Scenario:Rika Jougasaki - Love Ya, Sis and Beetles!

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Love Ya, Sis and Beetles!

Rika waxes lyrical about her big sister, Mika, declaring that she wants to be a better idol than her one day. Just then they spot a little girl crying in the shadows and save her from attacking monsters.

(Captain) and company are staying in a village nestled deep in a forest.
One day Rika blurts out her intention once more to create an army of rhinoceros beetles. And this time, she really seems determined.
She dashes toward a giant, conspicuous tree in the distance to catch herself a few of her favorite critters.
The crew follows after her, delving ever further into the forest.
Rika: So, yeah, Mika was only there helping out at the time...
Rika: But the moment she stepped out on stage, the audience was totally squealing with joy!
Rika: Everyone was like, "Whoo! Mika-chan's the only idol for me now!"
Rika: She was super awesome! Then again, we are talking about a grade-A charismatic high school idol here!
Vyrn: Boy, it sounds like you really like your sister.
Rika: Of course! She's stylish, cool, sweet, she practices more than anyone else, and—
Mika: Whoa, whoa, hold it, Rika. You're embarrassing me!
Rika: Ehehe, I'm only stating the facts here!
Mika: Sigh... It's always the same with you, Rika.
Lyria: Teehee. You two get along so well.
Rika's been talking about Mika nonstop ever since they entered the forest.
Rika's eyes sparkle with every mention of her sister, inadvertently bringing a smile to everyone within earshot.
Rika: I want to be just like my sister someday!
Rika: Aah, there are so many things I want to see and do in this world that'll really help me shine as an idol!
Mika: Hehe... Now you're talking, Rika.
Rika: Ha ha! You almost sound surprised! I am growing every day, you know?
Rika: Hm? Is someone there?
Rika suspects that she saw something and stares at the trees ahead.
Girl: Hic... Sob...
Mika: What's a little girl doing out here all by herself?
Rika: Watch out!
Rika spots a monster coming from behind the girl.
Rika: Let's do this, cutie bear!
Rika Daaash!
Monster: Groaar!
Girl: Eep! A m-monster!
Rika: Gyaargh!
Rika dashes in to repel the monster, saving the girl in the nick of time.
Rika: Whew, that was close! You okay? Are you hurt anywhere?
Girl: I-I'm okay. Thank you, miss!
Rika: Great!
Rika: Wait, did you just call me miss? Me? A miss?
Mika: Rika! Don't run off like that on your own! Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?
Lyria: Rika-chan, is everything okay?
Monster: Gwoaar!
Vyrn: Another monster, huh? All right, (Captain)! Let's take care of it first!

Love Ya, Sis and Beetles!: Scene 2

The little girl grows anxious, explaining that she's been waiting quite a while now for her older sister to return. Although the girl seems really upset and perhaps even bitter, a girl riding a giant rhinoceros beetle comes in to help the crew when monsters show up.

Having defeated the monster, the crew hears out the little girl who was crying by the trees.
Girl: So you see, I came to this forest with my big sister.
Girl: She said she wanted to show me something really cool and asked me to wait here.
Girl: But she's been gone for a while, and I was getting scared...
Rika: So that's why you were crying...
Rika: Well, I just want you to know that you did great! No, better than great! You're absolutely amazing!
Rika pets the girl on the head while consoling her.
Girl: Ehehe. Thank you, miss.
Rika: Tell you what: why don't you call me Big Sis Rika.
Girl: Big Sis Rika... Wow, you're so nice to me! You're the best!
Rika: Ehehe!
Vyrn: Looks like she's taken a liking to you, huh?
Mika: Wow, I never thought I'd see the day when Rika played the part of someone's big sister!
Rika: Heheh! I know everyone sees me as the little sister, but I can play the role of big sister just as well!
Mika: Sure, sure. Go for broke, Big Sis. Teehee.
Rika: Uh, Mika? You didn't just laugh at me, did you?
Mika: Nope, you definitely didn't see me laugh. Nuh-uh.
Pfft, haha.
Rika: Grr! So you were laughing at me! Boo, that's not nice!
Girl: Aww, you even argue like best friends!
Girl: My sister's nothing like Big Sis Rika at all... She can be really mean.
Girl: She's so selfish all the time! I mean, she just goes off and leaves me all alone...
Girl: Sometimes she even seems to enjoy causing trouble for me.
Girl: I hate her so much!
Rika: Hmm...
Rika: But I'm sure your sister's—
It happens the moment she opens her mouth.
Monster: Groaar!
Rika: !
Girl: Eep!
Mika: Rika!
A monster comes in and pounces at Rika and the girl.
Mika: Something's flying this way—
Vyrn: Wha? Something just sent the monster flying!
The crew uniformly turn their heads to look at the person responsible for deflecting the monster's attack.
What they see is a mysterious girl riding atop a giant rhinoceros beetle.
???: Please, tell me you're okay!
Rika: Huh? What's going on here—Whoa! Check out that rhinoceros beetle! Cool beans!
Vyrn: The heck is going on here?
Monster: Gwoaar!
Lyria: Watch out! The monster's getting back up!
Vyrn: Darn it! Let's do this, (Captain)!

Love Ya, Sis and Beetles!: Scene 3

Their savior turns out to be the little girl's sister, and the crew watches warmly at their touching reunion. They find that the villagers call the rhinoceros beetles "ohtsu bugs". Rika takes a ride on one with the older sister and dreams of holding a concert with Mika atop rhinoceros beetles one day.

Vyrn: We appreciate you protecting the two girls, but just who in the skies are you anyway?
Girl's Sister: I'm her sister.
Rika: Wait, you are?
Girl's Sister: I thought I'd surprise my baby sister by coming back on top of an ohtsu bug.
Girl's Sister: But it looks like things got out of hand while I was away. So sorry about that.
Girl: ...
Girl: Waaah! I was frightened out my wits!
But, Sis, you were so cool back there! Hic...
The older sister embraces the younger one with a warm smile.
The crew is touched to see their sisterly love. But many questions remain unanswered.
Rika: I'm really glad you met up with your sister! One thing though...
Rika: What did you mean by an O2 bag?
Girl's Sister: Hm? Oh, you must be talking about the creature I rode here—an ohtsu bug.
Rika: Ah, so that's what you call these giant rhinoceros beetles? That's pretty cool!
Girl's Sister: In our town, ohtsu bugs are regarded as divine creatures.
Girl's Sister: Everyone just loves them, and riding on one is like a rite of passage.
Rika: Wow! What kinda town is that? I'm getting jealous just hearing about it!
Girl: Oh, Sis! You're amazing—riding that ohtsu bug like a pro!
Girl: Um, Big Sis Rika...
Girl: My sister's always been able to handle any sort of thing. She's just awesome like that.
Girl: And she always does everything she can to cheer me up. Just look how far she went today...
Girl: I want to be just like her when I grow up. Earlier when I said I hate her... I didn't really mean it!
Rika: Yeah?
The girl seems bashful as she reveals her true feelings.
Rika grins from ear to ear at the girl.
Rika: Hehe, you two make a great sisterly duo, just like me and Mika!
Rika: But at the end of the day, my love for my big sister always wins out!
Rika: So you should always remember how much you love your sister. Even if you don't mean it, you should never say you hate her.
Girl: Big Sis Rika! You're right... I'll never say it again!
Mika: Rika... Haha! How does it feel being the older sister for once?
Rika: Geez, Sis! Well, I am older than her after all!
A friendly altercation ensues between the two, livening up the mood.
Rika: Aaanyway! I'm just really surprised to meet someone who's so into rhinoceros beetles!
Rika: Plus she can ride them! Is that just awesome or what?
Girl: Say, Big Sis Rika, do you like ohtsu bugs too?
Rika: Of course! They're just so cool! You know, I've always wanted to make my own army of rhinoceros beetles!
The girl's sister leads the crew to the giant tree, where they find tons of ohtsu bugs.
Rika is all fired up as the girl's sister teaches her how to ride one.
Rika: Sweet! Check this out, Sis! I'm riding on a rhinoceros beetle!
Mika: Y-yeah... I can see that. Wow.
Rika: Hmm, I wonder if I can stand up while riding on it... Giddy up, boy!
Rika: Oof! This is harder than I thought!
Rika: All right, I'm gonna practice tons and become a rhinoceros beetle master!
Rika: (I'm gonna do a live concert while riding on one of these some day...)
Rika: (And Mika's gonna be right there beside me!)
Rika freely soars between the trees under the reddening sky.
Mika looks on from a distance with a bittersweet smile.