Scenario:Rosamia - Cursebreaker

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Rosamia regains control of herself after a raid on an imperial research facility. A letter reveals that her family was captured and executed by the Empire. Her vow for vengeance is met with melancholic silence.

Rosamia (SR) not in crew

As (Captain) and company continue on their journey to Estalucia, they run into a solitary swordswoman named Rosamia.
Vyrn: It's like she wants to face that monster all by herself! What is she thinking?
Rosamia: I don't need your help. I mean it! Leave!
Vyrn: Yeah, right. As if we'd leave behind someone in trouble!
(Captain), sensing desperation and sadness in the warrior's reckless swings, provides cover despite her earlier rebuke.
Rosamia: The Erste Empire created this mask. The wearer loses all sense of self. It controls them, makes them fight beyond their limits.
Rosamia was once a test subject for this new invention of the Erste Empire.
She has been defying the Empire alone ever since she managed to escape. At first, she wants nothing to do with the crew.
Rosamia: Is that my Thunder Rapier? No, it can't be! Why do you have it?
Her parents had entrusted the sword to her, but it was confiscated by the imperial army. Somehow it found its way into (Captain)'s hands.
She never thought she'd see that beloved blade again. Rosamia relents and works together with the crew.
Rosamia continues to travel with the crew while resisting the bloodthirsty call of the cursed mask.
They arrive at a research facility that had conducted experiments on the mask.
Rosamia and the crew infiltrate the lab, hoping to find some clues for lifting the curse.
Monster: Rooaar!
Rosamia: ...!
A fierce battle breaks out as they find themselves caught in a trap. Rosamia fights alone against an imperial-controlled monster.
The monster lunges again and again, but Rosamia parries each blow with her rapier. At last, she unleashes the energy she'd been patiently gathering within her talismans.
Rosamia: ...!
(Captain) and company hurry over to check on Rosamia.
She stands there, stock still, her once bright eyes now drained of emotion.
Lyria: Be careful, (Captain)! Something's wrong with her! She's not our Rosamia!
Vyrn: Huh? Did she lose control to the mask?
Lyria: That's what it looks like. There's a ton of malice swirling inside her right now! What do we do, (Captain)?
Rosamia: ...
Vyrn: Hey, uh... She hasn't moved an inch but she's been eyeballin' us this whole time.
Rosamia: ...!
Vyrn: Yikes! I don't think she recognizes us anymore! Let's get outta here!
Rosamia: Hah!
Lyria: Rosamia!
Rosamia: Huff... Huff... The mask's grip on me just... vanished. Did something happen?
Lyria: It's weird. There was all this negative energy inside you. But now it's gone, like it was never there.
Rosamia: Whatever the case, I'm able to control the mask now, it seems.
Vyrn: Seriously? Didn't you always have a hard time resisting that thing?
Rosamia: Yes, but it looks like I don't have to fight it any more. I don't know what happened, but if we want answers, we'll have to ask the mask's creator.
Imperial Soldier 1: There they are! Over there!
Rosamia: Imperial grunts. I'll start by asking them myself.
Rosamia plunges into the group of soldiers without another word.
Vyrn: W-wait! After her, (Captain)!
Rosamia runs through the facility, relying on her memories to point the way forward. Before long, she reaches a particularly familiar area.
Rosamia: I remember this place. This is where they put the mask on me.
Lab Tech: Gasp! It's you!
Rosamia: Long time no see.
Lab Tech: Don't come near me, you... monster!
Rosamia: I have no intention of letting you leave. What I want is payback. Payback for this curse you put on me.
Lab Tech: B-but we don't know how to remove the curse... yet! Yes, that's it! Please, just give me more time!
Rosamia: You've had plenty of time. So much so, in fact, that I've already gained some control over the mask.
Lab Tech: Impossible! You were able to subjugate the mask on your own?
Rosamia: It would appear that way. I won't bend to its will any longer. That which you fear most is now within my grasp.
Rosamia: And now, I'm going to burn it all. This abominable research lab, your experiments—everything will be torched to ashes.
Lab Tech: Listen, we know your family's whereabouts! If the mood should strike us, we'll—
Rosamia: You'll what? If anything happens to my family, that's just one more thing you'll have to pay for.
Lab Tech: Gulp.
(Captain) and company find the test room ablaze. The fleeting shape of a woman flits from test subject to test subject, releasing them from their restraints.
Rosamia: Don't worry. Your masks are broken now.
Subject 1: We're saved...
Subject 2: If we hurry, we should be able to escape without them noticing us.
Subject 1: Yeah, I'm coming. Sorry I can't offer you a proper thanks.
Rosamia: ...
Vyrn: Hey, you okay, Rosamia?
Rosamia: Yes.
Vyrn: I can't believe you trashed this entire Imperial lab by yourself.
The crew feel the intense heat of the burning rubble on their backs as they walk away.
Rosamia: How strange. The mask is being obedient. I don't even have to focus on controlling it.
Rosamia: Not that it matters anymore.
Lyria: Huh?
Rosamia produces a single sheet of paper with a large X drawn across the center.
Lyria: What's this?
Rosamia: It's a list of test subjects, and their relatives.
Rosamia: My name is on here. My family is also on here. And this X through their names? Everyone, except for me, has been disposed of.
Lyria: That can't be...
Rosamia: There's no stopping me now.
Rosamia: I got rid of the researcher. But I won't stop there. Not until I've crushed the Erste Empire into dust.
Rosamia: I won't stop until the day I get revenge for what they did to my family.
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Rosamia: I'm going to my room.
The search for clues yields the worst possible outcome.
Rosamia resigns herself to a fate of never-ending conflict. The crew struggles to think of something to say, but the only thing that comes out is silence.
Rosamia: The fighting never ends. It can't end.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: I should rest.
She removes the scabbard from her waist but freezes when her hand touches the mask.
Rosamia: !
She runs over to the mirror.
Rosamia: No! What is the meaning of this?
No matter how hard she pulls, the mask won't come off. It's as if the mask itself is now part of her skin.
Rosamia: Ngh, agh...
Her hands fall listlessly to her sides when she notices blood trickling along the edges of the mask.
Rosamia: I can't take it off...
She thought she had conquered the mask, but that wasn't the truth.
Words fail her. All she can do is stare as the mask's dreadful power heals her broken flesh.