Scenario:Rosetta - The Language of the Forest

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The Language of the Forest

The crew visits a village of which Rosetta seems to have fond memories of. The place is buzzing with talk of monsters appearing in the forest. The crew heads into the woods to hunt the monsters and find a brave villager who went in alone.

During their journey, the crew decide to stop to rest in a certain village. It seems Rosetta has been to the area before and is actually rather fond of it.
Lyria: So this place we're going... What exactly do you like about it?
Rosetta: Hmm... It's very quiet, the air's clean, and monsters hardly ever show up. It's a wonderful forest.
Vyrn: A forest? I thought you said it was a village!
Rosetta: Well, the forest does surround a village.
Katalina: That must be the village up ahead. But something seems wrong...
Villager: Are you guys skyfarers? Rare to see you guys so far from civilization. I mean, it's been years!
Katalina: What's going on? Did something happen here?
Villager: Well, story is that one of the villagers apparently saw some monsters in the woods...
Villager: And then he headed off to hunt them on his own.
Vyrn: By himself! The guy trying to get himself killed?
Lyria: But Rosetta said there are hardly any monsters in that forest...
Villager: Which is true. There haven't been any large groups of monsters sighted in years.
Villager: But you can never really be sure, so I'm not about to go bumbling through the woods.
Rosetta: ...
Villager: I know you just got here—and I hate to impose—but do you think you could help us find out what's happened to our friend in the woods?
Io: Rosetta, are you sure this is the same forest you told us about?
Vyrn: It's kinda hard to breathe. I thought you said this was a peaceful place with nice, clean air?
Rosetta: This is definitely the right place...
Rosetta: But something has clearly changed.
Rackam: I see... We probably shouldn't dally for too long then. Let's beat down these monsters and move on, (Captain)!

The Language of the Forest: Scene 2

The once peaceful forest is now infested with monsters. Rackam laments not knowing where the villager is, but Rosetta's keen intuition points the way.

Katalina: Something about these woods suggests that there are more than just a couple monsters about. We better find that villager soon.
Rackam: That's all well and good, but how are we supposed to find him in this huge forest?
Rosetta: Easy. All we have to do is go... this way.
Rackam: How can you possibly know that?
Rosetta: Let's just call it a woman's intuition.
Rackam: Yeah, whatever you say. She's obviously off her rocker, eh, (Captain)?
  1. I think we should believe in Rosetta.
  2. You might be right...

Choose: I think we should believe in Rosetta.

Lyria: I was thinking the same thing, Rosetta!
Io: Yeah, me too! This is definitely female intuition! Not that I'd expect you to understand, Rackam.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: You might be right...

Io: I think so! You know... about her intuition.
Lyria: Me too! I was just thinking the same thing, (Captain)!

Continue 1

Rackam: ...
Rosetta: Hehe. That settles it then. We'll go this way.
Vyrn: Look sharp! Here come more monsters!
Rosetta: Well, I can certainly see why some wild monsters like you would try to pick up a vamp like me...
Rosetta: But I don't have time for games like that right now. Step aside!

The Language of the Forest: Scene 3

Rosetta follows a mysterious voice to find the right way. The crew finds the villager and tries to bring him back, but he insists on protecting the forest. As Rosetta is telling him that his passion is clear to the forest, monsters attack.

Rackam: Now then... Which way next?
Rosetta: ...
Lyria: Rosetta?
Rosetta: Shh... I'm trying to listen to the voices.
Vyrn: What? I don't hear any voices...
Rosetta: This way.
Forest Protector: Who goes there? Monsters?
Katalina: Calm down. We're here to help you. You've got the villagers worried, so let's head back.
Forest Protector: No! There are still monsters about, and I have to protect the forest...
Forest Protector: I have to repay my debt!
Forest Protector: Eek!
Rosetta: Your determination is admirable. But I'm sure the forest would weep if it lost you.
Rosetta: The forest understands how you feel, and that's enough. Let us handle this.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Rosetta: Come and get me. I'll give you all the loving you could ever need!

The Language of the Forest: Scene 4

The villager says (Captain) and company resemble a group of skyfarers who saved the village in the past. Rosetta seems to know something and hints that the crew will one day meet those skyfarers.

Forest Protector: Thanks...
Rosetta: The forest cared enough for you to tell me where you were.
Forest Protector: The forest? I see... So the forest saved me again.
Lyria: Again?
Forest Protector: Yeah. When I was a kid, I was attacked by monsters here. Some skyfarers saved me then, but...
Forest Protector: They said the exact same thing—that the forest guided them to me.
Forest Protector: That's why I wanted to protect the forest. I couldn't allow monsters to tear this place apart.
Rosetta: Haha... I know you want to show off how brave you are, but don't forget what happens to reckless heroes.
Forest Protector: You know, you remind me of one of the skyfarers who saved me.
Forest Protector: Actually, you could be her twin. I wonder... Were you ever—
Rosetta: Come now. That was when you were still a child.
Rosetta: Are you really going to tell me I look that old to you?
Forest Protector: Oh... O-of course not... How foolish of me...
Rosetta: Hee-hee... Look at the big man blush! How very endearing!
Rosetta: But the forest will get jealous at this rate. Let's return to the village.
Villager 1: Thank you so much—both for saving our friend and for defeating the monsters. How can we ever repay you?
Villager 2: Another group of skyfarers also hunted monsters for us long ago. This village owes them everything.
Villager 2: Speaking of which, I wonder whether they ever reached their destination... the legendary island of Estalucia.
Villager 1: You kind of resemble their captain. It'd be nice to see them again.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Hear that?
Vyrn: You think that might have been your dad and his crew?
Rackam: Hold it right there. Tons of skyfarers are trying to reach Estalucia. There's no way we can be sure.
Vyrn: Yeah, I guess you're right.
Rosetta: Hee-hee.
Vyrn: Whatcha giggling about?
Rosetta: Nothing in particular. It's just that I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing them someday.
Vyrn: Why's that?
Rosetta: Let's just call it a woman's intuition.
The crew takes a well-deserved respite in the village and then heads back out into the skies.
Estalucia is waiting for them somewhere out there, and Rosetta will be with them all the way, gently watching over them.