Scenario:Rin Shibuya - Never Forget

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Never Forget

Rin drafts a plan to hold a concert with Mio and Uzuki. Siero takes a look and realizing the enormous sum it woud cost, proposes to invest in the effort. But first, they must clear the monster-infested highlands they wish to use as a venue for the concert.

Rin: Uzuki, Mio, can I have a moment?
Uzuki: Rin-chan? What is it?
Mio: Oh? Have you finished those notes you were talking about?
In the middle of a previous battle, Rin had sung in front of many people, her feelings toward her singing burning bright within.
Afterward, she had been set on feverishly scribbling something into her notebook…
Uzuki: Wow, this is…
Mio: Oh! Amazing!
Rin: This is my proposal for us, the "new generations" girls, to do a live concert.
Uzuki: A concert…
Rin: Yeah. Since coming to this world, we haven't done one with all three of us, have we?
Rin: When I sang in town before, and saw everyone's smiling faces… I thought, I want to perform again with the three of us.
Mio: …Sure thing! Let's do it!
Uzuki: Yeah! Mio-chan, Rin-chan, let's do our best!
Rin: I'm sure it'll take a lot of time and money to prepare, but… I really want to sing in front of everyone.
Rin: I'd like to ask Sierokarte-san if we can borrow any equipment for the performance…
And so, the three "new generations" headed to Sierokarte to set up the concert.
Sierokarte: Welcome! Rin-san, Mio-san, and Uzuki-san. And what can I do for you today, hmm?
Rin: Um, there's something we'd like to do. We've brought a proposal with us, so could you take a look at it?
Showing the notes she has composed, Rin explains her proposal, to which Sierokarte listens with interest.
Sierokarte: I see, I see… You should know that if you want to go ahead with this, it will cost quite a hefty sum…
Sierokarte: Hmmm… to put all these ideas into action, the realistic cost will amount to… let's see…
The amount calculated by Sierokarte is far above what the three girls could hope to afford.
Rin: I see… Looks like it's going to be difficult…
Sierokarte: Hee hee hee. Not to fear! I shall shoulder the costs for you.
Uzuki: Huh? Are you sure, Sierokarte-san?
Sierokarte: Yes indeed, on one condition. I can sense a large margin for profit, you see, so you have to let me in on it, too!
Rin: Thanks, Sierokarte-san. Well then, I have a few requests I'd like to make…
And so, with the help of Sierokarte, Rin is able to propose several requests and procure the things she needs.
The best venue is a valley that has good acoustics, which they are offered as a reward for slaying the area's monsters.
Rin: So this plain is the best place, huh? Thanks, (Captain)-san, and everyone.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! If this is something you wanna do, Rin, then we're with you all the way!
Rin: So, about the monsters that are nesting in the earth around here…
Vyrn: We don't know what they look like… But judging by the winding patterns they leave in the dirt, I guess they're some kinda snake?
Rin: Hmm… there are no bite wounds on the victims, and it seems like several come out at a time, so perhaps it's a different species…
Uzuki: Rin-chan, it's like you're like a real skyfarer...
Rin: I guess… by doing my best to learn about skyfarers, I figured I could gain something as a pop idol, as well.
Vyrn: Heh heh! And thanks to that, you helped us out, too!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Monsters! Looks like they're not the ones from the request, though. Don't let your guards down!

Never Forget: Scene 2

When asked why Sierokarte is willing to go so far for their concert, he answers that it seems like an incredible business opportunity and wishes to see for himself how far it can go. In the midst of their discussion, Sierokarte feels a strange presence. It turns out to be the monster the crew was hired to take out.

(Captain)'s party takes care of the monsters, and turns its attention to searching the ground for the monsters in the request.
Rin: Hmm… Judging by the width, the stage and seating should go around here… and the stage should face the sunlight, like so…
Sierokarte: I see you're hard at work, Rin-san! How are things proceeding?
Rin: Oh, Sierokarte-san. Some other monsters showed up, but there's been no sign of the monsters in the request.
Sierokarte: I see… It would be so good if we could make this plan a success…
Rin: …Hey, Sierokarte-san… Why are you helping us out so much?
Sierokarte: Hee hee hee. Why? That's because this plan presents an excellent sales opportunity, of course.
Sierokarte: I am a merchant, after all! It's beneficial for me to observe the practical efficacy of various advertising methods, you know.
Rin: Hee hee… right. So our world's know-how is being passed on over here, as well.
Sierokarte: Oh! Rin-san, I believe I feel a strange presence…
Rafflesia: Shhhccccccccchhhhhh!
Vyrn: Argh! So these are the monsters we've been looking for! Let's go, (Captain)!

Never Forget: Scene 3

(Captain) and company watch Rin, Mio and Uzuki rehearse on the stage set up by Sierokarte. The infamous landsharks making a name for themselves as of late barge into the scene. The crew does not allow them to interfere and a battle ensues.

And so, after dealing with the monsters that had been nesting in the earth, the party sets about constructing the stage.
A few days later, a magnificent stage has been completed.
Rin: We did it!
Uzuki: Yay! Sierokarte-san, thanks so much for your help!
Mio: But wow, thank goodness we could find a sponsor in this world!
Sierokarte: Hee hee, don't mention it. This will be a valuable learning experience for me, as well…
Rin: …Hey, Uzuki, Mio. What do you say we get our rehearsal underway?
Uzuki: Yeah! Wow, this feels so nostalgiac…
Mio: All right! I'm gonna play my part, as well!
The three of them quickly climb onto the stage and begin to practice.
Without wavering once, the girls each display their perfect synchronization with one another. By the end, the party is amazed.
Lyria: Wow! You were all incredible from start to finish!
Vyrn: Man! You guys are crazy good!
Rin: Hee hee… Actually, we were going to perform these songs at our next concert in our world.
Uzuki: Yeah! We've been practicing them for ages!
Mio: Hee hee, I've been practicing in secret, even when I'm not with Shiburin and Shimamu…
Rin: And I guess you've been doing the same, huh, Uzuki?
Uzuki: Hee hee… you guessed it!
Rin: …That's great! Then we'll have no problems with the performance.
Rin: This is the concert the producer designed, so we're going to make it succeed, no matter what!
Uzuki: Yeah!
Mio: You got it!
Sierokarte: Oho… So this is something that was created by this producer of theirs, huh?
Sierokarte: Hee hee… There are people in the world who come up with some amazing things.
And so, the three girls continue their rehearsal, watched over by (Captain) and the others…
Thug: Well, well, well… what's goin' on 'ere, then?
Vyrn: Huh? Who in the sky are you guys?
Thug: What d'you mean? We let our pets loose for some exercise around here, and they went 'n' disappeared, so we're lookin' for 'em.
Vyrn: What are you talking about? The only things around here were those weird plant monsters.
Thug: Gah! Don't tell me you went and…
Sierokarte: Ahem. You folk wouldn't happen to be from that infamous group of land sharks, now, would you?
Rin: Land sharks? We're gonna need a bigger sword…
Sierokarte: Hmm? More and more people have been breeding monsters to drive people away from land so that they can claim it!
Thug: Damn it! Go spout your moral lecture someplace else!
Vyrn: So you guys've been after this land, huh? You think we'd let you mess things up for Rin and the others? Think again!

Never Forget: Scene 4

Rin, Uzuki, and Mio's concert brings in a much bigger audience than expected, blowing away Sierokarte's expectations. As this was the first live ever for the people of this world, the trio taught them how to beat their hands and rock out to the music. Seeing the audience have such a great time served as an important reminder for her; singing is invaluable to her in bringing a smile to people's faces.

After a great fuss, the party finally sees off the land sharks and secures the safety of the area.
For the next few days, the three girls continue their rehearsals while the event is advertised.
Spectator 1: Hey, do you know what's gonna happen? I heard there's this amazing song…
Spectator 2: I wonder! I'm sure curious about that slogan in the advertisement... "Your ticket to a different world"!
Lyria: Wow! So many people have gathered!
Sierokarte: Hee hee. It seems this event has more customer-pulling potential than I had anticipated…
Mio: All right! Are you guys ready?
Rin: Yeah!
Uzuki: Yeah!
Mio: OK, here we go!
Rin: Um… hello everyone, thank you for coming tonight to hear our performance.
Rin: This is our first time performing a concert here, but… we'll give it everything we've got!
Rin: Well then, please listen to our first song. We hope you'll enjoy it!
And so, the three girls' performance begins.
Spectator 1: I see what they meant now… This is amazing…
Spectator 2: Hey, so what're we supposed to do? I get the feeling we're supposed to join in somehow, but I'm not sure what…
Rin: (…That's right, this is their first time at a live show…)
Rin: OK, everyone, clap your hands to the beat! Let's go!
As she shouts out, Rin sees the audience start to clap to the rhythm.
Spectator 1: Clap? Oh! Er… so I put my hands together like this, huh?
Spectator 2: Ha ha ha! I'm getting it! I'm getting it! Look, I'm… I'm clapping!
Rin: Hee hee. Seeing you all smile makes us happy, too! Let's enjoy ourselves today!
Rin: And now we have our next song… This is one means a lot to us…
Rin: We'd like to share some of our magic with you all! Please listen to this song, the one that connects us to our awesome supporters!
And thus, the girls' concert is a roaring success with the crowd, ending with huge cheers and ovations.
Rin: (Our song made everyone smile… that's the most important thing for us!)
Rin: (Look at us, Producer. Even in this faraway world… we're keeping up the pace!)
Even as a visitor in a different world, Rin's convictions have held firm, and she has not wavered in her path.
And the time will come when her song will light up the faces of everyone in the sky…