Scenario:Sachiko Koshimizu - Sachi-in-a-Box

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(Captain) and company get to hear all about what it was like for Sachiko before meeting up with them. Lyria's remark that she took Sachiko for a goddess at first puts her in high spirits. While poking fun at Sachiko, (Captain) gladly accepts her request to join the crew.

Sachiko: (Sigh) This… is a problem.
Inside a dark and gloomy box, Sachiko lets out a deep sigh.
Sachiko: (Calm down, calm down, compose yourself…)
Putting her hand on her chest, Sachiko takes a deep breath.
Sachiko gropes around with both her hands, trying to get an understanding of her surroundings.
Sachiko: Hmm? What's this? It's moist but cushiony…
Sachiko: It seems like a breeze is coming from somewhere, so this box isn't completely airtight.
Sachiko is relieved for the time being, and she braces both her arms and legs against the walls of the box and pushes.
Sachiko: Huuurgh!
Sachiko: HUUURGH!
Sachiko: (Pant pant) It's not budging.
Sachiko: Wasting precious energy on that was a terrible plan.
Sachiko: I think I'll rest a little and regain my strength.
Sachiko falls asleep exactly where she sits.
???: Shnar, shnargle?
Sachiko: Huh? What is that weird sound?
Sachiko is woken by a strange sound coming from outside.
???: Shnargle argle?
???: Shnargle!
Sachiko: W-whoa! Everything is shaking! What is it?
???: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Sachiko: Who's out there? Get me out of here!
???: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Sachiko: These vibrations and sounds… Huh! C-could it be?
Sachiko: Maybe I've been targeted by kidnappers due to being the cutest pop idol of them all!
???: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Sachiko: And, and, this noise, it must be a car engine! Which means… I'm in the trunk!
???: Shnargle! Shnargle!
Sachiko: No, no, no! This stupid shnargling noise sounds nothing like a car engine.
Sachiko: I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see what happens for now.
The shaking dies down for a moment and a mysterious song can be heard.
???: Shnaaargle, aaaaargle-aaaaaa! Shnargle shnargle argle-aaaaaa!
???: A-shnargle argle, argle shnarg. Argle argle, shnargle-arg!
Sachiko: What on earth is that? It sounds kinda creepy…
The sounds of vibrant singing leaks into the box, it seems to be praising something.
Sachiko: Huh? Is that… light?
Sachiko sees a faint light shining in at her from overhead, rising as if it were guiding her to something.
Then, the lid of the box where Sachiko had been trapped in opens.
Sachiko: W-what?
Peeking out gingerly, Sachiko takes in the outside world with her eyes.
Sachiko: H-hello? I'm Sachiko…
Green Creature: Shnargle! Shnargle argle!
Green Creature: Argle argle shnarg, shnargle argle!
In front of Sachiko, a green creature is offering up praises with all its might.
Sachiko: Eeek! What is it!
Sachiko: Erm… I, err, green?
Green Creature: Shnargle shnarg shnarg! Argle shnargle arg!
Green Creature: Shnaaaaaargle shnargle!
Surrounded by such an odd collection of creatures, Sachiko cannot hide her shaking.
Sachiko: No, no, no! What's happening! What's going on?
At that moment Sachiko hears a familiar sound… a voice.
???: Sachiko? Sachiko-chan! Sachi!
Sachiko: Huh?
Green Creature: Shnargle?
Sachiko: Well, that's what I felt when I suddenly popped out that tiny box.
Vyrn: But, y'know, when you were in there, we couldn't understand a word that you were saying!
Sachiko: Hey, well I couldn't understand you guys either!
Sachiko: And, when I finally got out the box, I was surrounded by all these weird green things!
Lyria: Heehee, we thought you were a goddess or something, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko: …A goddess? You think so, Lyria-san? You do have a good eye for cuteness…
Sachiko: Of course! I'm Sachiko Koshimizu, cutest of them all! Goddess-level cute even!
Sachiko: Behold! Sachiko the divine!
(This girl's ego is the size of a trollkrabbe!)
Sachiko: Right! Now that we've introduced ourselves, I have good news for everybody!
Vyrn: Hmm? What is it?
Sachiko: …Oho! I've noticed that Rin-san and the others seem to trust you, so…
Sachiko: How about this… I'll give you a super special, limited, one-time, miss-it-and-it's-gone offer of becoming my friend!
  1. That sounds great!
  2. Huh? What?

Choose: That sounds great!
Sachiko: Heehee! Of course it is!
Sachiko: There's nobody in the world who wouldn't want to be friends with the goddess of cuteness that is me! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)… I'm not sure inflating her ego any more is gonna be good for anybody!
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Choose: Huh? What?
Sachiko: H-huh? What do you mean?
Sachiko: B-but you could meet up with me, the cutest girl in the world, every day! Is that not just the best thing you could imagine!
(Captain) remains unsympathetic to Sachiko's blustering.
Sachiko: A-also if I were in your group, I'm super famous… s-so you could use my name and BAM BAM BAM, jobs would come flying in!
Sachiko: So, have you reconsidered? I'm still willing to be your friend…
Vyrn: You know, if you want to be friends because you get lonely on your own, you should just be honest and say so.
Sachiko: I… I see. I'm sorry.
Sachiko: …I get so lonely on my own, please… Please be my friends…
Unable to stifle their giggles any longer, (Captain) bursts out laughing, and cheerfully welcomes Sachiko to the crew.
Sachiko: Wow! You liked my performance just then? You guys are just like Producer-san!
Vyrn: Haha, of course! Don't sweat it!
Continue 1
Sachiko: Then… Once again, hello everybody!
Lyria: Heehee! You’re one of us now, Sachiko-chan!
Sachiko, looking a little embarrassed, turns toward (Captain) and the crew and bows formally.
And in this way the self-proclaimed cutie, Sachiko the pop idol, becomes one of the crew.
Welcomed warmly by the crew, Sachiko happily joins them on their travels as they set off in good spirits once more.