Scenario:Rosine and Tsubasa - Nana's Boy

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Nana's Boy

While Tsubasa waits for the Grandcypher to be resupplied, he goes for a gearcycle ride and ends up helping Rosine with her shopping along the way. They then enjoy a drive around the island, capping off the joyride with snacks and homey conversation atop a scenic hill.

The Grandcypher is docked on an island for a resupply. Tsubasa, looking for a change of pace, takes his gearcycle out for a spin.
Tsubasa: Heh. Feel that wind, baby!
Tsubasa: Hm? Isn't that...
Tsubasa spots a familiar face sitting by the side of the road. He rolls his gearcycle to a stop.
Rosine: My goodness. Still halfway to go.
Tsubasa: Figured it was you, Rosine. Whatcha doin' way out here?
Rosine: Oh, hello there, Tsubasa. I was in the middle of a shopping trip, but this tired body of mine needed a small break.
Tsubasa: Ah, that would explain it. Let me give you a lift. I've got room for one more!
Rosine: That's okay, dearie. Do you really want to waste your time in the company of an old biddy?
Tsubasa: Haha, like I'd care about that! I ain't about to ride off without helpin' my elders. 'Sides, I got all the time in the world.
Rosine: Hehe. How can I refuse when you put it that way?
Tsubasa helps Rosine onto the back seat of the gearcycle.
Tsubasa: I'll be on my best riding behavior, but hold on tight anyway!
With Tsubasa's help, Rosine gets her shopping done sooner than she expected.
Rosine: Thank you, dearie. You didn't have to carry all my bags for me.
Tsubasa: Haha, nothin' to it! It was like carryin' pillows.
Tsubasa: So is that everything? I can help you out with other errands if you got 'em.
Rosine: Let me see...
Rosine thinks for a bit. Her eyes light up when they fall on the gearcycle.
Rosine: No, that's all I had planned for today, but... Could I take another ride on your chaircircle?
Tsubasa: My what? Oh, you mean my road buddy? Sure. Got a place in mind?
Rosine: Zooming along any road will do just fine. It's not often I get to experience the great outdoors with my creaky bones.
Rosine: I want to feel the roar of the wind whipping past me... Hm, am I asking for too much?
Tsubasa: Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean! Cool, I gotcha covered. One "velocity special" comin' right up!
Rosine is all smiles from her perch on the back seat, her arms wrapped around Tsubasa's waist.
Rosine: Heehee, I can't wait.
Tsubasa: Let's burn rubber!
After a refreshing course winding through the island, Tsubasa and Rosine rest atop a hill overlooking the countryside.
Tsubasa: Man... Nothing beats a killer view after a ride on the beast.
Rosine: Thanks for putting up with an old lady's request. Who knew not acting your age could be so exciting?
Tsubasa: Hah! That's what I like to hear!
Rosine: Hehe. A good boy deserves some fresh senbei.
Rosine takes out her flat iron and starts toasting crispy crackers. It's the perfect mood for a picnic.
Tsubasa: Whoa, that huge thingy must weigh a ton. Here, let me hold it for ya.
Rosine: Oh my, if you insist. In that case I'll get a fire started.
Tsubasa: Nah, I've got that too. Nobody's better at startin' fires than me!
Rosine: Well, aren't you a diligent young man? I won't argue then. That'll give me time to prepare the dipping sauce.
Rosine gazes warmly at the helpful Tsubasa.
Rosine: This is so nice, you know? It's like having a grandson of my own.
Tsubasa: Hehe, glad to hear it.
Tsubasa: My nana raised me as a kid, so I guess I'm a big nana's boy.
Tsubasa: She always used to say this to me.
Tsubasa: "If you ever see someone in trouble, be sure to lend a helping hand. That's the kind of person you need to be."
Tsubasa: When I told her I wanted to see the world, I knew she'd be lonely, but she still saw me off with a smile.
Tsubasa: So I made a promise to myself. That I would come home a man my nana could be proud of!
Rosine: That's a wonderful promise to work toward. Any grandmother would be counting her blessings to have a grandson like you.
Tsubasa: Heh, let's not get all mushy here. That's just how I roll.
Tsubasa: Aw geez, things kinda got real for a sec, huh? Speaking of gettin' mushy, looks like the senbei turned out that way too.
Tsubasa lets out a chagrined laugh as Rosine shows him the finer points of how to make the perfect senbei.
Tsubasa: Nice! Fresh off the iron!
Rosine: Hehe, let's toast with toasted crackers.
Tsubasa and Rosine share the senbei together, whiling away the time in contented peace.
Some say blood is thicker than water. But from the laughter exchanged on this picturesque hilltop, one could argue that familial bonds transcend blood ties.