Scenario:Reinhardtzar - Reinhardtzar's Day Off

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Reinhardtzar's Day Off

The crew heads up a mountain in search of the source of a tremor, only to find that it was simply Reinhardtzar doing his morning drills. Just as he apologizes, monsters come out of the woodwork for a romp.

The crew is resting up in Idelva Kingdom, situated on Groz—the central island of the Nalhegrande Skydom.
As esteemed guests of the kingdom, (Captain) and company have been assisting Cain with military exercises on a mountain range.
Cain and his compatriots return to the capital, Luxurios, in advance of the others to see to other matters.
The crew spends the night at a village near the base of the mountain.
Lyria: Mm... Snore...
Lyria: Mmng!
Lyria: Yawn... Good mornnn...
  1. Good morning.
  2. Need more nappy time?

Choose: Good morning.
Choose: Need more nappy time?

Lyria: I'm ready to... Yawn...
Lyria: Mm...
Vyrn: Ngh...
Vyrn: Sun's up already?
Vyrn: What's with that racket? It's shakin' pretty hard too...
Vyrn: Feels like it's coming from the mountain.
Lyria: But everything seemed fine when we were up there yesterday.
  1. Something must've happened.

Choose: Something must've happened.

Vyrn: Yeah...
Vyrn: If monsters are on the loose, then this is no time to be catching up on z's!
Lyria: Right! Let's go take a look!
Vyrn: Gulp... The tremors are gettin' worse with each step we take. Shouldn't be too far till we see what's causin' em...
Lyria: Yeah. It's not just the shaking though; I hear voices too.
???: Haaah!
Lyria: I know that voice...
Reinhardtzar: Hyaah!
Vyrn: Whoa... Now we know what all those tremors were about.
Lyria: Phew... I'm still wobbling from it all.
(Captain) and company arrive at the source of the seismic activity.
Before them is Reinhardtzar, pounding the ground and trees with his fists as part of his training regimen.
Reinhardtzar: Huh? You guys are still around? Best watch your footing here.
Lyria: Reinhardtzar, didn't you go back to the castle with Cain?
Reinhardtzar: Off duty today.
Reinhardtzar: Thought I'd stay out in the countryside for some fresh air and exercise. Spent the night at a village around the foot of the mountain.
Reinhardtzar: I've been doing morning drills since my days in the Torhid Kingdom army. Can't exactly go all-out in the palace.
Reinhardtzar: But that's not a problem in the mountains. Gotta work up a good sweat or else the ol' guns here'll lose their firepower.
Vyrn: You sure do kick butt! Man, I thought some nasty monsters were stompin' around here!
Reinhardtzar: Monsters, eh? Our fighting style was born from the need to deal with such threats.
Reinhardtzar summons a brilliant aura, covering his entire body.
Reinhardtzar: This secret technique, passed down in the Torhid Kingdom since before the War, allows a single soldier to rival that of thousands.
Reinhardtzar: We draw every last ounce of strength from within our bodies to gain power enough to wrestle any savage beast.
Reinhardtzar: I have trained and steeled myself to fight in this style since the days of the Torhid Kingdom.
Reinhardtzar, having captured (Captain)'s full attention, follows up with a question.
Reinhardtzar: Anyhow, you mentioned you're from the Phantagrande Skydom?
Reinhardtzar: Is it true they've got Erste golems all over the place there?
  1. Well, I've seen them around.
  2. Yeah, I see 'em everywhere.

Choose: Well, I've seen them around.

Reinhardtzar: Hm, the purpose of a golem is to protect.
Reinhardtzar: Guess it's not every day you'd see one in Phantagrande, huh?
Vyrn: Cept we went hopping from one ancient ruin after another—wasn't exactly everyday life for us.
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Choose: Yeah, I see 'em everywhere.

Reinhardtzar: Oh? Must be really something. Never see 'em here in Nalhegrande.
Lyria: The golems seemed to be a big part of the lives of the people in Mephorash.

Continue 1

Reinhardtzar: Though we've heard of how Erste poured all their efforts into creating the ultimate golem when they controlled the skies there...
Reinhardtzar: Torhid, who once controlled Nalhegrande, trod a different path.
Reinhardtzar: The kingdom's goal was to turn each and every willing body into a super soldier.
Reinhardtzar: And what came about is the power that I use.
Lyria feels slightly alarmed by all this talk of power.
Lyria: Your aura is really similar to dark essence...
Reinhardtzar: I've heard of that before.
Reinhardtzar: While I can't say for sure how dark essence works...
Reinhardtzar: I imagine it was a method to forcefully draw out power normally obtained by the harshest kind of training.
Using his knowledge of Nalhegrande's battle arts, Reinhardtzar launches into an explanation of dark essence.
Reinhardtzar: I'm able to control this power only because I train my mind and body to the limit each and every single day.
Reinhardtzar: Just like Nalhegrande wasn't built in a day, you can't expect to instantly control such a force... Otherwise you're just asking for trouble.
Reinhardtzar: No matter how tough the going gets, something you've practiced endlessly will never betray you.
Reinhardtzar: In the end you can only rely on yourself... and everything that encompasses.
Reinhardtzar: Ah. Sorry. Didn't mean to spoil your morning with all this talk about power.
  1. It was fun.
  2. Appreciate the insight.

Choose: It was fun.
Choose: Appreciate the insight.

Reinhardtzar: Heh... You've got strange tastes.
Reinhardtzar: Anyway, what brought you so deep into the mountains this early in the day?
Reinhardtzar: Wait, did I wake you up? Shoot, sorry 'bout that.
Reinhardtzar bows apologetically to the crew.
Lyria: Oh, no, no! We were just about to wake up anyway...
Vyrn: Yeah, it was like the perfect alarm clock!
Reinhardtzar: Heh... Good to know...
Reinhardtzar: Tch... Looks like you guys aren't the only ones I woke up.
Monster: Gra-oooh!
Reinhardtzar: Care to give me a hand while you're here, (Captain)?
  1. You bet.
  2. I'm on it.

Choose: You bet.
Choose: I'm on it.

Reinhardtzar: Good answer.
Reinhardtzar: All right. Time to finish up my morning workout with one last explosive set.

Reinhardtzar's Day Off: Scene 2

(Captain) and company follow Reinhardtzar to town after dispatching the monsters. He goes around, checking up on his former subordinates.

Reinhardtzar and the crew return to the village after dealing with the monsters.
Vyrn: You have any plans after this, Reinhardtzar? Gonna head back to the castle?
Reinhardtzar: Nope. Like I said, I'm not on duty today. I've got stuff to do in town anyway.
Reinhardtzar: I'm still considered a former criminal though, so I'm not allowed to wander out of Idelva territory.
Reinhardtzar: How 'bout you guys?
Lyria: We have the day off too.
Vyrn: Perfect! Since we're still new to town...
Vyrn: I figured we might as well follow you around! Wouldn't that be fun?
Reinhardtzar: ...
  1. Is that a heck no I see on your face?

Choose: Is that a heck no I see on your face?

Lyria: Umm... Sorry if it's too much to ask...
Reinhardtzar: Oh, having you guys tag along isn't what's bothering me...
Reinhardtzar: It's just the stuff I've got to do isn't that fun.
Lyria: Not a problem! We'd love to learn more about you anyway!
Reinhardtzar: It's my day off. Which means I don't plan on babysitting you lot.
Vyrn: Heheh! No worries—we can protect ourselves!
(Captain) nods with confidence.
Reinhardtzar: Fine. Just don't blame me later if you die of boredom.
Though Reinhardtzar's words are cold, they all appear to be getting along well enough, and soon the group departs for the city.
Soon (Captain) and company arrive at Luxurios, the capital of Idelva Kingdom.
Reinhardtzar's first stop is the town's biggest flower shop.
Vyrn: You into flowers? I never would've guessed!
Lyria: These flowers are so beautiful! I love them all!
  1. They suit you well.
  2. A present for someone?

Choose: They suit you well.

Reinhardtzar: Oh, cut the crap. I get enough of that from Cain.
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Choose: A present for someone?

Reinhardtzar: Heh... Even if it were, I'm not the type to give flowers.

Continue 1

Reinhardtzar: I hope you're not getting any strange ideas about me. It's not the shop that I have business with.
Vyrn: Hm? Where to then?
Shopkeep: Tzar?
Shopkeep: Good to see you! It's been too long!
Reinhardtzar: Scoff... Stop calling me that.
Shopkeep: Haha... Old habits die hard.
The shopkeep's eyes widen in surprise at the sight of (Captain) and the others.
Shopkeep: Ack! What are you folks doing side by side with Tzar?
  1. Long time no see.

Choose: Long time no see.

Lyria: Huh? Do you already know him?
Vyrn: Yeah? Sure looks like a new face to me...
Reinhardtzar: You fought him back when he served under me at Merkmal Island.
Vyrn: Wha? Wait... But...
No way!
Reinhardtzar: Hahah... Your reaction just made my day.
Shopkeep: Well, I'm not exactly living the bandit life anymore, so I had to really clean myself up.
Lyria: Um... Reinhardtzar, is this related to what you said you have to do today?
Reinhardtzar: Mm-hm. I thought I'd check on my former troops.
Reinhardtzar: We all go way back from when the Torhid Kingdom was still around.
Reinhardtzar: I mean... Sure, we've all been given a new life, but I like to make sure that everyone's adjusting okay, you know?
Shopkeep: Oh, it goes much deeper than that, Tzar. We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us.
Shopkeep: It was the greatest honor serving under you. We might've been through a lot, but I will never change my tune on that!
Reinhardtzar: Heh... Glad to hear it.
Reinhardtzar cracks a smile at the florist who once fought bravely under his command.
The crew continues to make the rounds, greeting Reinhardtzar's former subordinates one after another.
Farmer: It's been smooth sailin' for me all the way, Tzar!
Farmer: Who woulda guessed I had such talent?
Reinhardtzar: You always did have an eye for detail.
Reinhardtzar: And every time we went out on an expedition, animals would always flock to you first.
Reinhardtzar: Seeing how much you're enjoying yourself, I'd say this job was meant for you. Keep up the good work.
Farmer: Thanks a bunch, Tzar!
Farmer: Oh, hey! Since you're here...
Farmer: You've gotta try some of this new dairy product using milk squeezed fresh from the cows right on this farm!
The farmer excitedly runs off.
Lyria: Hehe... He really seems taken with his new environment.
  1. Yep, he's definitely full of life.
  2. He's pretty gung-ho all right.

Choose: Yep, he's definitely full of life.
Choose: He's pretty gung-ho all right.

Reinhardtzar: I'm just glad to see him doing well despite the drastic change from what we used to do.
A question surfaces in (Captain)'s mind.
  1. Do you ever feel lonely?

Choose: Do you ever feel lonely?

Reinhardtzar: Heh... You see right through me.
Reinhardtzar: You know, I started out trying to build a country where everyone could live in peace.
Reinhardtzar: I went all over the place trying to find a place that would take in weary
soldiers—survivors of a kingdom lost to a coup d'etat.
Reinhardtzar: Despite most having tossed away their weapons for good, they all seem to be doing exceptionally well.
Reinhardtzar: I guess people do change.
Reinhardtzar looks on at the rich pastures before him, content in the fact that those who've tread a different path from himself are able to find happiness.
A piercing scream suddenly breaks the peace and quiet of the moment.
Farmer: Gaaaah!
Reinhardtzar: What's wrong!
Farmer: M-monsters! Help me, Tzar!
Farmer: It feels like ages since I've last held a sword! I don't stand a chance against these varmints!
Reinhardtzar: Sigh... Just goes to show that change isn't necessarily for the better.
Vyrn: Heheh... We'll lend a hand too! C'mon, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah! This farmland is too valuable to be stomped on by monsters!

Reinhardtzar's Day Off: Scene 3

After learning that some who served under him are now preying on the weak as bandits on Merkmal Island, Reinhardtzar heads out to put a stop to their villainy.

Reinhardtzar continues checking in on the new lives of his former troops.
Many have become registered soldiers of Idelva Kingdom, making full use of their military training.
Idelva Soldier 1: I'm able to do my job well because of the rigorous training you put me through, Tzar!
Reinhardtzar: Fair enough. Just be careful not to cause any problems like you did back in the day.
Reinhardtzar: I doubt the generals at Idelva would let you off as easily I used to.
Idelva Soldier 1: Haha... You're kidding, right? You were pretty tough on—
Idelva Soldier 2: Oi! Did you hear of the trouble at Merkmal Island?
Idelva Soldier 2: Oh, my apologies... I didn't notice you have guests...
Idelva Soldier 2: Wait, Tzar? What brings you here...
Reinhardtzar: That's not important. Tell us what happened at Merkmal.
Idelva Soldier 2: Erm, well...
This soldier, who once fought under Reinhardtzar's command, appears reluctant to spill the details.
Idelva Soldier 2: A band of thieves have made their home in Merkmal Island...
Idelva Soldier 2: The thing is... They're part of our old group...
Reinhardtzar: No way...
Reinhardtzar turns on his heel and immediately heads for the port.
Vyrn: Whoa! Whatcha stormin' off for?
Reinhardtzar: Isn't it obvious? I'm off to crush them.
Lyria: But, Reinhardtzar, I thought you weren't allowed to leave Idelva Kingdom...
Reinhardtzar: Doesn't matter. I have to do this.
Reinhardtzar: Assuming that this band of thieves really did work for me...
Reinhardtzar: As their former commander, I have a responsibility to set things straight.
Reinhardtzar proceeds down to the docks, paying no heed to the misgivings of (Captain) and company.
Vyrn: All right, I've gotta admit I'm worried. Reinhardtzar's kinda lost it...
  1. Let's go with him.

Choose: Let's go with him.

Lyria: Yeah, we can't just leave him like this.
The crew goes along with Reinhardtzar to Merkmal Island.
There Reinhardtzar witnesses a most abominable act being carried out before his very eyes.
Villager: W-wait! How are we going to live on if you take that away from us?
Bandit 1: Like we give a hoot! Grow a spine and solve yer own damn problems!
Bandit 2: You'd better think again if you think we're playin' house! Just be glad we spared your pathetic lives!
Villager: H-how could you...
Reinhardtzar: Yo.
Bandit 1: Huh? You talkin' to—
Bandit 1: ...!
Bandit 2: T-Tzar... Whatcha doin' here?
Reinhardtzar: Why have you gone back to a life of thievery?
Bandit 1: E-erm, well...
Reinhardtzar: You had your chance to start over at Idelva.
Reinhardtzar: Yet here you are back at Merkmal pillaging from the common folk.
Reinhardtzar: Don't tell me you're plotting another coup. Because if you are...
Bandit 1: ...!
Words come gushing out of the bandit's mouth like water from a broken dam.
Bandit 1: Ya gotta understand it was hopeless fer us, Tzar!
Bandit 1: We did try to change! We tried our best to blend in! But we just couldn't!
Bandit 2: That's right!
Bandit 2: After seeing how well so many of the others adjusted, we got desperate and did everything we could to better ourselves!
Bandit 2: But it ain't so simple, Tzar! You don't know how far we went!
Bandit 2: I know a bunch of the old gang turned out okay in Idelva, but that's them!
Bandit 2: You can give us everything in the whole wide world, but some of us just can't change who we are!
Reinhardtzar: ...
Getting a glimpse at their take on the matter, Reinhardtzar is at a loss for words.
  1. Just give up stealing.
  2. Harming others is out of the question.

Choose: Just give up stealing.
Choose: Harming others is out of the question.

Vyrn: Yeah! I don't care what your reasons are! Making a mess of people's lives is just messed up!
Bandit 1: Don't you think we know that already!
Bandit 2: If you're gonna take us on, Tzar, don't expect us to hold back!
The bandits lay bare their hostility toward the crew.
Lyria: Reinhardtzar!
Reinhardtzar: I know I've gotta put a stop to this. That's exactly what I came for...
Reinhardtzar: But I'm not doing this out of obligation... Setting these fools straight is something I want to do!
Reinhardtzar: Time to teach 'em a lesson they'll never forget! Let's do this, (Captain)!

Reinhardtzar's Day Off: Scene 4

With (Captain)'s help, Reinhardtzar subdues his former subordinates. Nearby villagers whom Reinhardtzar used to rule over come out to pay their respects. Reflecting on everything that's come to pass, he is glad to have done some good and wipes away any misgivings he's had about his own past.

The crew finishes rounding up the bandits.
But their words still weigh heavy on Reinhardtzar.
Reinhardtzar: ...
Reinhardtzar: (Has everything I've done up to this point been a mistake?)
While Reinhardtzar is still deep in thought, a resident of the village that Reinhardtzar used to control gently calls out to him.
Villager: Really appreciate the help. You saved us.
Villager: We're surprised you came back to check on things after having left the island.
Reinhardtzar: ...
Villager: You used to be a bandit yourself.
Villager: Squatted on that fortress as if you owned the kingdom.
Reinhardtzar: I look back on it all with regret... Anyhow, if you want to chew me out—
Villager: But most importantly you were always our king.
Reinhardtzar: ...!
Villager: I'll admit we didn't always see eye to eye on things, but you no doubt acted as a king should.
Villager: Everyone in the village has said the same.
Villager: Some even go as far as to say things were better when you were in charge.
Reinhardtzar: Whoa... Now that's just...
Villager: I mean, sure we had our complaints, like you taking from us... But you also protected us.
Villager: And you never took more than the promised amount. Nor have you ever brought harm to a single one of us.
Villager: I've never been a big fan of you to be honest. But then again I've always despised authority.
Villager: A king and his people live in such different worlds. Maybe they were never meant to get along to begin with.
Reinhardtzar: ...
Villager: Regardless of how you might remember things back then, know that we always looked up to you as a worthy king.
Villager: Just wanted to get that off my chest.
With that, the villagers wander off, leaving Reinhardtzar to himself.
Reinhardtzar: Hm...
Reinhardtzar: I may not have been able to save everyone, but I suppose I've done some good...
Reinhardtzar finally finds himself released from the guilt that has long plagued him.
He is later questioned for the crime of departing Groz Island.
But as Merkmal Island is now considered Idelva territory, his efforts in dealing with the bandit problem there are taken into consideration.
And thankfully he is able to get off with only a warning.