Scenario:Robomi - Keeping Secrets

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Keeping Secrets

Robomi leads (Captain) and company through town. She says she's looking for old clothes to give Nicholas as a present even though she hasn't been instructed to do so. They continue helping her even as they wonder whether something is wrong with her control circuit.

After ridding another island of abominations and finishing Robomi's calibrations, the crew is taking a short break.
Dr. Rashomon is wandering around the ship looking for Robomi.
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas, have you seen Robomi?
Nicholas: Huh? Robomi? Didn't she head into town with (Captain) and the others?
Dr. Rashomon: I see... Don't you think you should keep a closer eye on her?
Nicholas: Ha-ha... She'll be fine. She's not the sort who causes trouble.
Dr. Rashomon: You know... I feel like you've been slacking off lately when it comes to her.
Lyria: Um... What are you going to do in town, Robomi?
Robomi: Acquire materials.
Vyrn: Shouldn't we have brought Mecha-Nick along with us?
Robomi: Nicholas would impede task efficiency.
Lyria: Hmm... I'm not really sure what's going on here.
In spite of the doctor's misgivings, Robomi and the crew wander around town.
Robomi doesn't say much, and the crew follows her closely, unwilling to leave her to her own devices.
Robomi: Target acquired.
Robomi has stopped in the middle of the road and is staring at an unknown man.
Man: Huh? Aren't you the steel soldier who beat back all those monsters? Your name's Robomi, right?
Robomi: I require your assistance.
Man: Really? What can I do for you?
Robomi: Give me your old clothes.
Man: What? Clothes? And they have to be my old ones? Well, I suppose I have some lying about somewhere...
Vyrn: Hey... What do you want old clothes for anyway, Robomi?
Robomi: I will give them to Nicholas.
Lyria: What? But why?
Robomi: Nicholas gave me a hairpin. Reciprocation is required.
Vyrn: Hmm... So as thanks for the hairpin, you'll give him someone else's old clothes? I'm not sure he'll be happy with that...
Vyrn: (Captain), you don't suppose there's something wrong with her control doohickey or whatnot, do you?
Lyria: I'm starting to get a little worried about Robomi's behavior.
Vyrn: Never mind that! Look! She's gone off with that guy!
Lyria: Oh no! Let's go after her! Come on, (Captain)!

Keeping Secrets: Scene 2

When the locals hear that Robomi is collecting old clothes, they are happy to unload a mountain of theirs on her. Some thugs accost the crew about this, and one of them knocks the clothes out of Robomi's hands. Her immediate response is to prepare to launch a special attack routine, and the crew rushes to stop her.

The rumor of Robomi trawling the town for old clothes spreads like wildfire.
Woman: Hee-hee. This is perfect! The new recycling rules made getting rid of clothes such a hassle.
Disguising their actions as helpfulness, the townspeople bring more and more clothes to Robomi.
Vyrn: Wow... That's a lot of clothes. Isn't this enough?
Robomi: Acquisition complete. Now commencing selection process.
Lyria: Hee-hee... So it seems she won't accept just any old clothes.
Vyrn: Hmm... This is making less and less sense.
Robomi sifts through the pile, setting aside suitable clothes and burning the rest.
Robomi: Selection complete. Materials acquisition successful. Now returning to base.
Vyrn: So you're finished? Do you really think Mecha-Nick will like this present of yours?
Robomi: This is the optimal gift with which to thank Nicholas.
Robomi: Of all the available candidates, this present has the highest probability of being accepted with gratitude.
Lyria: I see. If you think so, who are we to disagree?
Vyrn: Hmm... If that's true, then Mecha-Nick is even stranger than I thought...
The crew, accompanied by Robomi carrying a large pile of old clothes, starts heading back to the research vessel. On the way, however, some men approach to block their path.
Thug 1: What do we have here? You must be the ones we heard were wanderin' around collectin' old clothes.
Vyrn: Great... Figures we'd run into trouble...
Robomi: Yes. The townspeople gave me their old clothes.
Thug 2: Heh-heh. So you're too poor to buy your own, eh?
Robomi: None of these clothes are suitable for my body.
Thug 1: What? But if you ain't gonna wear 'em, why bother with 'em in the first place? Just what are you in to, freak?
Vyrn: This isn't going anywhere. Let's just get back to the ship.
Robomi: Understood. Returning to base.
Thug 1: Huh? Nobody ignores us!
The bandit grins evilly as he knocks the pile of clothes out of Robomi's hands.
Vyrn: Hey! What did you do that for?
Robomi: ...
Robomi's expression doesn't change in any obvious way, but there's a clear and alarming shift in her bearing.
Lyria: Um... Robomi? Are you okay?
Robomi: Hostility detected.
Lyria: What?
Robomi: Now charging weapons.
Vyrn: Hey! (Captain), what do we do? She looks like she might actually fire on these guys!
Robomi: State of emergency confirmed. Now preparing to override approval requirements for Hyper-Megaton Kick.
Thug 2: Ha-ha! What's she talking about?
Robomi: Targets acquired. Commencing extermination.
Vyrn: Oh no! She's really going to do it! We better knock these guys out before Robomi takes them out permanently!

Keeping Secrets: Scene 3

When the crew returns to the research vessel, Nicholas is shocked by the clothes Robomi is carrying. She says that they are to thank him for the hairpin he gave her. He's actually delighted, because the old clothes are perfect for cleaning up grease in the workshop.

(Captain) and company defeat the thugs before the uncharacteristically angry Robomi can fire her special attack.
This seems to calm her down, and she joins (Captain) and the others as they continue back to the ship.
Nicholas: What? I can't believe Robomi just snapped.
Vyrn: I'm telling you, it was a nightmare!
Nicholas: So tell me exactly what happened out there.
Lyria: Um... I think Robomi will be here shortly. Maybe she can explain things better.
Robomi shows up, still carrying the large pile of old clothes.
Robomi: For you, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Huh? What's all this?
Robomi: A thank-you for the hairpin.
Nicholas: Whoa... Are you serious?
Vyrn: Um... She went to town just to collect all these for you, Mecha-Nick.
Lyria: Exactly! She went to a lot of trouble to get this present for you!
Vyrn: So... you don't have to be ecstatic, but try not to tick her off again at least.
Nicholas: Are you kidding? This is great!
Vyrn: Seriously? You mean you're actually happy to get some nasty old clothes?
Nicholas: Sure. They're great for cleaning up grease, and the stuff Robomi picked out is perfect.
Lyria: Oh? So, Robomi... Did you perhaps pick clothes just to use them as rags?
Robomi: That is correct, Lyria. I selected these clothes based on their material and quality of weave.
Nicholas: Interesting. Robomi, I had no idea that you had such an eye for detail.
Vyrn: Hmm... And here we were thinking that something was wrong with Robomi, or that you have some odd fascination with old clothes.
Nicholas: Of course not!
Nicholas: But anyway...
Nicholas: Thank you, Robomi. I was just about to run out of rags.
Robomi: ...
Robomi: It is good that the present is acceptable to you.
Vyrn: I see. Only Mecha-Nick would be happy to get something like that.
Lyria: Hee-hee. A lot of thought went into this present. Robomi, you must really love Nicholas to go to so much trouble!
Robomi: Love?
Nicholas: Wha? Robomi!
Lyria: Snap out of it, Robomi!
And so their short reprieve comes to an end.
Robomi has surprised the crew with her eye for detail, the reasons for which would soon become clear.