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Kind World

(Captain) and company arrived at a town with a large shopping district, and head to the dining hall for rest after taking a look at some of the shops. A clerk at the dining hall informs the party of the spirit that protects the town, and the party decides to pay the shrine a visit. As they are about to leave, a man tries to run without paying for his meal and (Captain)'s party pursues him.

(Captain) and company arrived at a town with a large shopping district.
Sara: Wow...! So many people and shops...!
Sara: Um, is there some sort of festival going on today...?
Vyrn: No, it looks like it's always like this here! This town is the trading post for all of the surrounding islands.
Sara: Is it always so lively here?! Wow...!
Lyria: Sara, let's look at the shops together!
Lyria: Oh! Those sweets look really good...
Sara: W-Wait Lyria! ... (Captain), Vyrn. Let's go!
Lyria: Ohh, this ribbon is so pretty... Ah, but it's expensive...
Sara: Hehe, this hair ornament will look really cute on you.
Lyria: Oh, which one?
Lyria and Sara enjoy themselves as they look through the shopping district.
Eventually, the party becomes tired and heads to the dining hall to get some rest.
Lyria: Whew, that was so fun!
Sara: It's crazy, we looked at all those stores and we haven't even seen half of them yet...
Sara: Hehe, that's surprising. Right, Graphos?
Graphos: ...!
Vyrn: I'm glad you're having fun, Sara!
Lyria: ... Yeah! Graphos looks like he's having fun too. I'm glad...
Clerk: Thank you for waiting. Here's your tea and sweets. It's really tasty!
Sara: Wow...! I've never seen a snack like this before...!
Clerk: Haha, is that so? Please, enjoy!
Lyria: Yum! ... So sweet! This is so delicious!
Sara: Yummy... Wooow... S-So good...!
Lyria: Come on Sara, have some more! Here, say aaah!
Sara: Wha! ... Okay, aaah.
Lyria: Hehe... I finally got to eat sweets with you, Sara.
Lyria: I always wanted to hang out with you like this... fI'm having so much fun today!
Sara: Lyria...
Lyria: Thanks for bringing me here, (Captain)!
Sara: I want to thank you, too... Oh! (Captain), you open your mouth too!
Lyria: Hey, no fair Sara! I'm gonna feed him too! Here, say aaah, (Captain)!
(Captain) and company also enjoyed their time at the dining hall.
Lyria: Whew, I'm stuffed!
Vyrn: Let's check out the shopping district again after we rest a bit!
Lyria: Yes, there are still a lot of shops to look at!
Clerk: Oh, are you tourists? If so, you should stop by the shrine at the end of the shopping district.
Sara: A shrine...?
Clerk: Yes, it's dedicated to the Spirit that protects our town. It may be small, but it's a splendid shrine!
Sara: I see! Then maybe we could pay our respects, (Captain).
???: ... ...
Clerk: Sir, your bill...! Aah, he ran away?! T-Thief!!
Sara: Wha?! Oh no...! Let's go after him, (Captain)!
Sara: P-Please, stop! You shouldn't run away without paying!
Lyria: Yeah! You're causing a lot of trouble for that clerk!
Food Thief: Damn it, leave me alone!! Alright, that's it!
Sara: ...! Graphos, help me!

Kind World: Scene 2

The sudden tremor was caused by the angered spirit of the town's protector. Sara learns from Graphos that the spirit is angry because the shrine was destroyed, and that it will be back to normal once its power is released. In order to pacify the spirit, she fights it along with (Captain) and the others.

Food Thief: Ugh...! What's with these brats, that's cheating...!
Sara: ... Food doesn't come easily. There are people who grow the ingredients, people who carry them, and people who prepare the food...
Sara: There are many people that work hard before it finally becomes food on our plates.
Sara: That's why you have to show gratitude and pay what you owe!
Food Thief: Tch! Shut up!!
Lyria: Hmm... Well that's troubling... He won't listen to reason.
Vyrn: There's nothing else we can do. Let's hand him over to the guards and let them deal with it!
(Captain) and company is thanked by the store clerk after turning in the food thief, and is offered a free nights stay as a show of gratitude.
Vyrn: Whoa, I know it's a show of thanks, but it's generous of you to treat us to dinner!
Clerk: Oh no, you've been a great help. This is nothing!
Lyria: Awah! That looks just as good as the sweets...!
Sara: Hehe, Lyria. Here, let me serve them out.
As (Captain) and the others happily began their meal, a sudden tremor shook the land.
Sara: Ack... W-What the...?!
Lyria: Such a strong tremor...! And this presence... The Spirit...?
Vyrn: What the heck happened?! Let's go outside and check, (Captain)!
Spirit: ...!
Lyria: Oh! It really is the Spirit...!
Spirit: ...!
Sara: W-Why is it angry...?! I thought the Spirit was the town's protective god...
Graphos: ...
Sara: Huh...?! Someone destroyed the Spirit's shrine?! And now it's gone berserk...
Sara: That's awful... Who would do such a thing...!
Sara: ... (Captain). According to Graphos, we need to fight that Spirit.
Sara: Once it releases its power, it should calm back down...
Vyrn: The town will get destroyed if we don't do something! We have no choice, let's do it (Captain)!

Kind World: Scene 3

Sara borrows Graphos' power and saves the child from the debris. There, the food thief from earlier in the day appears and admits he was the one that destroyed the shrine. When Sara finds out that his motive was a misguided grudge against the people of the shopping district, she decides to teach him a lesson.

Spirit: ...
Sara: ... It calmed down? Oh, good...
Lyria: There was a lot of damage done to the town...
Sara: Yeah...
Boy: Waaah... Waaaaahh...
The cries of a boy that was injured in the spirit's rampage could be heard.
As he cries, he doesn't notice the debris of a crumbling roof is about to fall on his head from above.
Sara: !! Oh no...! Graphos!!
Graphos: ...!
Graphos and Sara shield the boy just in time, preventing him from coming to harm.
Sara: ... It's okay. Come, let's go somewhere safe.
Boy: *Sob*... T-Thank you...! I was so scared!
Lyria: Whew... I'm glad Sara and Graphos got there in time...!
Food Thief: Damn!! You were all safe, huh?
Sara: You're...! The food thief from earlier?!
Food Thief: Hmph! I had to pay a fine and went through a lot of trouble because of you!
Lyria: Grr...! That was your own fault! You shouldn't have done what you did!
Food Thief: Shut your mouth! You idiots and everyone in the shopping district pisses me off!
Food Thief: I destroyed their precious shrine and the spirit went wild...
Food Thief: So I thought you'd all go down in the tremors but you're all okay?! I don't believe you!
Vyrn: Wha?! You're the one that destroyed the shrine?! What's wrong with you?!
Sara: You caused trouble for everyone in the town, destroyed the shrine and angered the spirit... You need to think about what you've done!
Food Thief: Shut up! I brought friends with me. I'll crush you this time!!

Kind World: Scene 4

The chairman appears to personally give his thanks. The child from earlier is the chairman's son, and he expresses his gratitude to Sara for saving him. She asks whether or not he's afraid of Graphos, but the chairman responds that he's seen plenty of unusual sights before. Sara then realizes she has a lot to learn about the world.

(Captain) and company beat down the food thief once again, getting him locked up for certain this time.
The chairman came to (Captain) and company to thank them for capturing the food thief twice and calming the spirit.
Chairman: I don't know how I can thank you... There was nothing we could have done ourselves to pacify the angered spirit.
Vyrn: Really? Then, it may have been a coincidence but... I'm glad we were there!
Sara: But... Maybe if we weren't here, that food thief wouldn't have gotten so angry and destroyed the shrine...
Chairman: No, it would have happened sooner or later. It's not your fault.
Sara: You think so...?
Chairman: I'm certain of it! By the way, you saved a young boy in the middle of that commotion.
Chairman: That boy is actually my son. My wife and I were both working late that day... I owe you my deepest gratitude.
Sara: ...! I see. I'm glad he was okay.
Lyria: Sara's the one that saved that boy!
Sara: ...! L-Lyria! You don't have to tell him that!
Chairman: My goodness, this little young lady?!
Sara: Um, you see, uh...
Graphos: ...
Sara: Ah...! G-Graphos, no! You'll startle them...!
Chairman: Ohh, you and the young lady saved my son? You're a lifesaver... thank you so much.
Sara: ...! U-Um... Aren't you afraid of Graphos?
Chairman: Hahaha! Trade is prosperous on this island.
Chairman: We get a lot of different folks here, so I'm used to unusual sights.
Sara: Really?
Chairman: It seems you have great power. I'm happy that the person with such power is a kindhearted person like you.
Sara: ...!
Chairman: Please excuse me, I still have some tidying up to do in the town... I will be back later with your reward. I'll see you later!
Sara: ...
Lyria: Sara? What's with the blank expression?
Sara: Um... How do I say this... I just realized what a small world I lived in, even after leaving the island...
Sara: No one in my old home would accept me, and I thought no one ever will...
Sara: But that's not true. There are a lot of people in the wide world that will accept me...
Sara: So now, I feel like I finally see... I didn't have to be scared...
Lyria: Sara...
Sara: Sorry Lyria... You and (Captain) have always accepted me...
Sara: I didn't even see it until now...!
Lyria: ... Sara.
Sara: Yeah...?
Lyria: When I was locked up before, Katalina would talk about how blue the skies were... But I didn't understand at all.
Lyria: I finally understood how wide and blue the skies are when I stepped outside myself. Just like you, Sara!
Sara: Lyria...
Sara: Thank you Lyria... (Captain)...!
Sara: Thank you so much... For showing me the outside world...!
Ever since departing on her journey with (Captain) and company, Sara's tightly locked heart has been opening up little by little.
With her tiny feet, she steps into a big world which accepts her with open arms.