Scenario:Rita - Reports of a Hammerhead

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Reports of a Hammerhead

In a tavern, the crew hears a rumor about a knight with a strange hairstyle. Suspecting that it may be the person that Rita is looking for, they make their way toward Carrion Hill, where the knight is said to be heading.

One day the party goes out to town to buy ingredients for dinner when something unexpected occurs.
Lyria: Yum, yum... Gulp. More please!
Rita: You sure eat a lot... I'm getting full just watching you.
Lyria: Huh? Aren't you going to eat, Rita? The food here is really good!
Rita: Thanks, but I don't need it. I'm a zombie.
Katalina: Hehe... I understand, but it's not that you can't eat, right? Why don't you go ahead and order?
Rackam: So do you prefer meat?
Rita: Did you ask that because I'm a zombie?
As they enjoy their meal, (Captain) overhears a conversation from a nearby table.
Tavern Customer 1: Man! That knight that was here the other day sure had a weird-looking hairstyle. It was like he had a cannon or a hammer on his head!
Tavern Customer 2: Hahaha! That was too funny! He said he was heading to Carrion Hill, but I wonder what business he had there?
Upon hearing this, Rita stiffens. Her usual somber look disappears as she intently listens in on the conversation.
Rita: It can't be...
Vyrn: Hey now, what's with the scary look all of a sudden? Did you get a stomach ache?
Rackam: I know! That knight with the weird hairstyle that those guys are talking about must be...
Rita: I can only think of one knight with a ridiculous hairstyle that can possibly described as a hammer.
Rita: Is he looking for me?
Katalina: It must be him. Let's ask for more details.
Katalina: Excuse me! You two... Huh?
Katalina turns to face the men, but she is too late.
Katalina: No... Did they leave already? We still have time. Let's go after them!
Rita: It's okay. We know enough already.
Lyria: She's right! Let's go to that Carrion Hill they were talking about!
Rita: Thank you for coming along with me.
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We were planning to go anyways!
Rackam: Yeah... So this is Carrion Hill. I wonder how it got its name?
Rackam: Haha, we met you at a strangely named place too, huh?
Rita: Maybe they're related. But who cares?
Katalina: I've heard this is where a fierce battle took place during the War. There was a vital fortress here, and it was fought over for half a year.
Rita: So it's a perfect place to use zombies.

Reports of a Hammerhead: Scene 2

Carrion Hill is said to be a place where countless deaths occurred during the War. Since Rita is a necromancer, the knight with the odd hairstyle may be searching for her in areas connected to death. As they are searching for him at Carrion Hill, a man's scream is heard.

The party deduce the location of Carrion Hill from the information they gain at the tavern and make their way there.
Also known as the "Crow's Platter", it is said that those who lost their lives in battle are still buried there today.
Rita: I see... He's going around places where many people have died, looking for a way to reach me.
Rita: Just because I'm a zombie, he searches where many have died... Simple thinking, but he's always been that way.
Lyria: So... Mister Hammer is going around looking for you.
Katalina: Now that I think about it, what's your relationship with the Hammerhead Knight? Is he someone special to you?
Rita: It's not like that... But I guess we have a history together. We journeyed together in search of the promised land.
Rita: We were suddenly attacked by a huge monster, and that idiot jumped on it. He's been missing ever since.
Rita: He really is a pain in my side...
???: Ahhhh!
Lyria: That was a man screaming! Could it be...
Rackam: We'd better hurry!
The party rushes over to find someone resembling a knight on the ground and deformed figures surrounding him.
Deformed Figure: !
Rita: First, let's take out the trash. This shouldn't take long.

Reports of a Hammerhead: Scene 3

The man on Carrion Hill does indeed have a strange hairstyle, but he is not the person Rita is looking for. Her search goes back to square one, but the party cheer Rita up and tell her they will do what they can to help. Gradually Rita opens her heart to the crew who accepts her as a zombie and a necromancer.

Man with Odd Hair: You saved me... I owe you! Thank you!
Katalina: Whew, I'm glad he's okay. Is that the person you're looking for?
Rita: ...
Rita: It's not him. He does have a unique hairstyle though.
Man with Odd Hair: Huh?
Rackam: Well... We tried. I'm sure we'll find him eventually though.
Katalina: At the very least, we were able to help someone in need. It wasn't a complete waste.
Katalina: Why are you here by the way?
Man with Odd Hair: Oh, I heard that there were many casualties and weapons from the War here, so I thought I could find some treasure...
Man with Odd Hair: Hm? Wait a minute... That girl! She's a zombie, isn't she?
Man with Odd Hair: Ack! Are you... the ghost of a dead soldier? Eeeeek!
Lyria: Please calm down! Rita is Rita! She's not someone to be afraid of!
Vyrn: That's right! You better not be making fun of our friend!
Man with Odd Hair: Gasp!
You're all in cahoots with the zombie?
Man with Odd Hair: Aahhhhh!
Lyria: Oh come on! Now you're just screaming!
Rita: It's okay. I'm used to it. The only people that don't look at me strangely are you guys... and my knight.
Rita: Come on, let's go. There's nothing left to do here.
Lyria: Sorry it wasn't him... But we can keep searching! I'm sure we'll find him eventually...
Rita: This isn't the first time I found the wrong guy, anyway. I'm in no hurry.
Katalina: That's right. Let us know if you ever find another clue. We're all willing to help.
Rackam: Yeah! Say, we didn't get to finish our meal earlier, so let's head back! You can eat meat, right, Rita?
Rita: Again, are you asking because I'm a zombie?
The man at Carrion Hill wasn't the one Rita was looking for. However, she didn't let it get to her.
It will take more time before she reveals more about herself and her circumstances.
Sensing that her life is complicated, the crew continues to quietly support her.