Scenario:Rosamia - Sugar-coated Lie

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Sugar-coated Lie

The crew finds Rosamia at an imperial garrison that's up in flames. They come under attack from the same test subjects they had freed earlier from the research facility.

Vyrn: Hey, is she over there?
Lyria: No, I can't find her anywhere. Where could Rosamia be?
Rosamia has slipped away and the crew is searching for her in the city. There's no sign of her so far.
They split up to cover more ground. That's when they start hearing the rumors.
Resident: Did ya hear? Someone—or something—attacked the imperial army garrison.
Resident: Whatever it is, they say it's using talismans. Honestly, it sounds like bunk to me.
Vyrn: That's gotta be Rosamia, (Captain)!
Lyria: We have to hurry! She's in danger!
Resident: And would you believe it? There might actually be three of them... Aw, they ran off! And I was just getting to the good part, too...
Rosamia: ...
Hellish flames dance across what was once an imperial outpost.
Vyrn: This is crazy! Rosamia, where are you?
Imperial Soldier 1: Retreat! Don't leave anyone behind!
Imperial Soldier 1: Yaaagh!
Rosamia: Retribution. Yes, this is retribution.
Vyrn: Well, we found her, but she's acting all weird.
Lyria: That's enough, Rosamia! Please, stop this already!
Rosamia: I told you, didn't I? This doesn't end until I annihilate the Empire.
Vyrn: No! This is going too far!
Rosamia: I lost my family to the Empire's schemes! I'll never get to see their faces again!
Vyrn: ...!
Her anguished cries pierce the hearts of (Captain) and company.
As they look on in silence, they are approached by menacing figures.
Subject 1: Enemies?
Subject 2: Yeah...
Vyrn: Those are the prisoners we set free the other day. What are they doing back with the Empire?
Rosamia: The Empire must be holding their families hostage as well.
Rosamia: Unfortunately, it seems we have no choice but to fight them. Come on, (Captain).

Sugar-coated Lie: Scene 2

The test subjects are repelled but they keep getting back up. Meanwhile, the imperial soldiers take this time to surround both the test subjects and the crew.

Subject 1: Gwah!
Lyria: There's something strange about them, (Captain)!
Rosamia: That's right, Lyria. I suggest you stay back if you want to remain in one piece.
Vyrn: What!
Subject 1: Not yet...
Heavy blows rain down on the test subjects, but they remain upright and unfazed, ready to continue the attack.
Vyrn: They just won't quit!
Lyria: That's not all! It's like they're—
(Captain) already knows what Lyria is about to say.
Nothing is normal about the way the test subjects fight, but (Captain) has witnessed a similar power before.
Rosamia: That's right. They're using the power of the mask, just like me.
Vyrn: You're joking! I thought you destroyed their masks the other day!
Rosamia: Once the mask finds a suitable subject, there's no way to escape its curse.
Rosamia: Getting rid of the mask itself changes nothing.
Vyrn: This uh, kinda isn't funny anymore, Rosamia...
Rosamia: ...
Imperial Soldier 1: There! Those are the attackers! Hey! Bring the reinforcements!
Vyrn: Ack! Imperial soldiers!
Imperial Soldier 2: The three test subjects are the culprits! Melee fighters, do not engage! Are the mages and summoners here yet?
Lyria: The three test subjects?
Imperial Soldier 1: Gwah!
Subject 1: You shouldn't be so chatty when there's an enemy in front of you.
Rosamia: My thoughts exactly. We don't have time to talk either, (Captain).

Sugar-coated Lie: Scene 3

Eugen arrives and exposes the truth that the mask had already taken control of Rosamia earlier. Pushed into a corner, a showdown explodes between the controlled Rosamia and the crew.

Subject 2: Augh!
Vyrn: What do we do? They're just gonna get up again!
Rosamia: We'll just keep knocking them down, end of story.
Vyrn: How can you say that so casually in the middle of an enemy base? Let's hightail it!
Rosamia: Wait!
Rosamia: The mask turns people into mindless, bloodthirsty machines.
Rosamia: (Letting them go will only result in harm to innocent bystanders!)
Rosamia: And I've finally harnessed that power!
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: What? Are you all there, Rosamia?
Rosamia: ...!
Imperial soldiers surround the crew while they argue.
Imperial Soldier 1: That's enough, you scoundrels!
Imperial Soldier 2: Cursed lab rats! I'd heard rumors of your ruthlessness, but this is outrageous!
Imperial Soldier 1: We already know your family's whereabouts! If you keep resisting, who knows what could happen to them!
Rosamia: ...!
Vyrn: What? But Rosamia's already lost her family!
Imperial Soldier 2: Hah! Do you take me for a fool? No one gave orders to carry out executions!
Lyria: But there was a list with her family's names crossed out.
Imperial Soldier 1: I don't know anything about that!
Vyrn: Weird, why doesn't Rosamia's explanation line up?
Rosamia: Are you suspecting of me lying? I would never do such a thing!
Vyrn: We don't want to doubt you, but there's too much suspicious stuff going on!
(Captain) unconsciously tilts their head in response to Vyrn's words, adding fuel to the fire of Rosamia's already frenzied state.
Rosamia: Listen to me! We must defeat the empire together!
Rosamia: Ahhhhhh!
Imperial Soldier 1: Argh!
Rosamia: Believe me... Believe me...
Lyria: She's definitely different from before.
Vyrn: Yeah, she even talks like a different person.
Rosamia: Ngh... We're friends, aren't we? So why do you doubt me?
Rosamia: Oh, I get it. You're not my friends. You're enemies.
Lyria: Oh no!
Rosamia points her sword at (Captain) and glares.
Rosamia: (Captain)... Even you are against me!
Vyrn: Why is this happening?
A gunshot rings out, a puff of smoke rises from the ground. When it clears, there's a bullet hole next to Rosamia's foot. She leaps back, trying to spot the shooter.
Eugen: Hey, (Captain)! Over here!
Rosamia: ...!
Eugen: Shoot. It's progressed further than I thought.
Eugen: I checked with the Knickknack Shack about that mask. It's even worse than Rosamia said.
Eugen: You already know it has the power to draw out the aggression and violence in a person.
Eugen: Rosamia's been suppressing that power with sheer willpower up to this point. She's used to it.
Eugen: But you could say the same thing about the mask.
Vyrn: What do you mean?
Eugen: The mask pretended to lose in order to gain control over Rosamia.
Eugen: It acted like it was listening to Rosamia while it ate away at her, little by little. Probably nothing but a front.
Lyria: That must be why she's been acting so strange recently...
Eugen: Yeah. The mask wheedled its way straight into her subconscious before she even knew what was happening.
Vyrn: So all the weird things she's been saying, all the violent stuff she's been doing... the mask's making her do that?
Eugen: Mm-hm. She probably isn't even aware of the lies she's telling.
Eugen: Right now, the mask's filled her head with one thing and one thing only: the urge to fight. Doesn't matter who, doesn't matter why.
Rosamia: ...
Eugen: Whoa! That was close! Well, what do we do now?
Rosamia: Fight... I need to fight...
Rosamia: (I must have my revenge. All I want is revenge!)
Rosamia: (That's all I can do to lay my family to rest! If you insist on standing in my way, then I'll have to get rid of you too, (Captain)!)
Rosamia: Help... me...

Sugar-coated Lie: Scene 4

Rosamia returns to normal after the battle and wakes up surrounded by the anxious crew. Eugen shows her a letter from her family, proving that they're actually safe as Rosamia bursts into tears of joy.

Rosamia: Huff... Huff...
Rosamia suddenly loses consciousness. (Captain) grabs her and escapes with the rest of the crew.
They somehow make it back to the city and carry Rosamia to her room, but her eyes are vacant.
Rosamia: Huff... Huff...
Eugen: She's utterly drained. Hurts me to see her like this.
Lyria: Can we do anything for her?
Eugen: Well, I don't think her life is in danger. The mask probably doesn't have much juice left, either. She'll be laid up for a while.
Rosamia: Ungh...
Eugen: There, there, Rosamia. It's all right now.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: I'm... sorry...
Eugen: Hey, don't let it get to you, okay? It wasn't your fault. Right, (Captain)?
Rosamia: I thought I had control, but I was the one being strung along like a puppet. What a joke.
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: Look, just forget about me already.
Lyria: Rosamia...
Eugen: Goodness.
Eugen: Ah, that's right. There was another matter (Captain) had me check on.
Rosamia: What?
Eugen: I think this'll brighten your spirits, Rosamia.
Rosamia tilts her head towards Eugen, who pulls out a piece of paper.
Rosamia: A letter?
Eugen: (Captain) wasn't the only one who noticed the inconsistencies in what you said before.
Eugen: So we sought out the truth. Well, it'll be easier if you read it for yourself.
Rosamia: Gasp!
Eugen: Yep. Your entire family is safe.
Lyria: Is that a letter from her family?
Eugen: Siero lent a hand. We had to set up a bunch of different searches. Wasn't easy, that's for sure.
Rosamia: I see...
Eugen: My contact says they're in a safe place. The Empire won't be finding them anytime soon.
Eugen: We still need to wrap up a few things, but you should go see them sometime soon.
Rosamia: (No, I can't. If I went now, those lies I told would come true.)
Rosamia: ...
Rosamia: I want to see them...
Rosamia: I really want to see them...
Rosamia covers her face with the letter, but she can't hide her trembling shoulders.
The crew looks on, filled with a renewed zeal to break the mask's curse and reunite Rosamia with her family.