Scenario:Sara - Midnight Snack

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Midnight Snack

The crew hears about a rare fruit from a villager, but several days have passed since it was harvested, so Sara doubts she'll be able to get any. Lyria suggests that they go look for it anyway.

(Captain) and company have come to a small village to do some shopping.
Villager: Oh! It's rare for anyone to come visit our tiny town. We welcome you, skyfarers!
Sara: Hello. Sorry to bother you, but I would like to purchase what is on this list, please.
Villager: Oh my! What an adorable and polite girl! We do have a store here. Don't you worry.
Sara: That's a relief. (Captain), it looks like we can buy things here.
Villager: Hmm... Too bad you weren't here two or three days ago. You could have tried our village specialty.
Sara: Really? And what's that?
Villager: It's a fruit that grows in the mountains. It's red, sweet, and absolutely delicious, but you can only harvest it for a very short period of time.
Sara: Wow!
Lyria: Sounds tasty! I'd like to try it!
Villager: Sorry. We do leave the fruit that's near the top of the tree, but I'm sure the birds already got to it.
Vyrn: That really does sound good! It woulda been nice to compare it to apples, but I guess we're outta luck.
Sara: Yes... That's too bad.
Villager: Hmm... Maybe next time. Oh, you wanted to go to the store, right? Head down this road and turn left.
Sara: Thank you very much. Want to head that way, Lyria?
Lyria: Um... We should go find the fruit instead! There might still be some left.
Vyrn: Anything for a snack, eh, Lyria?
Lyria: Grr... But Sara seems so interested.
Sara: Huh? Me? It's okay, Lyria. Don't mind me.
Lyria: No! You always hold back on what you really want!
Lyria: Please, (Captain)! Let's go look for the fruit!
Vyrn: Yeah! Anything for Sara!
Sara: What? But—
Vyrn: Don't worry about it, Sara! Lyria just wants to eat it herself anyway.
Lyria: Geez! Oh, Vyrn! But I do want to try it... Now let's go to the mountains!

Midnight Snack: Scene 2

(Captain) and company head to the mountains in search of the fruit. After the sun sets, they find a tree with some fruit left, but it is surrounded by monsters.

(Captain) and company head into the mountains in search of the fruit, but night falls without them finding anything.
Sara: It's getting dark... We should return to the village, or we could run into trouble.
Vyrn: But we came all the way here. Did the birds really eat all of it?
Lyria: Oh! Look at the top of that tree! Isn't that the fruit the villager was talking about?
Sara: Huh? Where? I don't see anything.
Lyria: Over there! Look at where I'm pointing!
Vyrn: You did it! Lyria, you have the eyes of a hawk when it comes to food!
Lyria: Stop it! You could have stopped with the compliment, Vyrn!
Sara: Hee-hee. But you are amazing, Lyria! I couldn't find it.
Sara: Oh! There are monsters around the tree. What do we do now?
Vyrn: What rotten-apple luck! Fine. We can work up an appetite by pummelin' those monsters!

Midnight Snack: Scene 3

With the monsters defeated, the crew obtains the rare fruit, but Sara refuses to eat it on the spot because she's not supposed to eat sweets at night. Lyria convinces her to live a little.

Vyrn: Heh-heh. Here you go! The birds are out of luck now!
Lyria: Thank you, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Let's see if this stuff's better than apples.
Sara: ...
Lyria: What's the matter, Sara? Don't be shy! Eat up! It looks really good!
Sara: Yes, but the people at the castle... They said never to eat sweets after dark.
Vyrn: Come on! You're seriously worried about that?
Sara: Huh? But isn't it bad manners?
Vyrn: What? You're way too worried about the small stuff, Sara!
Vyrn: Sometimes it's just more fun to be bad!
Lyria: Yep! And snacks taste so much better than regular meals.
Sara: Being bad... is fun?
Lyria: Sure! Like when Katalina tells us to go to sleep, but we chat in bed anyway!
Sara: Maybe you're right. Sleeping in is fun too, or at least it feels good.
Vyrn: Right? You gotta live a little, Sara! That's the whole point of a journey!
Sara: You know something? You're right. Munch!
Sara: It's so sweet and juicy! Munch munch... It's delicious!
Sara: As long as I brush my teeth later, I can be a little naughty, right?
Lyria: Of course! But save some for me!
Sara: Here you go! Hee-hee... It smells so good.
Vyrn: And it looks good too! I'm done waiting! Let's eat!
Lyria: Wow! It's so sweet and tangy! I think I'll have another one...
Sara: Oh, Lyria. You have something on your cheek. Let me wipe it off for you.
Vyrn: Geez. You seem older than Lyria sometimes. Take that as a compliment.
Having escaped her sheltered lifestyle, Sara finally sees the world with her own eyes.
Though still reserved in some ways, she will surely find happiness with (Captain) and company on their journey.