Scenario:Rosetta - Envy Throughout the Sky

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Envy Throughout the Sky

Rosetta has accepted a proposal from an old suitor. However, this means she will have to stop adventuring. Conflicted over this, the party goes to see her at her suitor's house to find out what's really happening. But the moment he sees (Captain), he summons monsters in a blind rage.

Rosetta: Hmm… looks like it isn't here either.
Rosetta: Now I'm really starting to worry… I wonder where it could have gone.
Rosetta: Oh, leaving already? I see, I understand.
Rosetta getting married… Vyrn reports what he saw in the nearby mansion to (Captain) and the others.
Lyria: P-propose? Rosetta?
Vyrn: Yeah, I was just as surprised! Apparently she turned him down before, but I guess persistence pays off!
Lyria: Wow! How romantic!
Vyrn: Heheh… But it is a bit unexcpected!
Lyria: It's surprising yes, but it's so nice! Should we get a celebration ready for when Rosetta gets back?
Vyrn: Yeah, good idea! We can have a great big party, and then…
Vyrn: Wait, what will we do then? If she's getting married, won't she have to live here? Will she have to stop travelling with us?
Lyria: Ah… Yeah I guess she won't be able to travel anymore…
Vyrn: Ohh… Well, in that case…
Lyria: Wh-what! So this could be goodbye… No more travelling with Rosetta…
Lyria: B-but, did Rosetta really accept the proposal?
Vyrn: Uh, well… probably? It looked like she was accepting at least.
Lyria: P-probably? What kind of answer is that? Don't you realise how important this is?
Lyria: I've got to go see Rosetta! I can't let her get married like this!
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria! Well, I guess she's already gone… She doesn't even know where Rosetta is…
Vyrn: Nothing else for it then, (Captain)! We're going to have to go after her!
At around the same time, at the nearby residence, Rosetta takes a break from preparing a meal to sneak down to the basement.
Rosetta: …There.
Rosetta: There's no mistaking it, this is the dagger. So he must have…
Rosetta: But, why…
Gentleman: …Are you in here?
Rosetta: !
Gentleman: Allow me to explain. I cannot deny that I stole that dagger. But I want you to understand…
Gentleman: This belongs to that skyfarer, correct? Seeing how important it was to you, I'm afraid I succumbed to jealousy.
Rosetta: Huh? Belonged to that skyfarer?
Gentleman: Heheh, I didn't want you to deviate in your love.
Rosetta: …I admire them. But you have gotten quite carried away.
Rosetta: Do you not remember? That girl who is always by his side. I borrowed this from her?
Gentleman: Ah, now I remember. Still, we can share your tales over dinner, shall we return to the dining room?
Rosetta: In a minute, I have some tasks I need to finish first, please excuse me.
Gentleman: Excuse you? Hahaha, this is your house, you needn't speak so formally. I will be your husband, will I not?
Rosetta: Of course not! That was just a lie to earn your trust, sorry about that!
Gentleman: …Is that so? Well, I had suspected as much.
Gentleman: However, I do not intend to let you return. Now I have a power equal to, no, even stronger than that skyfarer!
Just at that moment, the party, guided by Vyrn, arrives at the residence. Lyria knocks frantically on the door.
Lyria: We object to the marriage! Please give Rosetta back to us!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! I understand how you're feeling, but… Aren't you being a bit of a nuisance?
Lyria: It's fine! After all, Rosetta is our?
Gentleman: …Good day. Ah, aren't you Rosetta's skyfaring companions?
Lyria: Th-that's right! We have something important to say to Rosetta… We need to see her!
Gentleman: Ah, well this is unfortunate. I'm afraid she actually just left to return to you.
Vyrn: To us? But it's a straight road, how could we have missed her…
Gentleman: Perhaps she made a stop on her way? Now, if you'll excuse me…
  1. Sorry to bother you.
  2. Something's up.

Choose: Sorry to bother you.
Gentleman: Such polite manners. You must be the leader──
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Choose: Something's up.
Gentleman: Haha, what are you saying? I am her?
Continue 1
Gentleman: Wait… Y-you!
Vyrn: Huh? What's up with you? Did (Captain) do something wrong?
Gentleman: I see now… You're the reason she overlooks me!
Lyria: Huh? Overlooks you?
Gentleman: Dammit all! It's your fault! All of you!
Monster: Graaargh!
Lyria: What! He's summoned a monster!
Vyrn: Wh-what are you doing? Look out Lyria! There's another one over there!
Gentleman: Aaahahaha! This is the price you pay for getting between me and my love!
Lyria: Aaaah!
Monster: Groooooorgh!
Rosetta: Haah… Look out everyone.
Lyria: …R-Rosetta!
Rosetta: Don't be so relieved to see me yet, first we need to deal with these monsters. Are you ready, (Captain)?

Envy Throughout the Sky: Scene 2

Having saved the party from peril, Rosetta faces her suitor. Because of their deep history, Rosetta accepted his proposal to gain the man's confidence. He then pulls out dark essence and reveals that he bought it from an imperial researcher, and summons a powerful monster.

The party defeats the monsters. Rosetta boldly squares off against the smiling man.
Rosetta: Did you really think you could imprison me within that barrier?
Gentleman: Heheh… And you broke through it in no time at all, you really are an incredible woman.
Rosetta: Thanks for that. Although, I'm intrigued, you do not look like a sorcerer.
Rosetta: Tell me, where did you gain this warped power?
Gentleman: Oh, you're interested? Well then, let me show you.
With a broad smile, the man pulled a sinisterly glowing crystal from his pocket.
Lyria: That's… dark essence!
Vyrn: Hey! What are you doing with that!
Gentleman: When she broke my heart, I was left to wonder… What does that skyfarer posess that I do not?
Gentleman: And then it came to me, I needed power.
Gentleman: And so I made a deal with an imperial researcher to take her affections back! It cost me a great deal too.
Rosetta: Ahh… I figured it would be something like that.
Gentleman: Hehehe… Would you like another taste of my new power? Just watch what I can now do!
Monster: Graaargh!
Rosetta: Tss… What an obstinate man.
Rosetta: I'm sorry everyone. I didn't want to get you dragged into all of this, but I would appreciate your help here.

Envy Throughout the Sky: Scene 3

Rosetta gives her final farewell to her suitor. Enraged by a secret she told him, the man swallows the dark essence and transorms into a grotesque monster.

The party defeats the monster, the man falls to his knees exhausted, and glowers at (Captain).
Gentleman: Dammit… Why!
Gentleman: I… just wanted to be with Rosetta… But even when I act only for love, I still lose?
Rosetta: Oh… So you say, but I'm afraid I still can't understand your reasoning.
Gentleman: Why? Surely I've been perfectly clear!
Rosetta: Yes, well… allow me to spell it out then. After all, you?
As she says this, Rosetta approaches the man and whispers something into his ear.
Gentleman: Wha… But th-that's idiotic!
Rosetta: I'm sorry, I should have made that clear from the outset.
Gentleman: Ugh… this isn't a joke, why did I even…
Vyrn: Hey… what did you tell him? He looks crushed!
Rosetta: Hmm? Heehee, that's a secret.
Lyria: Umm… But we heard you were getting married? I don't understand what's going on at all…
Rosetta: Oh, now where did you hear that? Well it doesn't matter now, let's go home.
Gentleman: Wait…
Gentleman: You tricked me… were you just playing with my love this whole time?
Rosetta: Maybe just a little. From the start you believed what you wanted?
Gentleman: Silence! I cannot bear this mistreatment any longer!
Enraged, the man unthinkingly swallows the dark essence. His whole body begins shaking uncontrollably.
Rosetta: …What? How could you do something so foolish!
Gentleman: Aaaargh! M-my body! It's burning up!
Monster: Graaaaargh!
Vyrn: Whoa! H-he turned into a monster!
Lyria: How dreadful! The dark essence inside him is running wild!
Rosetta: How unfortunate. I suppose there's no getting through to him now… Let's dispose of him, (Captain)!

Envy Throughout the Sky: Scene 4

The party ask Rosetta about her connection to the man, but as usual she managed to avoid answering. Then Rosetta gives the old dagger that she took from the man to (Captain). She speaks of profound emotions, and says that (Captain) should take it. Then, longing for a distant past, she gazes out at the ever-changing world.

The party defeats the transformed man. He returns to his human form and, realising what he did, apologises for losing his mind.
The party carries him into his home, and return to the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Phew… I'm not really sure what happened there, but I'm sure glad Rosetta is all right!
Lyria: Yeah! I was so worried, I thought you'd have to stop travelling with us…
Rosetta: Haha, of course not. He simply had something I lent to him. Though the rest of what happened was quite an unexpected development.
Rosetta: …Which reminds me, (Captain). I have something that I need to return to you.
Then Rosetta gives the dagger that she took to (Captain).
  1. What's this?
  2. This isn't mine.

Choose: What's this?
Rosetta: …I suppose you could say that it's an old promise.
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Choose: This isn't mine.
Rosetta: Indeed. Though it's something you were going to receive sooner or later.
Continue 1
Rosetta: Take it. Even if you don't fully grasp it's meaning yet.
Rosetta: Alone, we are all incomplete, and so we never stop searching for another, giving rise to strong emotions…
Rosetta: Those emotions hold great power, a power big enough to shake the whole world.
Rosetta: Heehee, I'm almost a little jealous.
Vyrn: Hmm? What are you going on about, all of a sudden?
Rosetta: It's nothing… Well then, where's the food I left with you?
Lyria: Ahh! I'm so sorry! It must still be in that town…
Rosetta: Oh dear, well I hope it hasn't been stolen.
Vyrn: Jeez… this is all Rackam's fault! I guess I'll go back!
Rosetta: Heehee, have a nice trip!
The enigmatic Rosetta still had her secrets.
But from time to time, glimpsing at the dagger in (Captain)'s hand, it seemed to shine with a gentle light.