Scenario:Richard - Luck of the Draw

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Luck of the Draw

Richard, an ace gambler, gets the crew out of trouble. He demands money for his services but soon finds himself asking the crew for help instead. In the end, he ends up as a member of the crew.

The crew finds itself in a tavern playing a game of cards.
Little do they know that a diabolical trap has already been set.
Vyrn: Hold up! You're trying to scam us! And no one said we're playing for money!
Card Shark: Heh-heh. A little late for that now. Pay up. A cool million rupies.
Katalina: What? You can't expect us to pay—
???: Aw man. Nipping at the small fry? Not too cool, buddy.
???: What would your mother say about running a game on a bunch of out-of-town rubes?
Card Shark: Mind your own business! Or do you want this to get ugly?
???: Chill out, buddy. No need to go all alpha male on me. You are an up-and-coming gambler after all.
???: Forget the kids. How about you try your luck with me?
Vyrn: Careful, dude. This one's a shar—
???: Relax... Just watch.
The crew watches with bated breath. The man takes his seat at the table, his lips cocked in a confident smile.
And the game is decided only moments later.
Card Shark: Oh, c'mon! Something's up... Why'd you get every good card?
Richard: I hate to break this to you, but I'm one of those rare guys who can swim in a shark tank and not get bit.
Card Shark: No way... You're Slick Rich?
Richard: Nice to know I have a fan. Took you a bit too long to notice though. Game's over.
Richard: Your money, shoes, and jacket should just about cover it. Set 'em down and skedaddle.
Card Shark: Damn it... I won't forget this!
Richard: Take care now! Come see me any time!
Vyrn: That was really something! You saved our butts!
Richard: My pleasure. And since you're so satisfied... hand it over.
Vyrn: What do you mean? Hand what over?
Richard: A man's gotta eat. I saved you, so pay up.
Vyrn: What? You're gonna take our money?
Richard: It'd be wrong not to, baby. That's how the wheels stay greased. It's all about that give and take.
Richard: Don't wanna get cooked? Then don't sit in the pot.
Vyrn: You're as bad as the shark!
Vyrn: Stuff like that is just exhausting...
Katalina: Let's just treat this as a lesson well learned. It's cheap compared to a million rupies.
Katalina: Sorry, (Captain). I would've stopped you if I knew what kind of place that was...
Richard: Hey... Hey, buddies! Yeah, you! Slow it down, will you?
Vyrn: Isn't that the guy from the bar? What's the deal?
Richard: Help a guy out! They're gonna kill me! You gotta help me hide!
Vyrn: Are you kidding?
Katalina: And why would someone want to kill you?
Richard: It's a bit of a long story. Happened after you folks left.
Richard: So anyway... You left, and then one of the waitresses slipped and spilled milk all over me.
Richard: And then, when I wasn't looking, someone stole my money. I ran outside in pursuit, only to be chased by a starving stray dog...
Richard: Ran myself right into the hideout of that shark from before. Guy jacked me for the rest of my stuff. I got out before he finished me off.
Vyrn: Whoa... That's...
Lyria: Oh my... Talk about unlucky! But you seemed to be doing pretty well at the bar.
Richard: Same mess, different day is all. The more I win, the worse my luck gets. It's karma, I guess.
Richard: But you saved my skin. So I guess I'm the one who owes you this time.
Richard: And since you saved my life, it seems I owe you one in return.
Vyrn: What are you saying exactly?
Richard: I'm saying I'll join you. I mean, based on your clothes, you're obviously skyfarers. I got a few tricks up my sleeve you might like.
Richard: C'mon. I gotta pay you back or who knows what'll happen to me...
Vyrn: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Well, we're not going to leave him here.
  2. His bad luck might be contagious...

Choose: Well, we're not going to leave him here.
Richard: Aw, man! Thanks! You'll see. Cards aren't the only thing I'm good at.
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Choose: His bad luck might be contagious...
Richard: But even if it is, I'll help you win enough to more than make up for it. Trust me!
Richard: And if you don't trust me right now, let me come with you and prove that you should. Please! You gotta let me do this!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Fine, fine.
Card Shark: Hey! Any of you guys seen that scumbag Richard around here? Wait a minute...
Card Shark: There he is! Right there! Grab him!
Vyrn: What the? You sure aren't lucky for long...
Richard: Is the ship that way? We gotta get out of here!
Katalina: Wait! Well... I guess he was telling the truth!
Thus the crew somehow manages to get off the island, with Richard the gambler among them.
Only fickle lady luck knows how his hand will play out.