Scenario:Rosetta - Timelessly Devoted

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Timelessly Devoted

While the crew rests on an island, Rosetta reunites with an old acquaintance. She once turned down his marriage proposal, but she accepts his second one with a suggestive smile.

Youth: I see... So you're leaving?
Rosetta: That's right. Tomorrow. How's that wound of yours?
Youth: All better! And who knows what would have happened to me without you... I can't thank you enough!
Rosetta: Don't worry about it. Just be more careful of monsters, okay? Take care.
Youth: ...
Youth: Wait! Rosetta, won't you live here with me?
Rosetta: Huh? What's this all of a sudden?
Youth: I... I mean it, Rosetta... Please, will you marry me?
Rosetta: I see... Hee-hee... I'm flattered. Thank you.
Rosetta: Oh, the boldness of youth. Still, with passion like that, I'm sure you'll find a lovely girl.
Youth: It's that skyfarer, isn't it? The one you fight alongside...
Rosetta: Oh? You think we have that kind of relationship? Well... I suppose love really is blind.
Youth: Then why? I love you, Rosetta! I truly do!
Rosetta: Love, you say...
Well then, I'd better get going. Farewell.
The crew stops on an island for a few days to rest and replenish supplies.
(Captain), Vyrn, and Rosetta are on their way back from a downtown trip for supplies.
Rosetta: Dears, would you mind if we took a little break? My throat is feeling somewhat parched.
Vyrn: But didn't we just take a break? How can you be tired again already?
Rosetta: Because I'm just a delicate young maiden. Besides, don't you want to have a little more fun on our date with (Captain)?
Vyrn: Date? What do you mean? Still, I guess we do have time, so we could stop over there...
Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that Lyria? What's she doing here?
Lyria: Um... I'm sorry, but I'm already—
Young Man: I'm begging you! Having a drink with a cute girl like you would be a dream come true for me!
Lyria: Even so, I really must go...
Young Man: It won't take long. I know a place that has the best parfait. Let me show you!
Lyria: Maybe another time. I really have to go...
Young Man: Okay, how about this? I'll treat you to a deluxe parfait! It's a little expensive, but—
Rosetta: Lyria, my dear! Is everything all right here?
Lyria: Ah!
Young Man: Um... Are you perhaps Lyria's—
Rosetta: Did I hear something about a parfait? I happen to be free—would you be so kind as to treat me to one too?
Young Man: Ha-ha... I guess so... I suppose I could get one for each of you...
Rosetta: Oh? You sound a little unsatisfied. Don't you want me to show you how the grown-ups play?
Young Man: What? Oh, I mean, of course! That sounds amazing!
Rosetta: Hee-hee... Let's go then. You can get me a parfait and some green tea.
Young Man: Yes, ma'am! I was just a little surprised. Lyria's cute and all, but I didn't expect her mother to be so beautiful.
Rosetta: What?
Young Man: Huh?
Rosetta: Mother, you say... How very hilarious you are.
Young Man: Um... Then why aren't you laughing?
Rosetta: I'm going to give you three seconds, and if you're still here after that... Well, you really don't want to find out.
Young Man: Eek! I'm sorry!
Vyrn: Wow... Don't think I've ever seen anyone run so fast...
Lyria: Phew... Thanks. You showed up just in time!
Rosetta: Don't mention it. I'm used to dealing with boys like that... Though I can't help but feel just a tad defeated.
Rosetta: Lyria, would you please come here a moment? As I thought... Silky smooth skin.
Lyria: Aahh! Stop it! That tickles!
Rosetta: And your hair flows so nicely. When you're a little older, you'll be getting marriage proposals wherever you go.
Lyria: Oh... But I'm sure you do better than I could...
Rosetta: Huh? You're wondering about little old me?
Lyria: Of course! You never talk about yourself, Rosetta!
Vyrn: Yeah! We don't even know if you're married!
Rosetta: I see... I suppose it's likely to be married at my age.
Lyria: What? Are you saying you are?
Rosetta: But if I were married, how could I travel with all of you like this?
Vyrn: You have a point... So are you married or not?
Rosetta: Haven't I told you before? Secrets make a woman that much more alluring.
Lyria: Aw... So you still won't tell us...
Boy: Um... Excuse me, but are you Rosetta?
Rosetta: Huh? I am, but how did you know?
Boy: Um... I have a letter for you! A man from the next town over asked me to give it to you.
Rosetta: A letter? Well, thank you very much.
Vyrn: Oooh, it sure is fancy-lookin'!
Rosetta: It must be a love letter of some kind, but who could it be from...
Rosetta: ...!
Lyria: What's wrong? Is it really a love letter?
Rosetta: Not exactly... But I remember now. I have been to this island before...
Rosetta: A love for the ages, it seems.
Vyrn: Huh? What does that mean?
Rosetta: Oh, nothing. I'm just going to have to visit the next town over. I apologize, but could you take this bag for me?
Lyria: Sure... See you later.
Rosetta: ...
Vyrn: Did you see that? I bet it was really a love letter! She's such a heartbreaker!
Lyria: Yeah! Though she did look a little surprised...
Vyrn: This is the chance we've been waiting for! If I tail her, we could uncover one of her secrets!
Lyria: What? I don't know if you should...
Vyrn: Ain't ya at least a little curious? She said something about a love for the ages... She must be visiting an old flame!
Lyria: Hmm... Well, that does make me curious...
Vyrn: Heh-heh... Then it's time for a little spy action!
Rosetta goes to a large mansion in the next town and meets a man she seems to know. Vyrn watches through a window...
Gentleman: Still as beautiful as ever... Truly, you haven't changed in the slightest.
Rosetta: Hee-hee... Thank you. I'm so glad I opted for this old dress when I saw your name.
Vyrn: Heh-heh... Rosetta's all dressed up. There's definitely something goin' on between her and this guy.
Gentleman: Ahh, seeing you again... I haven't felt this young in ages. I've been dreaming of this moment for years.
Rosetta: What a coincidence. I feel the same way.
Gentleman: Truly? It makes me so very glad to hear that.
Gentleman: Rosetta... I just can't seem to forget about you.
Gentleman: Since the day I last saw you, I have been trying to become a man worthy of you by building up my estate and reputation.
Gentleman: And now we are reunited. It must be fate! And so I'll ask again... Will you marry the man that I have become?
Rosetta: So all this was for me?
Rosetta: ...
Rosetta: Hee-hee... You've got me. I suppose we could get married.
Gentleman: Oh! Do you mean what I think you do?
Vyrn: What? No way! Rosetta is getting married?
Rosetta answers a second proposal from her former suitor.
Wondering if she'll really get married, the surprised Vyrn rushes off to tell the crew what he's seen.