look at that! A real dragon!)
Lyria: Watch out! Ranko-chan!
Ranko: Mwahahaha! I am the one and only Brunnhilde!
Ranko: Servants of darkness, you shall bow down before me! (I'll defeat them all!)
Vyrn: Sigh... You're really into this, aren't you? C'mon, (Captain), we're on too!

Return of the Demon Ruler: Scene 3

(Captain) and company finally come face to face with the figure behind the footsteps. The woman was summoning monsters for practice, lost control of them, and found herself trapped in the castle. Seeing how impressive Ranko is in person, the woman showers hers with endless praise and thanks. Ranko departs for the skies again with the crew on a good note.

Ranko: Be purged by the flames of darkness! (This'll finish you off!)
Dragon: Gwaar!
Ranko: Cursed wretches of cataclysm! Return to the darkness from whence you came! (We did it!)
Lyria: Wow! That was amazing, Ranko-chan!
Vyrn: Heheh, we pulled it off somehow thanks to Ranko!
Vyrn: Hm? I don't hear that voice anymore.
Lyria: Now that you mention it...
Just as Ranko and the crew breathe a sigh of relief, they suddenly hear footsteps.
Ranko: Eek!
The great force of will that Ranko had shown only moments ago is all but gone when she suddenly latches on to Lyria's arms.
Vyrn: Hm? The sound's coming from the second floor again.
The footsteps continue to approach while the crew is on edge.
Ranko and Lyria: Eek!
???: Aagh!
Vyrn: Oh great, now the stranger's screaming too.
Vyrn: Come out and show yourself whoever you are!
Woman: Oh I'm sorry... Your screams frightened me...
Lyria: Huh? A woman?
Woman: M-Miss Demon Ruler! I watched you take out that dragon! You're absolutely incredible!
Ranko: Huh? Umm...
Ranko: Such feeble flames are naught in the face of my ebony wings. (Aww shucks, it was nothing!)
Vyrn: Erm... Can you tell us more about what's going on?
Woman: Ah, of course! I'm...
It seems that the woman—having a passion for summoning magic—has been visiting the castle to try her hand at new techniques.
Vyrn: So you're the one who summoned those monsters not native to this area?
Woman: Yes. I managed to call the monsters here, but couldn't control them...
The woman couldn't get out of the castle while it was surrounded by monsters.
Vyrn: I see... So that's how you ended up summoning that dragon.
Woman: I'm sorry...
Vyrn: Geez, what a ruckus you've caused.
Monsters: Groaar!
Surviving monsters from outside the castle suddenly come flooding in.
Woman: Aagh!
Woman: Huh? M-Miss Demon Ruler?
Ranko: I, Demon Ruler Brunnhilde, shall obliterate all vestiges of darkness! (I'll take out the remaining monsters!)
Monster: Groaar!
Vyrn: Sigh... Ranko's all pumped-up again now that she knows there's no ghost here.
Woman: Thank you, Miss Demon Ruler! That's twice you've saved me now! Words can't express my gratitude!
Ranko: Bless your wondrous body and spirit. (I hope you're not hurt?)
Woman: I'm okay! Not a scratch on me!
Vyrn: Huh?
Woman: Um, Miss Demon Ruler? Your dazzling magical spells have left such an impression on me. Won't you please take me in as your disciple?
Ranko: What! Erm...
Ranko: My true calling lies beyond the azure skies... (I'm in the middle of an adventure right now. Besides I have to return to my world eventually.)
Woman: Well that's a real shame. I wouldn't want to get in the way of your adventure.
Vyrn: Would you look at that? She actually understands what Ranko is saying!
Vyrn: It took us way longer to finally understand her!
Lyria: Wow, that's impressive!
Vyrn: I think they just happen to think alike.
Woman: Ahaha... Well then I wish the Demon Ruler and her cohorts safe passage!
Ranko: Your prayer grants my wings strength! (Thank you!)
Vyrn: I don't remember becoming anyone's cohort; I'm just glad this is all over!
Lyria: Ahaha. Let's go back to the village elder and tell him what we found!
And thus the crew solves the case of the haunted castle and returns to the skies with Ranko.