Scenario:Redluck - Belly Battles

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Belly Battles

One day, (Captain) and crew meet belly battle champion and Zeyen monk, Redluck. After the battle, Redluck saves a boy from a group of thugs, however the boy ends up thinking that Redluck is also a skyfarer. So as to not let the boy down, Redluck asks to join (Captain)’s crew.

Walking through the streets of the town they have just arrived at, the sound of cheering reaches (Captain) and the crew's ears.
Lyria: Whoa! What's that!
Vyrn: Whatever it is, it sounds exciting! Let's go take a look, (Captain)!
Commentator: Oho! And the battle of the bellies is reaching its climax! But who will have the last laugh!
A number of men are stood before a table on a stage that has been set up on the arena.
On the table is an absurdly huge amount of food, and the men are vigorously shoving it into their mouths.
???: OMNOMNOMNOM… (Gulp)
???: Next!
Spectator: Wow! He's really putting it away!
Vyrn: What in the skies is going on… Everybody is really pumped up, but I don’t get it…
Spectator: Huh? What? Have you never seen a belly-battle before?
Vyrn: A… "belly-battle"?
Spectator: Yeah! It's a type of contest where whoever manages to eat the largest amount of food wins! It's nearly over, watch!
Commentator: Oho! The last challenger falls at the final hurdle! And, we have our winner!
Commentator: He's done it! And the crowd goes wild! Everybody, your champion has been crowned… iiiiiiiiit's Reeeeeedluuuuuuck!
In response to the commentator's announcement, a huge cheer rises from the arena.
???: I remain victorious! My iron stomach will never be beaten!
Commentator: We've come to expect nothing less from the dude of food! Is there any man in existence who has a belly big enough to beat you!
Redluck: Bwahahahaha! And I've still got room for more!
The champion's hearty laughter stirs up the crowd, who erupt into cheers once more.
Lyria: Oooooh, that guy seems super popular!
Redluck: I can never get enough! Is there nobody brave enough to face me, the beast of the bellies!
Redluck: You say it's a battle of the bellies, but you're all so slow it's making me yawn!
Vyrn: He's terrifying!
Spectator: Yeah, I guess he is a bit… He's actually a monk, though.
Vyrn: What, that stern-looking guy?
Redluck: If any man dare challenge me, let him step up now!
Redluck: I will accept any challenger!
Vyrn: He ate all that food earlier, and now he's shouting so wildly.
Vyrn: I'd have never have thought he was a monk! Well, he's certainly like no monk I've ever seen…
Lyria: But, he's devouring the food so veraciously! Ooooooooh, this is great!
Vyrn: Hmm, as usual our opinions differ, Lyria.
At that moment, Lyria's stomach rumbles.
Lyria: Awww, I'm hungry too now!
Vyrn: Aren't you always… Right, well, shall we go and try and find somewhere to eat?
Far from the arena, the crew wanders up and down the streets of the town looking for somewhere to eat.
Thug 1: Hey! What are you doing you little brat!
Boy: Eeeeeek!
Thug 2: You again! You're always, always getting under our feet!
Lyria: Oh no! Look over there!
Vyrn: We have to stop them, (Captain)!
Just as (Captain) and the crew start to run over the scene, one of the lowlifes pushes the boy.
Thug 1: Hehehe… We don't have any food for useless fools like you!
Boy: Ahhhhhh!
Redluck: Up we get!
The man who just appeared supports the small boy.
Lyria: Oh! Look, it’s the guy who won the belly-battle earlier!
Redluck: What are you thugs hoping to achieve being so pathetic?
Thug 2: Hey! What did you say you lowlife!
Redluck: You calling me a lowlife, that's rich! Especially coming from a small fry like you!
Thug 1: Shut it, big man! You're not all that!
Redluck: Oho, you're a lively one, ain't ya! I like that! So, make your move…
The belly-battler, Redluck, towering above, looks down at the thugs, his many chins rippling.
Thug 2: Grrr!
Redluck stares at the thugs, who recoil from his gaze. The difference in power between the parties is clear as day.
Redluck: If you don't want me to get mad, I suggest you get out of my sight… now!
Thug 1: L-let's beat it!
Redluck: Hah! Small fries.
Vyrn: I don't get this guy, he still seems nothing like a monk at all! He's terrifying.
Lyria: Heehee, but, you see, he saved that boy…
The crew shrinks back a little, but the boy does not. Instead, he looks in admiration at Redluck, his eyes twinkling.
Boy: Wow! You're Redluck!
Boy: Thanks for helping me! You're so cool, Redluck, I knew it!
Lyria: Heehee, it seems like that kid is a big fan!
Boy: Huh, who are you guys? Are you friends of Redluck?
Lyria: Eek! Us? Well, we…
  1. He's a close friend.
  2. We don't know him.

Choose: He's a close friend.
Redluck: I am?
Vyrn: Eek! (Captain)! Don't just blurt out the first thing that comes into your head!
Redluck: What are you up to…
Vyrn: Wait! W-we're just a passing airship crew…
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Choose: We don't know him.
Boy: Awww, really?
Vyrn: Yeah, we're an airship crew, we're just passing through.
Continue 1
Vyrn: That enthusiasm came out of nowhere!
Boy: Wow, wow, wow! You’re skyfarers! WOOOOOOWEEEEEE! COOOOOOL!
Boy: Y'know! When I grow up, I wanna be just as big and strong as Redluck! And then I wanna become a skyfarer!
Lyria: Heehee, being a skyfarer is this kid's dream!
Redluck: Hey, sonny… That’s a pretty big dream you've got there…
Redluck: Do you not enjoy your life, right here, right now?
Boy: I…
Vyrn: H-hey, why did you say that?
Redluck: Hmmm…
Redluck picks up the boy with one massive arm.
Vyrn: Hey! Hey, big guy! What are you doing!
Redluck: You nosy-parkers are annoying. I'm taking this somewhere else, somewhere where there's no shrill and incessant warbling.
As he says this, Redluck walks past the crew and out of sight, the boy still in his arms.
That night, the crew is talking about which route they should take when…
???: Hey! Is anybody there?
Vyrn: Huh? I thought I heard someone. Who is it?
Redluck: Oh, good. I thought you'd be here.
Vyrn: Ahh! It's the big guy from earlier!
Redluck: I thought you'd like to hear, I left that boy from earlier in the care of an orphanage.
Lyria: Orphanage?
Redluck: He was being used as a gofer by those thugs, it was not a good situation to leave him in.
Vyrn: I see… Aside from that, is there anything we can do for you, big man?
Redluck: Yes actually. Can I join you on your journey?
Vyrn: Huh! That's a bit sudden!
Redluck: It has come to be, that I must become a skyfarer.
Vyrn: What is this guy even talking about, (Captain)?
Redluck: Are you the captain? About that boy I took to the orphanage…
Boy: Wow, Redluck, are you a skyfarer too? Wowee! Coooooooool!
Redluck: No, I am a belly-battler… you know that, child…
Boy: Yeah, yeah, I know! You're unbeaten in the eatin'!
Redluck: Mm. That’s because my challengers' bellies are weak like those of wee babbys.
Boy: Wowee… To be a super strong belly-battler and also a skyfarer… Wow…
Redluck: I said—
Boy: Heehee! Wowzers! You're so cool Redluck! You never let me down!
Vyrn: That misunderstanding has really got you in a pinch!
Redluck: To make matters worse, as I dropped the boy off, I was surrounded by a swarm of kids… all completely convinced I was a skyfarer.
Redluck: And when I saw their little eyes all brimming with expectation…
Vyrn: Hmm… You say that, but I'm a bit concerned about you, big guy… You seem like a different person than the one we saw earlier…
Redluck: Huuuh? Oh, yeah… that was my belly-battler persona you saw.
Vyrn: What! Aren't you meant to be a monk first and foremost?
Redluck: Ah, yes… a Zeyen monk.
Vyrn: Then what in the skies is with this belly-battling stuff!
Redluck: Well… I get to eat delicious things… and it's all for free?
Vyrn: That’s not very monk-ish…
Lyria: Erm… What do Zeyens believe?
Redluck: The finer points of Zeyen teaching might be difficult for you…
Redluck: The idea is to comprehend the Astrals' divine plan and bestow their power unto the people.
Lyria: Err…
Redluck: It's difficult, I know… Essentially, the idea is to let the past be, and learn from it for a happier and brighter tomorrow.
Vyrn: Hmmm, you sure do preach well for a belly-battler.
Redluck: Bwahaha! Of course!
Vyrn: This guy is a contradiction in a maelstrom, right, (Captain)?
  1. He's interesting
  2. I wanna do a belly-battle

Choose: He's interesting
Redluck: I am? I am! It's nice to hear you say that, Captain!
Lyria: Heehee! If (Captain) thinks you're OK, then it's already decided!
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Choose: I wanna do a belly-battle
Vyrn: W-what! Are you serious!
Redluck: Bwahahahahaha! You're a funny one, Captain!
Vyrn: Captain? You've already decided you're part of the crew then I see…
Lyria: Heehee! I think Redluck is a good person!
Continue 2
Vyrn: …Then I guess it can't be helped… Welcome to the crew.
Redluck: Thanks, I hope I can be useful!
And so, the strange belly-battling monk joins the crew.
With Redluck as their friend, (Captain) and the crew's journey will definitely become more and more lively from now on.