Scenario:Rosamia - Recollection and Conquest

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Recollection and Conquest

Rosamia's mask attempts to take control over her, which causes her to remember a past conversation with Lieutenant Galston. The imperial officer had told Rosamia to make the mask's power her own. Will she succeed in doing so?

Rosamia was a test subject for a mask developed by the Erste Empire's military.
She gains abnormal fighting ability at the expense of losing herself to the mask. Even so, she is welcomed into the crew.
Rosamia fights alongside (Captain) using the power of the mask, but the fear of losing control is always present.
Rosamia: Haaa!
Monster: Gwoargh...
Rosamia: Looks like everything's in order...
Ngh... Ugh...
Katalina: What's wrong?
Rosamia: I can't... The mask... Get away from me!
Katalina: This isn't good! The mask is starting to go berserk! Get ready, (Captain)!
Rosamia: Don't come any closer... Ngh... Aaaahh!
Rosamia: (The mask controls me. It erases my will, my fatigue, and even my pain. All I'm left with is the need to fight.)
Rosamia: (It's meaningless to resist the mask. They call me a friend, unaware like lambs to the slaughter.)
Rosamia: (...)
Rosamia: (Someone once told me about the actions we take when cornered.)
Stranger: It's not going well, is it? Looks like you got into another scuffle.
Rosamia: (Who was he? Must've been a commanding officer.)
Past Rosamia: You're Lieutenant Galston? What does the commander of a different squad want with me?
Lieutenant Galston: Hah! Internal fighting will not be tolerated.
Lieutenant Galston: Listen. They're lashing out because they feel cornered. They're still coming to grips with their newfound powers.
Rosamia: (That's right. I had just become a test subject for the mask.)
Rosamia: (I never got along with the others. Then one day someone from another squad offered me some advice.)
Lieutenant Galston: Instead of confrontation, work toward a common goal. You'll find that cooperation works better for winning allies.
Past Rosamia: But I can't imagine them cooperating with me. What am I supposed to do?
Rosamia: (That's right. I was just as lost then as I am now.)
Lieutenant Galston: Are you a coward? Don't let my expectations of you go to waste! Believe in yourself!
Rosamia: (Now I remember how foolish I was, to the point that an outside officer had to intervene. All because I couldn't get along with others.)
Rosamia: (Don't force it. Take it one step at a time.)
Rosamia: (I've been so caught up in repressing the rampages.)
Rosamia: (Believe in myself, huh?)
Rosamia regains her composure, pulling back from the fury that had clouded her vision.
She thrusts the sword she had been brandishing at (Captain) into the ground and calmly closes her eyes.
Rosamia: I shouldn't repress the power of the mask. I should accept it, and make it my own.
Her eyes remain closed, trembling fingers still grasping the hilt.
She stops fighting the mask. Her grip on the sword slowly slackens and falls away from the weapon entirely.
Rosamia: The bloodlust has subsided...
Vyrn: Hey... Are you all right?
Rosamia: I told you to keep your distance. I'm surprised a bunch of softies like you are still in one piece.
Vyrn: There you go thinking aloud again. We were worried about you.
Katalina: We didn't want anything bad to happen.
Rosamia: You were worried about me?
Vyrn: After all this time we've been traveling together? Of course we were!
Rosamia: I didn't ask for your concern.
Rosamia: Nor do I recall ever asking for your help. We should go our separate ways. I don't want to see you hurt because of me.
  1. We'll help you in your time of need.
  2. Don't be a coward!

Choose: We'll help you in your time of need.

Rosamia: Even if it puts you in danger? You would sacrifice yourself for a crew member?
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Choose: Don't be a coward!

Rosamia: !
Vyrn: Whoa... There's no need to yell, (Captain).
Rosamia: You'll only tire yourself out by raising your voice.

Continue 1

Rosamia: (Unbelievable. So they really were worried about me.)
Rosamia: (Perhaps spending time with them has been good for me.)
Rosamia: (Is that why I've finally accepted the advice I received during my darkest days with the empire?)
Vyrn: What's up? Still worried about the mask taking over?
Katalina: You showed us you can keep it in check. Surely you can do it again.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: (Fools. All of them. What is there to gain from exposing themselves to danger just to save me?)
Rosamia: Thank you. I'm happy to hear that. I didn't think it would be so difficult to say that.
Rosamia: Gasp!
Vyrn: Er... Was that sincerity I heard?
Rosamia: Let's move. We'll have to deal with monsters again if we linger.
Rosamia: (Strange. I was able to express gratitude. The old me would've never thought to do that.)
Vyrn: Hold up! Hey! Rosamia!
Traveling with the crew has given Rosamia the means to resist the pull of the mask.
But is that enough to overcome the mask's curse? Fate's arrival is still off in the horizon.