Scenario:Rosamia - Recollection and Conquest

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Recollection and Conquest

Rosamia begins to succumb to the mask after a battle with monsters. In a dream-like state, she remembers an army officer's advice; take the mask's power for yourself. Will the curse be broken or will she conquer the mask? Only time will tell.

Rosamia was a test subject for a mask developed by the Erste Empire's military.
She gains abnormal fighting ability at the expense of losing herself to the mask. Even so, she is welcomed into the crew.
Rosamia fights alongside (Captain) using the power of the mask but the fear of losing control is always present.
Rosamia: Haaa!
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Rosamia: Looks like everything's in order... Ngh... Ugh...
Katalina: What's wrong?
Rosamia: It's no good... The mask... Get away!
Katalina: Oh no! The mask is starting to go berserk! Get ready, (Captain)!
Rosamia: Get back... Ngh... Aaaaaaahh!
Rosamia: (The mask controls me. It takes my will, my fatigue, and even my pain. All I can do is keep fighting.)
Rosamia: (It's meaningless to resist the mask. I must cut down those fools who once called me their friend.)
Rosamia: (...)
Rosamia: (Resist... That word brings back memories.)
Stranger: It's not going well, is it. It seems she was involved in another scuffle.
Rosamia: (Who was that? Must've been a squad leader.)
Rosamia, long ago: You're Lieutenant Galston? You're not in charge of my squad. Why did you—
2nd Lt. Galston: Hah! Such fights are unpardonable.
2nd Lt. Galston: It's only natural that they'd push back when being pushed. After all, they've been recklessly given power as well.
Rosamia: (That's right. I had just become a test subject for the mask.)
Rosamia: (I never got along with the others. Then one day, someone from another squad gave me some advice.)
2nd Lt. Galston: Instead of resisting them, work together with them, slowly. If you do that, they will eventually be of use to you.
Rosamia, long ago: But for them to cooperate with me... What should I do?
Rosamia: (Even then I didn't know the best course of action.)
2nd Lt. Galston: Idiot! Don't let my expectations of you go to waste! Believe in your strength!
Rosamia: (I remember it all. He was definitely not the clever type. His truthfulness always brought him trouble.)
Rosamia: (He said don't resist.)
Rosamia: (Up until now, all I had thought about was repressing my rampages.)
Rosamia: (Believe in your strength, was it?)
Rosamia regains her composure, but her vision is still a sea of white.
She thrusts the sword she had been brandishing at (Captain) into the ground and calmly closes her eyes.
Rosamia: I shouldn't repress the power of the mask. I should accept it, and make it my own.
Her eyes remain closed, trembling fingers still grasping the hilt.
She stops fighting the mask and slowly withdraws her hand from the sword.
Rosamia: It stopped...
Vyrn: Hey... Are you all right?
Rosamia: I said get back. You're too naive. I'm surprised a bunch of softies like you are still in one piece.
Vyrn: There you go thinking aloud again. We were worried about you.
Katalina: We didn't want anything to go wrong.
Rosamia: You were worried?
Vyrn: Of course! We've been together all this time, after all!
Rosamia: So what?
Rosamia: I don't recall ever asking you for help. We should go our separate ways. I'll only end up hurting you.
  1. We’ll help you when you’re in danger.
  2. Idiots!

Choose: We’ll help you when you’re in danger.

Rosamia: Even if it puts you in danger? Are you saying you'd sacrifice yourself for another?
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Choose: Idiots!

Rosamia: !
Vyrn: Aw, there's no need to yell, (Captain).
Rosamia: You'll only tire yourself out by raising your voice.

Continue 1

Rosamia: (So they really were worried about me.)
Rosamia: (Perhaps spending time with such naively honest people has been good for me.)
Rosamia: (They take things at face value. Have I finally accepted the advice that I've been rejecting since those vile days in the army because of them?)
Vyrn: So, what's the problem? Still worried about the rampages?
Katalina: You showed us you can keep it in check. Surely you can do it again.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: (Fools. All of them. Why expose yourself to so much danger for my sake? Do people like that really exist?)
Rosamia: Thank you. I'm happy to hear that. It's so hard to put these feelings into words.
Rosamia: Gasp!
Vyrn: Was that sincerity I heard in your voice?
Rosamia: Let's move. We'll have to deal with monsters again if we stick around here.
Rosamia: (Strange. I was able to express gratitude. The old me would've never thought to do that.)
Vyrn: Hold up! Hey! Rosamia!
Traveling with the crew has given Rosamia the means to resist the power of the mask.
Will the curse be broken or will she make it her own? The fated conclusion has yet to be reached.