Scenario:Sakura Kinomoto - Sakura and the Witch's Herbs

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Sakura and the Witch's Herbs

An old woman approaches Sakura and the others in a township just outside of Nymph's Ravine. She asks Sakura to go to a nearby waterfall and procure a rare flower—a flower that only blooms at night.

While on the search for the Clow Cards, the crew stops at a village. Once there, Sakura approaches an old woman.
Elderly Woman: Aren't you...
Sakura: Huh?
Elderly Woman: Never mind. Sorry to disturb you. Are you travelers?
Vyrn: You bet. We're skyfarers.
Elderly Woman: That's great. You've come just in time.
Lyria: Is something wrong, ma'am?
Elderly Woman: Well, to be truthful with you, I need some medicinal herbs a-growing near a waterfall just down that path there.
Elderly Woman: Would you dears mind fetching those herbs for me?
Kero-chan: No can do, lady! We're in a rush!
Sakura: Bad Kero-chan!
Elderly Woman: If you're busy little bees, it's okay. Sorry to bother you.
Sakura: (Captain), this woman needs our help. Shouldn't we stay to help her?
Lyria: Are you sure? Don't you have to find Windy as soon as you can?
Sakura: Well, we know Windy's near a waterfall...
Sakura: And we can't just ignore somebody when they've asked for our help!
Touched by Sakura's gentle heart, (Captain) accepts the old woman's request.
Elderly Woman: Thank you, dears. Those herbs bloom during nightfall, but they lose all their petals by the time morning comes.
Elderly Woman: I'd be forever grateful if you could bring them back while they're a-blooming.
Sakura: How do we manage that? Won't the flowers wilt before we can bring them back?
Elderly Woman: Hehe. Well, that's why I needed to ask you.
Sakura: Huh?
Elderly Woman: Oh, and you there, I've got a-something back at the house I need you to help with.
Kero-chan: Me?
Elderly Woman: Young lady, can I borrow your little beasty for a bit?
Kero-chan: (This woman, when she first saw I was a handsome beast, she couldn't take her eyes off me!)
Kero-chan: (You still got the stuff!)
Sakura: You want to take Kero-chan? I'm okay with it...
Sakura: But, Kero-chan... Do you want to wait with her?
Kero-chan: Yeah, what's the harm. Be careful on your way there.
The crew turn and begin heading toward where the old woman said the waterfall could be found.

Sakura and the Witch's Herbs: Scene 2

After arriving at the waterfall, Sakura sees a lot of new plant life for the first time. She soon finds the flower the old woman wants, but a monster sneaks up on her soon after.

Sakura and the others finally arrive at the waterfall.
Sakura: Umm...
Sakura: I wonder why that lady asked us to help her.
Vyrn: Not sure, but she thinks only we can manage to bring them to her, right? Let's just look for those flowers.
Lyria: You're right!
Vyrn: O' course, it won't bud until nightfall. Let's see...
Vyrn: Come out, come out wherever you bloom...
Lyria: It doesn't look like it's anywhere around here.
Sakura: Hey, (Captain), I'll look up there!
Sakura: Jump!
Vyrn: Whoa! Is there an end to how much those Clow Cards can do?
Lyria: Hehe. Sakura-chan is really enthusiastic, huh?
Sakura: Hmm... Any budding flowers up here... Oh!
Sakura: Wow... All of the plants growing up here... I've never seen any of them!
Sakura: Oh this one... Its leaves look like little moons! It's so cute!
Sakura takes her time looking through novel greenery as she searches for the right flower.
Sakura: Huh? Could that be it?
Sakura: Is it this one? The flower isn't blooming yet!
Sakura: (Captain)! I think I found the flower the old woman wanted!
Vyrn: Really! Way to go, Sakura!
Vyrn: W-watch out!
Sakura: Huh?
Monster: Groooar!
Sakura: Eeek!
Lyria: Sakura-chan! (Captain), we have to help Sakura!

Sakura and the Witch's Herbs: Scene 3

Sakura returns and gives the flower to the old woman. She then uses The Dark and The Light to force the flower to bloom. After watching this display of magical prowess, the old woman explains her true goal was to see Sakura's potential as a young mage.

Sakura: (Captain), thank you for helping me.
Sakura: I looked away for one second, and suddenly that thing was there.
Vyrn: We're just glad you didn't get hurt.
Vyrn: So which flower was it?
Sakura: Ah, um... I think it's this one...
Lyria: Way to go, Sakura-chan! You're amazing!
Vyrn: It looks exactly like the woman described it! This has to be it!
Sakura: I'm so glad!
Vyrn: But we gotta get it back by morning, right?
Vyrn: The old woman said that you should be able to do it, Sakura...
Sakura: Hooeee... Yeah, what do you think she meant by that...
Lyria: Yes, I wonder. Something only you can do, Sakura-chan...
Lyria: Do you think maybe she meant something about the Clow Cards?
Sakura: The Clow Cards?
Vyrn: You got a point. It's not like any of us can use 'em.
Vyrn: Think you get it yet, Sakura?
Sakura: Wha?
Sakura: Uh... Um...
Sakura: A flower that blooms at night but wilts when the sun rises...
Sakura: And we have to bring it back to her while it's in bloom...
Sakura: Morning and night...
Sakura: That's it!
Sakura: (Captain), I've got it!
Vyrn: Really! So what do we do?
Sakura: I bet showing you would be faster!
Sakura gently digs the herb out of the ground and holds it in her palms.
Sakura: Hehe. Now let's take it back to the village!
Placing their trust in Sakura, (Captain) and the others accompany her back to the old woman.
Sakura: Excuse me, ma'am! We're back!
Sakura holds out both hands and presents the flower to the old woman.
Elderly Woman: Huh? This flower isn't a-blooming at all...
Sakura: That's okay! Wait just a second!
Pulling the sealing key from her necklace, Sakura begins to chant.
Sakura: Key that hides the forces of darkness, show me your true form.
Sakura: I, Sakura, command you...
Sakura: Release!
Sakura: Cards made by Clow, bestow the magic of the card unto my key!
Sakura: Bestow the magic of the card unto my key! Grant me your power!
Sakura: Darkness, cover us in deep night!
Sakura: Dark!
Vyrn: What the! I can't see a thing!
Sakura: Light, bring forth your bright rays!
Sakura: Light!
Lyria: Now it's really bright! So this is another power of the Clow Cards!
After the light subsides, everyone sees that the flower in the old woman's arms has a massive bloom.
Elderly Woman: Oh, you managed it...
Sakura: I used The Dark to make it night time, and then I used The Light so we could see it! What do you think, ma'am?
Vyrn: Whoa, you really got the stuff, Sakura!
Lyria: Using both darkness and light like that... You're amazing!
Sakura: Hehe...
Sakura: Oh yeah, ma'am, why did you think that I would be able to do this?
Elderly Woman: Hehe. From the moment I saw you, I knew that you were a-hiding powerful magic.
Elderly Woman: One day, just like this here flower, it's going to bloom into something beautiful.
Elderly Woman: I know, because there used to be many magicians who lived around these parts.
Elderly Woman: But the magic power in this land isn't what it used to be. And it's hard for practitioners of the mystic arts to eke out a-living.
Elderly Woman: So every young person with power leaves the village after they finish their training at the ravine.
Elderly Woman: All that's left are us old farts whose magic is a-dwindling, to say the least.
Elderly Woman: I couldn't help but wonder what kind of magic you possessed. Been so long since we had a young mage in the village.
Vyrn: Hmm... I think I get it. I mean you do look kinda like a witch after all.
Lyria: Vyrn!
Elderly Woman: Hah-hah...
Elderly Woman: You've all brightened my day, so let me treat you to some delicious tea.
Sakura: You don't have to thank us!
Elderly Woman: No, no. Come now, hard work deserves a just reward. My house is small, but it's cozy.

Sakura and the Witch's Herbs: Scene 4

Sakura and the others accompany the old woman back home, where she treats them to a magical cup of tea. Having successfully completed the old woman's challenge, Sakura is ready to face whatever comes her way.

Kero-chan: Oh, you're back already? Great work, Sakura!
Sakura: Kero-chan! Oh yeah, you were waiting back here.
Sakura: Huh? You're kind of... shiny!
Kero-chan: Oh? You can tell? Finally my true good looks are on display!
Lyria: Kero-chan, you're really shining!
Vyrn: Yeah, you look like some kinda fancy competition cat... Or somethin'.
Elderly Woman: Hehe. The secret's in this tea. Here, have a sip.
Vyrn: Ugh! This tea's blood red!
Elderly Woman: Hehe. There's nothing strange inside of it.
Elderly Woman: It just brings out your inner beauty and focuses your charm. Perfect for girls!
Vyrn: Huh? Then that means I can't drink it?
Elderly Woman: Of course you can! This beautiful yellow lion was happily a-gulping it down.
Kero-chan: You bet I did! It's all good, Vyrn. True men try to put their best paw forward.
Kero-chan: And you're gonna have to extend at least a claw if you want to be as handsome as me!
Vyrn: Hey, what makes this cat so cocky?
Sakura: Haha...
Kero-chan: What was that!
Elderly Woman: Ah, you girls over there, here's a cup for each of you.
Elderly Woman: Drink up now.
Kero-chan: The old lady here says her back hurts her, so she had me grind up the tea leaves.
Kero-chan: So rest assured—you're drinking the good stuff!
Looks are exchanged before each person (and one little dragon) reluctantly try the tea.
Sakura: Wow! I kind of feel tingly!
Kero-chan: Right! This tea's amazing!
Lyria: I think so too!
Elderly Woman: The flowers that I use to brew this tea get all their flavor from the morning sun.
Elderly Woman: Magic is fundamentally connected with the natural world. If you recognize the connection, then you're a-inviting good things into your life.
Elderly Woman: So when you dears use magic, make sure you thank the spirits that let you borrow their power!
Sakura: Okay!
Elderly Woman: Hehe. Oh my little magical girl... I wonder just how great of a magical woman you'll one day become.
Elderly Woman: Probably an amazing one, seeing as how you've got that beast there a-protecting you.
Kero-chan: Oh! You should say that to her one more time!
(Captain) and the others sit back in their chairs, warmed by the magical properties of the tea.
Sakura smiles, taking in the moment before they have to head off for the next trial.
She finds herself ready for whatever may come.