Scenario:Sachiko Koshimizu - Call Me The Cutest

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Call Me "The Cutest"

Sachiko asks the crew to help her come up with a plan to prove to all that she is the number one cutie in the entire Sky Realm. When Vyrn suggests that she would receive instant admiration if she became the strongest in the skies, Sachiko eagerly goes to the frontlines to prove her might.

One day, Sachiko asks (Captain) and the crew to help her prove that she is the cutest girl in the whole sky.
Sachiko: Teehee. It's not yet a fact that I am the cutest angel in the realm, so…
Sachiko: I was wondering you guys would help me spread the knowledge of my cuteness…
Vyrn: What! Why do we have to help you do that!
Sachiko: W-what are you saying? It's a completely reasonable and justified request!
Sachiko: You should be happy that you're getting the chance to manage a super-cute idol like me.
At that moment, Lyria takes a bold step forward.
Lyria: Leave it to me! I will help with anything!
Sachiko: Heehee! Thank you so much! You're as nice as ever, Lyria-san!
Lyria: Thanks for the compliment, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko: (Lyria-san… she's so pure of heart, isn't she…)
Vyrn: Well, seeing as Lyria is up for it, I guess we can help out too. So, what specifically do you want us to do?
Sachiko: Right… OK! Please can you formulate a strategy to make me famous in this realm!
Vyrn: Hmm. A plan to make you famous? Can't you do that by yourself?
Sachiko: Huh? But I'm asking you to do it! I wanna become most famous cutie in the whole realm!
Vyrn: I see… If that's the case, then why don’t you become the very best skyfarer… like no one ever was.
Sachiko: A skyfarer? The very best… like no one ever was? Me, the cutest in all the skies… of course.
Sachiko: That’s a great plan! Let's go with it!
Vyrn: Right! So, let's hurry and go and pick up a request like a real skyfarer!
Lyria: OK, the requests that have come in are…
Oh, look! There's a rampaging herd of monsters nearby that needs dealing with!
Sachiko: Sounds great! This can be the first success story of Sachiko, cutest in all the skies!
And so, (Captain) and the crew head off to get rid of the monsters in high spirits.

Call Me "The Cutest": Scene 2

Taking on job after job, Sachiko comes to the realization that this isn't really getting her anywhere. To prove that she is the number one cutie in the entire Sky Realm, she applies for a PR job advertising new airships. Sachiko takes care of her remaining jobs while waiting on a response.

Day after day, Sachiko takes requests to deal with monsters with all her might.
But, despite felling her foes again and again, she seems to be nowhere nearer to becoming a famous skyfarer.
Sachiko: Aaargle!
Vyrn: Ahh! Sachiko is broken!
Sachiko: N-no! No I'm not! It's something else…
Vyrn: Then why have you suddenly started making weird noises?
Sachiko: It just seems like no matter how many requests I take, nothing seems to change!
Lyria: I don't think you can become the most famous skyfarer in the sky just like that, Sachiko-san…
Sachiko starts to become worn down after taking requests to subdue monsters every day.
Sachiko: I'm a pop idol first and foremost!
Sachiko: It's making me sad, all this monster felling day after day after day…
Vyrn: I see… Well, that’s a skyfarer's job… Sorry about that.
Sachiko: Is there nothing else I can do to make the news of me being the cutest girl in all the sky more known?
Lyria: Hmm, I can see why you're not happy.
Then, (Captain) appears, holding a envelope containing a request in their hand.
The note states that somebody is recruiting people to help with the advertising of a new model of airship that is going on sale.
Vyrn: Whoa! A job to help advertise a new model of airship? That will be great for you, Sachiko, right?
Lyria: Oooooh, it seems like they're gathering loads of people!
Sachiko's eyes light up, and she presses (Captain) for a decision.
Sachiko: Yes, yes! I'd been hoping for a job like this right from the start!
Sachiko: Oh, can we sign up? Please, please, please!
Lyria: Yep! But first we need to deal with the other requests!
Vyrn: Right! Are you ready, Sachiko?
Sachiko: I was born ready! I'll defeat any monster that gets in the way of my rise to fame! HYAAAH!

Call Me "The Cutest": Scene 3

Chosen as the lucky spokesperson of a new model of airships, Sachiko shakes up the crowd with a fabulous live presentation. On the downside, she must also skydive in a follow-up presentation to demonstrate the new airship's improved mobility.

Sachiko breezes through the audition, and is chosen to be the face of the new model of airship.
Everybody in the crew has gathered in the dressing room on the airship to praise Sachiko.
Vyrn: You did it! We've seen another side to you now, Sachiko!
Sachiko: Heehee, really? Surely it was inevitable that I would be chosen as the cutest girl in the skies…
Lyria: Wooo! Wooo! Well done, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko: It's too early to celebrate, though… But, thanks for your super enthusiastic support, Lyria-san!
At that time, a stage attendant comes into the dressing room.
Stage Attendant: …Erm, Sachiko-san… We'll be going to standby soon…
Sachiko: Got it. Thank you!
Guided by the stage attendant, Sachiko heads to the concert venue on the airship.
Sachiko goes out into the stage and greets the audience in a dignified manner.
Sachiko: Hello and welcome to today's product launch for this new model airship! Thank you for coming!
Sachiko: And now let the special performance from me, Sachiko Koshimizu, the cutest angel in the sky, begin!
Sachiko: Everybody sing along! I wanna hear you sing as loud as a dragon! Now, please enjoy! 
As she says this, Sachiko starts her special performance for the audience that has gathered around the airship.
The closer Sachiko's performance gets to its climax, the more crowded the area in front of the stage grows.
Sachiko: I'm Sachiko Koshimizu, the cutest angel in the sky! Please remember my name and face and come see me again!
The curtain falls on Sachiko's performance, and since she has put all her effort into it, it is a great success.
Vyrn: Wow! That was great! Sachiko is a real pop idol!
Lyria: Yeah! Sachiko-chan, you shone like a star out there!
Sachiko: Teehee! I did? It's just like me to put on a super-great show!
Sachiko: Right, I think I showed my cuteness to the audience… So I guess it's time to go home!
Vyrn: If you keep going at this rate, you'll be famous all across the sky any day now!
Sachiko: It's inevitable! I hope you'll continue to support me until then, (Captain)!
As they were preparing to leave, the stage attendant rushes in front of the crew.
Stage Attendant: Aha! Sachiko-san, there you are! Are you ready?
Sachiko: Errm? Am I ready? For what?
Stage Attendant: Hahahaha! Nice joke, Sachiko-san! You know that last performance was just the rehearsal!
Sachiko: Huh?
The stage attendant drags Sachiko away with a big smile on his face.
The crew spots Sachiko on the deck of the new model of airship, flying high in the air.
Stage Attendant: Erm, Sachiko-san? Are you ready?
Sachiko: Y-y-yes! R-ready whenever you are!
Vyrn: Hey, are you OK, Sachiko? You don't need to do anything you don’t want to!
Sachiko: I-I-I'm a p-professional! N-nothing is impossible!
Sachiko: B-b-but, if you're s-sure, V-v-vyrn-san, maybe you c-could trade places w-with me?
Vyrn: Sorry, I can't… I mean, I can already fly, so I wouldn't make much of a skydiver.
The sponsor's intention is to create appeal for the new airship by displaying its capabilities and how high it can fly.
They have planned a somewhat reckless endeavor, where they will film Sachiko midair after she skydives from the airship.
Sachiko is standing on the edge of the deck, wind billowing against her body.
Sachiko: H-hahahaha, that wind feels so nice.
Sachiko: These… skies…
Vyrn: Hmmm, maybe we should stop this…
Stage Attendant: Right! We are ready to shoot! Three, two, one, go!
Sachiko: Huh?
Vyrn: Oh!
The stage attendant's countdown came out of nowhere, and with it, Sachiko is launched into the sky.
Sachiko: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
The people gather to watch the performance all gaze up into the sky.
Audience: I see her! Up there! It's Sachiko-chan the pop idol!
Lyria: Whoa! Look, (Captain)! Sachiko-chan is flying!
Sachiko: W-w-why am I d-doing thiiiiiis!
The audience is unable to take their eyes off Sachiko, who is soaring through the heavens.
Lyria: Wow! She looks like a real angel!
Spectator: Wooooo! Sachiko-chan! You're the best!
Sachiko: I'm a pop idol! I can do this!
Sachiko: I am Sachiko Koshimizu, the cutest angel in the sky!
Showing her inner power as a pop idol, Sachiko is filmed gliding through the sky like an angel.
And so Sachiko takes her first step toward becoming the cutest angel in the sky. Her fans will talk of this day for years to come.
Since then, lots of requests asking for her to appear have come flying in.