Scenario:Rosine and Vaseraga - Scythes and Crackers

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Scythes and Crackers

Rosine mistakes the scythe-wielding Vaseraga to be her long-lost husband. The misunderstanding is quickly dispelled, but all is not as meets the eye as Vaseraga might in fact be connected to her husband through an intricate web of mystery.

One fine day on the Grandcypher, a most curious scene begins to unfold.
Rosine: Oh my... My, my, my... Could it be? Is that you, dear?
Vaseraga: What?
It seems Rosine—who joined (Captain)'s crew in hopes of finding her kidnapped husband—has mistaken the scythe-wielding Vaseraga for her long-lost spouse.
Suspecting that he does not recognize her, she tries to remind him.
Rosine: Dearest... it's me, your wife Rosine.
Though Vaseraga finds this case of mistaken identity to be absurd, the sincerity in Rosine's eyes leaves him at a loss for words.
Before he can respond, Vyrn shouts out in astonishment.
Vyrn: Whoa! Spike is Granny's husband!
Lyria: What! Vaseraga? Husband! I always imagined Rosine's husband to be a little older...
Vaseraga: Calm down. Nobody's anyone's husband.
Vaseraga: Ma'am. I'm sorry, but I'm not who you think I am.
Rosine: Huh?
Vaseraga: I don't know what gave you the idea, but I'm not your husband.
Rosine: Oh my...
Rosine: Oh my! Why yes, you're right!
Lyria: Whew! Okay, that makes more sense. You had me going for a second there!
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, you said your husband had a big sickle, right? I guess it looks a lot like Spike's scythe.
Rosine: Oh, I'm so very sorry. My eyes just keep getting worse these days. Age seems to be catching up to me.
Rosine rubs her eyes gently. A tear rolls down her cheek.
Rosine: Vaseraga, was it? A pleasure to meet you. I hope you'll forgive an old lady her mistake.
Vaseraga: Sure... (What's an elderly woman like her doing on a skyfaring crew?)
Rosine: Well then, who's up for some tea? I'll be back in just a minute.
With the misunderstanding behind her, Rosine eases herself to her feet and gives a warm smile.
A flicker of sorrow can be seen in her eyes, if only for a moment.
Vaseraga: ...
Vyrn: All right, it's snackin' time! We'll help you get the kettle ready! C'mon, (Captain)!
Lyria: You're in for a treat, Vaseraga. Rosine's crackers are out of this world!
Vaseraga: That good, huh? I'm looking forward to it.
Teatime comes and goes, and everyone pitches in to help clean up. Rosine reaches to pick up a metal tray.
Rosine: Off this goes to the—
Vaseraga: I'll handle that. Don't strain yourself.
Seeing Rosine try to lift the heavy tray of teacups and saucers, Vaseraga offers a helping hand.
Rosine: Hm? Vaserogan! My, my, my. What a kind young man you are.
Vaseraga: What? No, my name is—
Rosine: Thank you so very much. Gentlemen are such rare sights these days.
Vaseraga: ...
Once again at a loss for words, Vaseraga takes the tray.
Rosine: Hoho...
Vaseraga: What's so funny?
Rosine: I was just reminded of my husband; we would clean up together just like this. Those were the good old days...
Vaseraga: I see.
Rosine: Ohh, he loved rice crackers with a passion.
Rosine: And he...
Rosine: Umm, he...
Rosine: ...
Rosine: What was I trying to say, again?
Vaseraga: Huh?
Rosine: By the way, did you have your fill of crackers, dearie?
Vaseraga: Yes.
Rosine: Hoho!
Rosine beams with satisfaction at Vaseraga's reply.
Rosine: Ah yes, now I remember. He just loved those sweet, salty crackers.
Rosine: You can't imagine the amount of baking trays that had to be cleaned once he was through. Hohoho. We would wash the mountain of trays together.
Vaseraga: I see.
Rosine: Ah, but all this talk must be such a bore to you, Vaserogan. I'm sorry I ramble on sometimes.
Vaseraga: No need for apologies. You said this man looked like me. Could you tell me more about him?
Vaseraga: I'll admit you've gotten me curious.
Rosine: Oh, my, my, my! Such a tender heart you have, Vaserogan.
Rosine: Well, if you want to indulge an old woman her stories, you'll have it.
Rosine begins to reminisce of the days she spent with her husband.
She tells of how he was a famously skilled doctor, of how his unique brand of medicine employed a sickle and a hoe, and of how he could communicate with animals.
He was captured by a secret organization, but according to information from Sierokarte, it seems he has since escaped and is now searching for a way home.
Rosine: There's no way to know for sure if those rumors are true.
Rosine: But I can feel it. I know that we'll be together again, soon.
Rosine: Hoho. Or one can hope, at least.
Vaseraga: ...
As Vaseraga listens to Rosine, his expression grows solemn.
Vaseraga: (Could the organization be behind this kidnapping? Intelligence states they've been gathering pawns through any means necessary.)
Vaseraga: (But there was word of someone who organized a rebellion and escaped... Could it be... Could he be that man?)
Vaseraga: (No, I can't jump to conclusions. It's more likely that these two men are completely unrelated.)
Vaseraga: (However, if this woman's husband and that man really are one and the same, I'll be glad we're on the same side.)
Vaseraga: (But if he's not...)
Vaserara looks on at Rosine's serene expression.
Rosine: My, my, what fine weather we have today.
Vaseraga: (An innocent, frail woman has been burdened with such bitter hardship.)
As if to clear his mind, Vaseraga quietly shuts his eyes.
Vaseraga: (My scythe I wield for justice, and justice alone.)
Rosine: Oh dear. Vaserogan, are you all right? You don't look too well.
Vaseraga: Ma'am. Stop calling me that. My name is Vaseraga.
Rosine: Of course, of course. I understand, Vaserogan.
Vaseraga: I told you, stop calling me that.
Unaware of the flurry of thoughts running through Vaseraga's mind, Rosine smiles on.
Vaseraga concedes to stay on guard, but to pry no further into the matter.
He resigns himself to the fact that whatever burden this elderly woman carries, it is out of his control.
Vaseraga: I enjoyed the crackers. I hope you'll let me try them again someday.
Rosine: Why, of course. Just say the word and I'll bake 'em up in a jiffy.