Scenario:Ryu - Date with a King

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Date with a King

The crew are in a lush forest. They are approached by a young Draph, looking to challenge Ryu to a fight. The Draph mentions a rumor he'd heard that those who test their mettle against Ryu come out of the experience a stronger fighter, and hopes that Ryu will confirm this. In response, Ryu gladly accepts the young Draph's challenge.

The mighty warrior Ryu is on the hunt for the primal beasts. The same primal beasts that (Captain) and crew are after.
The crew have learned that a primal beast can be found in a nearby wood. Vyrn decides that now is a good time to talk to Ryu.
Vyrn: Hey, can I ask you somethin'? That big Draph-looking guy earlier with the eye patch, do you know him?
Ryu: Giraffe-looking? Oh, you must mean Sagat. Yes, we've known each other for a long time.
Vyrn: Great. I wanted to ask about those scars on his chest. Do you know how he got them?
Ryu: Oh, they're from our first bout, when we were both much younger.
Ryu: We both fought with every ounce of our strength, until eventually we both passed out due to absolute exhaustion.
Ryu: My final Shoryuken hit Sagat square in his chest. It was a good fight.
Lyria: Whoa, I can imagine.
As the conversation comes to its natural conclusion, a young man appears before the group.
Young Draph: Hey, you! Aren't you Ryu? I was told to look out for someone who looks like a reeeally serious martial artist. That's you, right?
Ryu: Yes, I am Ryu. From the looks of it you, too, are something of a fighter. Are you here to challenge me?
Young Draph: …I've heard stories about you. Maybe you can tell me if they're true.
Young Draph: So tell me; do you know why people like me seek out people like you? They come to get stronger.
Ryu: Humph, it's not like I have a deep conversation with every challenger that approaches.
Young Draph: I guess not. But surely you must have noticed a change in them after the fights. Maybe I'll get a boost, too.
Ryu: Let us see!

Date with a King: Scene 2

Ryu tells the defeated young Draph that he needs to accept his weaknesses if he ever hopes to overcome them. Leaving him to think that over, the crew head to a nearby village. Arriving at the village, they find Sagat waiting for them. With an uncharacteristic calm and dignity, he challenges Ryu to a fight.

Young Draph: Ugh! You really live up to your reputation, you're really good!
Ryu: I can see where you're having trouble, but your technique is good!
Ryu: You need to not run from your weaknesses, but focus on them, overcome them, in battles. Once you have, come challenge me again.
The young Draph sits down where he has fallen, deep in thought. He has a lot to ponder over.
Leaving the young Draph to his thoughts, the crew move on to a nearby village, where they are confronted by a large man.
Sagat: So it's true.
Ryu: Sagat!
Sagat has changed since Ryu had last met him. He holds himself with a dignity, and he has none of the hatred he used to hold.
Sagat: Shall we do this? Surely you must be just as dissatisfied with our last fight as I was.
Ryu: Ah! So you felt it, too?
Sagat: Hah. Don't worry, I'll be sure to do it properly this time. Prepare yourself!
Ryu: Let's do this!
Ryu & Sagat: Agh!

Date with a King: Scene 3

Ryu and Sagat finish their fight with a simultaneous knockout. They immediately start laughing about it. Once they start talking, Sagat reveals that he is also on a quest to find the primal beast. They promise to conclude their battle once they have both finished their business in the Sky Realm, and then amicably part ways.

Ryu & Sagat: Hi-yah!
The two fighters are locked in a deadly dance, their fists, feet, sweat, and blood all flying in perfect unison.
Ryu & Sagat: ——Hadouken!
——Tiger Shot!
After trading special attacks, the two combatants close in to finish the fight.
Ryu & Sagat: HAAA!
Ryu & Sagat: ——Shoryuken!
——Tiger Uppercut!
Both fighters unleash their special attacks at the same time, hitting each other in the jaw, and sending each other flying.
Ryu & Sagat: Gah…
The two rivals rush to get up before the other. However, neither seem to have the energy to stand.
Ryu & Sagat: Ugh… Haaah… Haha…
Ryu & Sagat: Ha ha ha ha!
The two fighters, still lying on the floor, begin rolling around in laughter.
Ryu: I can always count on you for a good fight, Sagat.
Sagat: Humph, but if we leave it here, we'll never know who is the real champion.
Vyrn: Hey, guys, are you OK? You both hit each other pretty hard in the face.
Ryu: What? Oh, don't worry, it happens all the time.
Sagat: This fight was relatively tame compared to our usual bouts. This was more like a vigorous warm-up.
Vyrn: I don't get you two… Are you always like this every time you meet?
Sagat: How about it Ryu, ready for another two rounds?
Ryu: Haha, you read my mind!
Lyria: Wait! Don't you need time to recover? You might have a serious concussion after that last hit!
Ryu: What? Oh, that was nothing.
Sagat: Miss, please do not get in the way of us when we're fighting, you might get hurt.
Lyria: Just look at the two of you! Mister Sagat, I can see sand getting into your cuts! We need to wash them out immediately!
Ryu & Sagat: Humph.
The fighters put aside their desire to pummel each other and allow Lyria to come and tend to their wounds.
Sagat: Are you going to stick around here?
Ryu: Yes. I'm still looking for the "primal beast" I've heard so much about.
Sagat: Primal beast… So you're searching for it, too.
Ryu: Yes. I've heard it has unbelievable power. I can't leave without at least trying to see it in the flesh, can I?
Sagat: True enough. It really was more than I ever could have imagined.
Ryu: You've seen it! Was it as strong as they say?
Sagat: The rumors do not do it justice.
Ryu: Is that so. Ha, now I'm really looking forward to finding it!
The expectation of finding a challenger stronger than any he had ever faced seems to fill Ryu with excitement.
As they are talking Lyria finishes her ministrations, and so Ryu and Sagat part ways.
Sagat: I think I'm going to hang around for a while, too. Let's finish this another time.
Ryu: Yes, we should wait until we've both done all we've come here to do.
Sagat: Until then, Ryu. I promise you we will finish this.
Ryu: Yes! See you later!
And so, with that promise, Ryu and Sagat go their separate ways.
Ryu continues on his quest to find the greatest fighter in the skies.