Scenario:Rosamia - A Familiar Voice

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A Familiar Voice

A researcher involved with the mask has been captured by the imperial army. The crew head toward the prison to stage a rescue but are blocked by a remnant of Rosamia's past; an imperial officer with a familiar voice.

According to wild rumors, someone with ties to the mask has been captured by the Erste Empire.
Fearing that it may be one of Rosamia's family members, the crew heads to the military prison.
Rosamia: The person on this wanted poster... It can't be!
Katalina: Is it really your family member?
Rosamia: No. This is an imperial researcher.
Rosamia: He helped me escape the research facility.
Vyrn: But look, the picture is crossed out. That means he got caught, right? What's gonna happen to him?
Rosamia: The price for allowing a secret of the imperial army to escape is death.
Vyrn: Say what? That's awful!
Rosamia: (We should leave him. There's nothing to be gained from helping him.)
Rosamia: I can't abandon my liberator. Even if I have to do it alone.
Vyrn: Hah! We'd lose face as a crew if we didn't help our friends!
Rosamia: Ugh! (It's that voice again!)
Rosamia: (He may have helped me escape but he was still a mask researcher. Why save him?)
Rosamia: (Did (Captain)'s compassion rub off on me, too?)
Vyrn: Hehe! We've already come this far! Let's go! (Captain)!
Captain: Well, well. Looks like we've got visitors.
Vyrn: Ack! We've been spotted!
Rosamia: That armor... He's not a normal soldier. A lieutenant, perhaps? Why is he here?
Captain: You're that test subject if I'm not mistaken. Did you come to turn yourself in?
Rosamia: There's no mistaking that voice.
Captain: Draw your swords!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Vyrn: Here they come! Get ready, (Captain)!
Captain: Attack!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes Sir!

A Familiar Voice: Scene 2

The crew finds a small opening in the army's formation and rescues the researcher. They attempt to escape but once again the imposing imperial officer stands before them. Rosamia faces off against him once more.

The imperials drop their guard for just an instant and the crew makes a break for it.
They find the researcher and prepare to make their escape.
Researcher: I was a goner. I never thought you'd come to save me.
Rosamia: What a nuisance. You should be more considerate to those that clean up your mess.
Researcher: Wahahaha! Harsh, as always!
Rosamia: No time for chit-chat. They've found us.
Captain: Humph. There you are! You can forget about escaping!
Vyrn: Argh, can't you take the hint? We'll just keep kicking your butts!
Captain: Listen men! They won't be able to keep fighting for long! Eventually she'll lose control!
Rosamia: Sorry to burst your bubble but I won't lose control to this mask ever again.
Captain: Well, isn't that interesting.
Rosamia: I've learned how to keep the mask under control.
Rosamia: It's all thanks to you, even though you're my enemy.
Captain: Hahaha! Well, you're welcome, but I have no idea what you're thanking me for!
Captain: Control? How about you show me this control of yours? Get them!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes sir!

A Familiar Voice: Scene 3

The imperials are driven back and given the command to retreat. Before they leave, the commander lets slip that Rosamia's family is still safe. Later, new modifications to the mask are made by the researcher. No longer resigned to a fate dictated by the mask, she walks the path of war until the day the empire falls and her family is safe.

Rosamia: You don't stand a chance against me with the mask under my control. As an officer of the army, you understand, don't you?
Captain: Very well! You leave me no choice!
Captain: All members! Retreat!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Soldiers: ...
Soldiers: Huh?
Rosamia: A wise decision. It'd be shameful to harm those running away with their tails between their legs.
Captain: Tch!
Soldier: Commander! We can still fight! There's no way we'd run with the enemy in front of us!
Captain: Idiot! Can't you see the difference in power? I won't waste lives on futile efforts!
Captain: I will take full responsibility! Now all of you, fall back!
Soldiers: Yes sir!
Captain: Rosamia, was it? I'll let you go this time but I will hunt you down. Your family as well. Don't forget that.
Rosamia: So they haven't been caught yet.
Rosamia: I don't know if you told me out of kindness or let it slip like a fool, but thanks for telling me.
Captain: Curses!
Captain: Move out!
Soldiers: Sir! Yes sir!
(Captain) and company successfully escape the imperial prison.
Researcher: Whew... That should do it. You should be able to use the modified mask's powers even more efficiently now.
Vyrn: Can't you just turn it off or something instead of modifying it?
Rosamia: Impossible. Like I said, it's not that simple.
Researcher: I'm sorry. This is all I can do at the moment.
Rosamia: That's fine. Besides, I still need this power.
Rosamia: I will crush the Empire's schemes and return to my family.
Branded as the Masked Traitor, Rosamia's struggle is not over yet.
No longer resigned to a fate dictated by the mask, she vows to change it by using her own strength.
She walks the path of war until the day the empire falls and her family is safe.