Scenario:Redluck and Sophia - Pilgrimage

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Redluck finds himself kneeling before Sophia, the grandchild of a Zeyen archbishop. He says he owes the Zeyens everything, for it was a Zeyen monk who saved his life. From his story, Sophia learns of the other purpose of her pilgrimage. Though once troubled from always getting lost, she realizes that it can lead to saving more lives, and regains her confidence.

There are many followers of Zeyen who go on a pilgrimage of the skies.
They consider the remains of the war to be sacred grounds and meet many a traveler and skyfarer on their travels.
In that way, the coincidental meeting of two Zeyen acolytes, Sophia and Redluck, along with the crew, arises.
Redluck: Could it be... You must be Sophia!
Sophia panics when she sees Redluck addressing her, with a bended knee on the deck.
Sophia: Ah... Please stand up! I'm not one to kneel for!
Redluck: That will not do. You are a high priestess of Zeyen, are you not? I am duty-bound to honor you.
Sophia: Huh, so you know about me?
Redluck: How could I not! You are the granddaughter of the Zeyen archbishop! It is truly an honor to meet you.
Redluck: Gwahahaha! Bless the stars for guiding me here! You guys are my saviors!
Sophia: But unlike my grandfather, the archbishop, I have never done anything worthy of such praise...
Redluck: It is thanks to the teachings of Zeyen that I was able to cleanse myself of my criminal past.
Still down on his knees, Redluck begins to tell his life story.
He was severely injured during a fight, when a Zeyen acolyte saved him. He's been a changed man ever since.
Sophia: ...
Sophia listens to him intently. When he finishes speaking...
Redluck: That makes you all my saviors. You have shown me the path!
Sophia: No... The one that saved you was the mother and child, and you yourself.
Sophia: All I've done out here is get lost... I haven't even made it to any of the sacred grounds yet.
Redluck: That's exactly what I'm so grateful about.
Sophia: Huh...?
Redluck: It's because you guys are always helping those of us in need that the number of Zeyen acolytes keeps growing.
Redluck: One of those you showed the light to in turn saved me, and here I am now.
Redluck: Haha, by the way... Did you know that the archbishop you look up to so much had an awful sense of direction way back?
Sophia: No way! My grandfather...?
Redluck: Come now, you really didn't know? Word is he took ten times longer than everyone else to get anywhere!
Sophia: My grandfather always looked toward the future and spoke little of the past...
Redluck: What a shame that is. They say his getting lost all the time actually helped spread the teachings of Zeyen.
Redluck: So do you get it now? It's precisely because of how you and the archbishop get lost that someone like me gets saved!
Redluck: Hehe, that's why I see you all as my saviors...
Sophia: ...
Redluck: Whoa, it's almost time for the eating contest! I gotta run!
And with that, Redluck runs off the deck toward town.
Sophia: So grandpa used to be just like me... getting lost and saving people...
Sophia: I was uneasy about setting off for the pilgrimage on my own, but now I feel a bit braver.
Sophia: I'll do my best! It might take years, even tens of years, but I'll see this pilgrimage to the end!
The most unexpected encounter with the Zeyen monk and the lesson about her grandfather comes to pass.
She has a long way to go before reaching her grandfather's heights, but it's reassuring to know that they started out the same way.
Determined to become the archbishop of Zeyen one day, Sophia continues the pilgrimage with newfound vigor.