Scenario:Rosine - Walking the Bright Path

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Walking the Bright Path

The crew receives a tip about an old man who matches the description of Rosine's husband. They arrive at a desolate mountainside in hopes of catching up to him but find no signs of life. The crew is about to head back when a monster gets the drop on them. Without a hint of fear, Rosine offers the monster a rice cracker, distracting it long enough for the crew to get the upper hand.

Lyria: How's your back today, granny? Does it hurt?
Rosine: My back and my knees are both springy. It's very kind of you to ask, Lyria.
Mindful of Rosine's age, the crew moves steadily through a mountain pass that has no trace of humans or monsters.
The crew clings to the possibility that the wandering healer could be Rosine's husband but...
Vyrn: I fear the wanderer that Siero told us about may have already moved on to some place else.
Vyrn: After all that, we came up with nothing! I'm not complaining about the lack of monsters, though.
Monster: Grroooar!
Lyria: Vyrn, you jinxed us! Monsters!
Vyrn: Hey! I never said I wanted monsters to come!
Rosine: Oh my... Perhaps it's just hungry?
Rosine: Hunger really is an awful thing you know.
Lyria: Granny, we're in great danger!
Rosine: I'm sorry, but I simply can't neglect a starving child.
Vyrn: If it's starving then don't you realize that we're what's on the menu?
Rosine: How about some rice crackers instead?
Monster: Grargh?
Vyrn: It's eating them!
Vyrn: You've adopted the monster as your grandchild.
Lyria: Not even monsters can resist granny's rice crackers !
Vyrn: All right! We can flank the monsters while they're chowin' down on the rice crackers!

Walking the Bright Path: Scene 2

The crew enjoys a lighthearted moment with Rosine while she makes rice crackers aboard the Grandcypher. Although she hasn't spent much time with the crew yet, she reveals the true reason why she's traveling with them. Rosine believes that if she shows her villagers back home how much she has done on her travels, it will give her villagers a drive of their own. (Captain) and crew, moved by Rosine's passion, head towards the village.

Rosine: Phew. There we go.
Io: That smells so good!
Vyrn: Hey there Rosine, you making rice crackers again?
Rosine: They'll be done baking very soon. They might even be ready now, actually.
The crew returned to the airship after repelling the monsters. Rosine bakes rice crackers while they search for their next lead,
Rosine: I've carefully memorized which flavors all of you like.
Rosine: The brown sugar ones are for Rackam, Io likes the wasabi flavored ones, and Lyria prefers the chili ones.
Lyria: Chili? What! But I can't handle spicy food!
Io: What's wasabi? Never heard of that one!
Rackam: Brown sugar, huh? Well, I don't exactly hate brown sugar, but...
Vyrn: You've got it totally wrong! How did you get it so mixed up!
Rosine: Oh dear, oh dear. I'm so sorry. I've been so forgetful as of late...
Vyrn: Well, that's part of what makes her so lovable, I guess.
Rosine: Oh well. I've made lots of them, so everyone can just pick the ones they like.
The crew enjoys a brief moment of respite before they reach their next destination.
Rackam: But it's even tougher than I thought to trace a lead on the old man.
Vyrn: I hear you. It seems granny's reunion with grandpa is still a ways off.
Rosine: Could I have your attention for a minute, everyone?
Rosine composes herself and fixes her gaze on the gathered crew. A strange feeling of tension fills the air.
Lyria: What's the matter?
Rosine: Of course, it's true that I would like to see my husband again.
Rosine: And yet at the same time, there was something I wanted everyone on that island to know.
Lyria: Something you wanted them to know?
Rosine: Yes. That even an old lady like me can go gallivanting off across the skydom.
Vyrn: What are you saying exactly?
Rosine: Everyone on that island has so much to give that they've got kindness to spare.
Rosine: On the other hand, they haven't had much contact with the outside world. They're somewhat sheltered, got no gumption.
Rosine: Life isn't all smooth-sailing. And when you do encounter hardship, that's exactly what gives you the courage to overcome it.
Rosine: I want them to have a broad outlook on life and not just be frightened of things they haven't encountered before.
Vyrn: I get it. If you show them how much you've done on your travels, that will give them a drive of their own. Have I got the right idea?
Rosine: Hohoho... Yes, that's exactly it. So I'm indebted to all of you.
Lyria: Indebted?
Rosine: Yes. It's because all of you were there for me that I was able to go off on my adventure like this.
Rosine: (Captain), everyone. Thank you so much for all you've done for me.
Rosine: If there's ever anything that I need your help with, I know that I can depend on you. I'm so thankful for that.
Lyria: No worries!
Rackam: Well, I guess we can fly over and show our faces at the island from time to time.

Walking the Bright Path: Scene 3

In the end, the crew is unable to track down a lead on the old man. The despondent crew apologizes to Rosine but she lifts their spirits saying that all of their efforts have made her happy. Rosine resolves to follow the crew, as their bonds will surely continue to grow.

Rackam: The trail's gone cold again.
With a promising new lead in hand, the crew had once again set out on the trail of the wandering healer.
But they were too late, as the wanderer had already set out on his next journey.
Vyrn: I'm sorry, granny. And this lead seemed really promising.
Rosine: Come now, please don't pull that gloomy face, Vernon. The same goes for the rest of you.
Rosine: You don't need to apologize. After all, look how happy I am right now.
Rackam: What are you happy about?
Rosine: I'm so glad for everything that you've done for me.
Rosine: And I've got so many keepsakes of my journey. I can take them back to the island and share them with everybody.
Rosine: If we'd found my husband right away, then my quest would already be over, right?
Vyrn: Yeah, you're right! This means that you can keep on traveling with us! Yay!
Rosine: Hehe... This game of cat and mouse with my husband is gonna continue for a while longer it seems.
Rackam: Hahaha! You're quite something, granny!
Vyrn: One last thing. How long are you gonna keep calling me Vernon?
Taking these thoughts to heart, the crew plots a course for their new journey.
But is there light waiting for them at the end of the tunnel, or ever-lurking darkness?
Regardless of what awaits them at journey's end, a light shines brightly on the way forward.