Scenario:Richard - What Good Luck is Worth

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What Good Luck is Worth

Richard is down because, even though he won a big gamble, nothing bad has happened. After saying something terrible is in store if nothing unlucky happens to him, Richard leaves town to fight a monster on his own.

Richard: Sigh...
Vyrn: What was that? Why the long face? You won big on that gamble.
Richard: Exactly!
Vyrn: Huh?
Richard: There's something weird going on. After that win, something bad should have happened by now.
Richard: Normally I'd be getting attacked by dogs, pickpocketed, or... something.
Vyrn: You know, most people would be thrilled to be so lucky.
Richard: Not me! If good things keep happening, the karmic retribution will be that much worse!
Richard: This is no good... Misfortune... I need misfortune...
Vyrn: Come on now. Aren't you overreacting just a tad?
Townsman: Someone help me! There's a monster outside town!
Richard: ...!
Katalina: Wait, Richard! You can't go by yourself!
Richard: Getting hurt by a monster is just the kind of luck I need!
Rackam: Hold on! What are you talking about? We better back him up, (Captain)!

What Good Luck is Worth: Scene 2

The crew beats the monsters, but Richard says his injuries are not enough and goes to confront troublemakers in town. He creeps the hoodlums out by telling them to punch him. When the crew intervenes, a fight ensues.

Richard: I'm not hurt enough... Not yet...
Townswoman: Ahhh! Somebody help!
Richard: ...!
Rackam: W-wait a second!
Townswoman: Let me go! Help! Help!
Hoodlum: Just relax, friend. Stay still or I'll stop being so nice.
Richard: Hey, you!
Hoodlum: What's your problem? You lookin' to get hurt?
Richard: I sure am! Punch me!
Hoodlum: Huh?
Richard: Are you deaf? I said punch me. Face or gut! Your choice!
Hoodlum: W-what kind of freak are you?
Richard: Don't give me that! I'm serious! Now do it!
Hoodlum: Just get away from me... Seriously...
Rackam: Hey, Richard! What are you doing?
Hoodlum: Is he a friend of yours? Get 'em, boys!

What Good Luck is Worth: Scene 3

The desperate Richard tells the crew to let him find misery on his own. The crew says that, as friends, they'll share his good and bad luck with him. Monsters suddenly appear in town, and the crew goes to fight them.

Rackam: What the hell are you doing? Think of all the trouble you're causing us.
Richard: Just leave me alone already!
Lyria: ...?
Richard: There's no need for you guys to be here. I'm the only one who has to suffer bad luck.
Richard: I've lived like this all my life. I don't mind being alone or anything.
  1. We won't just abandon you!
  2. Cut it out with the self pity already!

Choose: We won't just abandon you!
Choose: Cut it out with the self pity already!
Richard: But why?
Vyrn: Seriously! You're moping around all by yourself when we're supposed to be friends!
Katalina: Yeah. Stop trying to wall us out. Let us share both your good and bad luck.
Richard: Y-you guys...
Townsman: Ahhh! Another pack of monsters! This time they're in town!
Richard: ...!
Rackam: Come on, let's go. It's not bad if you think of it as helping people.
Lyria: Exactly! Let's do this, (Captain) and Richard!

What Good Luck is Worth: Scene 4

Richard enjoys being part of a group. A townswoman and her dog come to thank the crew. Richard fears dogs and backs away. The man he bumps into steals his wallet, which restores Richard to normal.

Katalina: All right! Seems like that was the last monster.
Richard: Hey, (Captain). About earlier...
Richard: That was the first time anyone has ever said anything like that to me, so I'm not sure how to put this...
Lyria: That's okay. It's the thought that counts.
Lyria: When someone helps you, just say thanks. I guess you'd call that karma.
Richard: Yeah... Thank you, (Captain).
Townswoman: Hey, guy!
Townswoman: Thanks for earlier! I've got a friend with me who wants to say thanks too. Come on, boy! Say thanks!
Richard: Boy?
Dog: Woof! Huff huff huff...
Richard: D-dog!
Passerby: ...
Richard: Ouch!
Passerby: Sorry.
Richard: No, I'm the one who wasn't watching where he was going...
Richard: I'm sorry... But wait... Where's my wallet?
Dog: Woof woof!
Richard: Eek! Stop! Get away from me!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Looks like his luck's back to normal now!
Katalina: Seems that way! But I'm not sure whether this is hilarious or tragic...
Rackam: Oh, boy. At least we're done here.
Lyria: Yep! All's well that ends well!
Richard, a gambler who's both unlucky and undefeated. The Grandcypher takes off, propelled by the lucky wind he brings.
From now on, the cards dealt to him will be for his friends as well. It seems that Richard's gambling days won't end any time soon.