Scenario:Razia - A Goal Only Glimpsed

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A Goal Only Glimpsed

Razia receives a mission from the head of her order to infiltrate a temple where members of the Va'hen sect of Zeyen are gathering. The orders mention a potential sighting of Razia's missing father and sister. Razia disguises herself to enter the temple while the crew waits outside, but she falls down a flight of stairs in the course of her investigation, knocking herself out.

Razia: An infiltration mission, huh?
Standing on the deck of the Grandcypher, a grim-faced Razia reads a letter from the head of her order. The contents are as follows:
I have received intelligence that members of the Va'hen sect of Zeyen are gathering at a certain temple.
There are reports of two people resembling your father and younger sister, but their identities are as yet unconfirmed.
Your orders are to infiltrate the temple and investigate.
Should you encounter your father and sister, make apprehending them your highest priority.
If it proves impossible to take them alive, you must eliminate them.
I await news of your success.
Razia folds up the letter.
Razia: My father and sister may be at that temple...
Razia: Urgh, there's no time to waste. I have to talk to (Captain)!
Razia strides toward (Captain)'s quarters, jaw set.
Razia: (Captain), do you have a moment?
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, Scrappy? You look so serious.
Razia: Here. Read this.
Razia hands over the letter from her leader.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria lean in to read it.
Vyrn: Hey, hold up. An infiltration mission?
Razia: This mission comes from the head of my order.
Razia not in crew

Razia is a knight with a deep hatred of the followers of Zeyen.
She joined (Captain)'s crew in order to pursue her vengeance upon an extremist sect of the Zeyen faith known as the Va'hen.
She also hopes to track down her father and sister, who belong to that sect.
Lyria: Um... It says your father and sister might be there...
Razia: Yes... That's the problem.
Razia's deep longing is clear in her eyes. She bows deeply to (Captain).
Razia: (Captain)! Will you take me there?
Razia: There's no proof my father and sister will be there. But there's a chance.
Razia: I need to talk to my father, face-to-face.
Razia: I have to know his reasons for betraying our country...
Razia: Why he left me behind... What his true intentions are...
Razia: Please, (Captain)!
  1. There's no need to beg!
  2. Did you forget our promise?

Choose: There's no need to beg!

Lyria: Y-yeah, that's right! Of course we'll help you!
Razia: You... will?
Lyria: Yes! We promised we'd help you find your family, remember?
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Choose: Did you forget our promise?

Razia: What promise?
Lyria: We promised we'd help you find your family, remember?

Continue 1

Razia: Oh...
Lyria: We're going to help you find your dad too!
Lyria: If we work together, there's nothing we can't do!
Razia: Oh right... I remember now.
Lyria: Yeah! So you don't have to bow your head when you ask!
Razia: Thank you. I'm in your debt.
Vyrn: All right then! Let's get goin'!
With that settled, the crew changes course toward the destination specified in the letter.
(Captain) and the others follow the map sent by the leader of Razia's order and arrive at the town in question.
Vyrn: So how are you gonna infiltrate this temple?
Razia: I'll disguise myself, then walk straight in the front door.
Vyrn: What! Are you sure that's a good idea?
Razia: Of course. Don't worry.
Lyria: Um... But... Won't they notice?
Razia: Most of the believers are simple citizens. The temple is always open so people can worship.
Razia: If I go in civilian clothing, they'll have no reason to suspect me.
Razia: The difficult part will come once I'm inside... But I'll deal with that when the time comes.
Vyrn: Doesn't... infiltration usually mean sneakin' in the back, all stealthy-like?
Razia: Usually, yes. That's what I've always done in the past...
Razia: But I've never once been successful.
Razia: I've lost count of how many trip wires, how many trapdoors, how many ill-placed twigs and pebbles have thrown themselves into my path.
Lyria: Ahaha... I-I see...
Vyrn: Yeah... Heh... That does kinda sound like you.
Razia: Rather than repeat past mistakes, I decided I would be better served entering by the front door in disguise.
Razia: It was the only solution I could devise.
Razia: There won't be any booby traps where worshippers might fall into them, and even if I trip over something, it shouldn't draw any suspicion.
Lyria: Ah... Ahaha... I get it now...
Lyria: Oh! Then should we disguise ourselves too?
Razia: No, I'll handle this alone. You should wait for me in town.
Vyrn: What are you talking about!
Lyria: Yeah! It's dangerous to go alone! Take us!
Razia: Infiltration is easier with fewer people. Leave this to me.
Vyrn: Listen, Scrappy... We really can't let you go it alone...
Lyria: Yeah... We'll worry!
(Captain) and the others furrow their brows, imagining the myriad ways their friend could bungle this operation.
Razia: I've completed quite a number of these missions, you know.
Razia: You really don't need to worry about me.
Razia: Besides, if I do find my family, I'd like to speak to them alone.
  1. I understand.
  2. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Choose: I understand.

Razia: I know this is selfish of me, but thank you.
Lyria: Um... Please be careful... Okay?
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Choose: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Razia: I'll do my best.

Continue 2

Razia: I have to go don my disguise. Will you wait for me here?
Vyrn: What're you gonna wear?
Razia: With a Zeyen temple in town, there must be shops here selling clothes meant for worship.
Razia slips into the crowd and is gone.
Vyrn: Hmm... Scrappy sure is taking her sweet time.
Lyria: Yes... I wonder why...
Razia: Please forgive my lateness. I had more trouble than I expected finding appropriate clothes.
The crew turns around to find Razia dressed in a neat and tidy outfit and carrying a large bag.
Vyrn: Wow! You look really different!
Lyria: Yes! And that outfit really suits you!
Razia: Haha, thank you. I suppose it was worth the time it took to put together.
Vyrn: Huh? You sound kinda different too.
Razia: Ahem. I always change my speech patterns to match my disguises.
Razia: A single verbal quirk could entirely change how one is perceived.
Vyrn: Huh.
Razia: Hehe, well? What do you think of my disguise expertise? Quite the chameleon, aren't I?
Lyria: Yes! I'm impressed!
Vyrn: Yeah... You seem more like some classy heiress than the Scrappy I'm used to.
Razia: Well, I was once nobility, so I suppose some of this comes naturally.
Lyria: Huh? You come from a noble family, Razia?
Razia: Yes... Although my father becoming a Va'hen spelled its ruin.
A melancholy expression crosses Razia's face at the reminder of her past.
Razia: Oh, before I forget. (Captain), could you hold onto my cannonlance for me?
Razia: I won't be able to smuggle something this large in under their noses.
(Captain) accepts the bag containing Razia's cannonlance.
Razia: Right then. I'm off!
Razia makes off toward the Zeyen temple alone.
As Razia predicted, she is able to enter the temple without drawing any unwanted attention.
Once inside, she looks for anyone who seems like they might belong to the Va'hen sect.
She moves from room to room, methodical in her search.
Razia: Are my father and sister really somewhere in this temple?
Razia: I don't even see anyone who looks like they might belong to that sect...
Razia comes to a halt in front of one door.
A sign is hung on the door, reading: Danger—Structural deterioration. Staff only.
Razia: Hm... The area around the door seems in perfectly good repair.
Razia: Something's not right here. I'd better take a look.
Razia eases open the door. Beyond is a long flight of stairs leading down to a basement.
Razia: There's a basement? This must be what I'm looking for.
Razia: I can't think of a more likely place for the Va'hen to hide.
Razia: I'd better be even more careful...
Razia steps through the door.
But she misjudges the height of the first step and trips.
Razia: !
Razia pitches headfirst down the stairs.
Razia: Waaahhh!
Razia: Ungh!
At last she comes to a stop, face-planting into the wall at the foot of the stairs.
Razia: Argh... Uurrggh...
Razia: (My head is spinning... Can't... stay... awake...)
Razia: (Someone's coming... This is bad...)
Razia: (Is this... the end of the line?)
Darkness takes her before she can form another thought.