Scenario:Rashid - Lost in the Dark

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Lost in the Dark

One day, just as (Captain) and company finish shopping, a boy comes running toward them and asks for help. The boy tells them that he and a friend went into a cave to test their courage but were chased out by monsters and got separated. The boy asks (Captain) and company to help him save his friend. Together, they make their way toward the cave.

(Captain) and company stop by the KnickKnack Shack to get a few things for their next journey.
Just as they finish shopping, a boy with an urgent look on his face comes running toward them.
Energetic Boy: Gyah... Hah... Hey, are you skyfarers? You gotta help! Please help me!
Rashid: Hey, calm down! What's the matter? Alright, breathe...
After (Captain) and company calm the boy down, he tells them his story.
Rashid: You're saying that you and your friend went into a cave to test your courage, even though you were told not to go there.
Rashid: And then you got chased out of the cave by monsters, but you got separated and now you don't know where he is.
Energetic Boy: Yeah... Maybe he couldn't get away and he's still hiding in the cave somewhere! Please, you gotta help me find him!
Lyria: OK! Let's help him out, (Captain)!
Rashid: We can't let anything happen to him! Let's hurry!
Energetic Boy: Thank you! Follow me!
(Captain) and company quickly follow the boy into the forest heading toward the cave.

Lost in the Dark: Scene 2

(Captain) and company go into the cave with the boy. Inside, they find the boy's friend unharmed, hiding behind a boulder. As (Captain) and company head to the exit, they see that it is blocked by monsters. Left with no other options, they initiate a battle in order to escape.

(Captain) and company make their way out of the forest and arrive in front of the cave.
Rashid: Okay, I know you're going to want to call out for your friend, but the monsters might come out if they hear you.
Rashid: Also, if your friend hears us and comes out, the monsters might catch him. So, we'll just have to move quietly.
Keeping their voices down, (Captain) and company nod and go with the boy into the deeper part of the cave.
Quiet Boy: Sniffle...
Energetic Boy: Hey, there he is! That's my friend!
In the depths of the cave, (Captain) and company find the boy hiding behind a boulder.
Rashid: Oh, I get it now. When you were running from the monsters, you ran into a deeper part of the cave.
Quiet Boy: Yeah. I wanted to get out, but if I moved, the monsters might have found me...
Rashid: Well, I'm glad they didn't. You stayed hidden and were very patient. Good work!
Vyrn: Heh heh! You'll be fine now that we're here!
Rashid: Alright, let's hurry and get out of this cave!
Bringing the boys with them, (Captain) and company head to the exit. But then...
Monster: Grrrr...
Rashid: Hmm... There are monsters blocking the way out.
Vyrn: Oh well. I guess we'll just have to thrash 'em!
Rashid: Okay! You two, stay close to me!
Energetic Boy: Got it!

Lost in the Dark: Scene 3

(Captain) and company safely make their way back to town. There, the boys ask the crew not to tell anyone about what had happened. Believing that the boys have learned their lesson, Rashid promises not to tell anyone and sends them on their way. Watching the boys leave together reminds Rashid of his lost friend, and so he and the crew begin to look for clues once again.

(Captain) and company drive the monsters out of the way and return safely to the town.
Rashid: Whew, jeeze! I'm glad we all made it back in one piece!
Quiet Boy: Thank you, skyfarers. Thank you for saving me... But, umm...
Energetic Boy: Uh... Mmm...
The boys glance at each other, looking as if they want to say something.
Vyrn: What? What is it?
Rashid: Ha ha! Are you boys worried about getting yelled at?
Energetic Boy: Umm... Yeah...
Lyria: That's right. You boys were told not to go into that cave, weren't you?
Quiet Boy: Yeah... I mean, we knew we weren't supposed to go there...
Rashid: Sigh... Well boys...
With a wry laugh, Rashid put his hands on the boys' heads.
Rashid: You might have messed up this time, but I don't suppose you're going to do something like that again, now are you?
Rashid: Just this once, we'll let you off the hook. That should be okay, right, (Captain)?
Energetic Boy: Alright! Thanks mister!
Rashid: I know how much fun it can be to do something stupid with your friends.
With a look of relief, the boys thank (Captain) and company again and again as the crew see them off.
Rashid: ...You know, my friend might also be caught up in some kind of danger. I better find him, too.
Watching the boys leave together, Rashid begins to think of his friend.
Rashid would scour the skies in search of clues as he continued his quest for his long lost friend.