Scenario:Sarunan - Diminishing Flame

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Diminishing Flame

Sarunan has used a forbidden spell to extend the life of the spirit Kazann who he loves, and hopes to reincarnate her as a human before that life force expires.However, the forbidden spell has depleted Sarunan's life force to impart it to Kazann, and now Sarunan has very little life left.In a desperate attempt to keep Kazann alive, Sarunan has decided to sacrifice others for Kazann.

Sarunan not in crew

On a certain island, (Captain) and company met a young Erune named Sarunan.
This man, who could wipe out monsters with powerful magic, was a total weirdo who seemed to be talking to an invisible... someone.
After a series of complications, they decided to join (Captain) and company, seeing as they were all headed to the same place...
Sarunan: Come on, Honey! Let’s trounce those monsters with the power of our love!
Sarunan: Honey, you’re breathtaking... You’re so beautiful and so strong! I’m just so happy to have met you...
Vyrn: Hmm... No matter what I do, it still looks like he’s just talking loudly to himself... It’s really weird to watch...
Sarunan: Wha?! What are you saying, Honey?! Vyrn is helping me? How?
Vyrn: Huh? Honey’s talking about me?
Sarunan: It’s too much trouble to keep explaining what Honey’s saying.
Vyrn: But... But only you and Lyria can hear Honey’s voice...
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Huh? You want to know why I’m in such a bad mood? How can you ask me that with a straight face?!
Sarunan: But Honey! We’ve hardly had any you-and-me time lately!
Behind Sarunan was a spirit named Kazann who went by the nickname Honey. Her voice was only audible to a few people.
Her natural lifespan as a spirit had come to an end, but Sarunan was prolonging her life with a magic spell.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Gah! How could you say that?!
Vyrn: Mmm? Lyria, what did Honey say? We can’t hear her...
Lyria: Oh, umm... She said “Maybe you’d pick up some social skills if you didn’t just complain all the time”...
Sarunan: But when it’s just the two of us, I don’t need to bother explaining things to anyone!
Sarunan: Our hearts are connected, so going to the trouble of speaking is just so... unromantic... I guess...
Sarunan: Yeah! If we look into each other’s eyes, we can even understand each other’s thoughts... Kufufu...
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Whaaat?! H- Honey! What do you mean, “our hearts aren’t connected and our communication needs work”?!
Vyrn: Good grief... That monologue could stand to be a little more “internal”...
Sarunan and Honey were on a journey to Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
They hoped to use a legendary secret art found on Estalucia to reincarnate Honey into a human before her lifespan could run out again.
Some time had passed since our heroes had joined up with Sarunan.
Initially, he appeared to be just a strange young man, but now that had changed completely.
Sarunan: ...
Vyrn: H- Hey... Sarunan, dude, you okay...? What’s going on with you lately?
Sarunan: I’m beat... Heh heh... Thanks to Honey, every night is a sleepless night for me...
Lyria: Sleepless nights...? Are you staying up all night every night just to talk to her?
Sarunan: Uh, no... I’ll let you fill in the blanks yourself...
Honey: ...
Lyria: Ah! Miss Honey! Hehe... You two have been pretty friendly with each other lately!
Honey: ...
Lyria: Huh? “Let’s take this opportunity to tell them the truth”? What do you mean, “the truth”?
Sarunan: Let’s... Let’s not, Honey. How will telling them the secret behind our friendship help?
Honey: ......
Lyria: I see... So to maintain the strength of the seal, you used Mr. Sarunan’s...
Sarunan: Hmph! Whoa... Hang on a sec, Honey! Quit while you’re ahead...!
Honey: ......
Lyria: What...? Mr. Sarunan’s... lifespan? How did you use it?
Sarunan: Honey...! STOP!!!
Honey: ......! !!!
Lyria: WHAAAT?! Your lifespan is about to come to an end?! You won’t be able to live much longer?!
Sarunan: Nngh...!
Vyrn: What the hell?! I’m gonna need to hear more about this!
Sarunan: ... Sigh... Alright, I give up. This was supposed to be a secret between me and Honey.
Sarunan: The spell I used on Honey sealed her into a staff and extended her life.
Sarunan: The cost of that spell was my lifespan, which now flows from me through the staff into her.
Lyria: How can you...!
Vyrn: But you’re just sharing some of your lifespan with her, right?
Vyrn: You guys haven’t known each other all that long, eh? Does she really use up her lifespan that quickly?
Sarunan: Well, a human’s life isn’t worth the same as a spirit’s life, you see...
Sarunan: A human’s life is fragile. We can’t live without these vessels we call “bodies.”
Sarunan: In contrast, spirits’ lives are out in the open, and our lifespans are nothing compared to theirs...
Sarunan: So using a human life to maintain hers is barely a drop in the bucket, so to speak.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: At this rate, my lifespan will only last for another year at best... six months at worst.
Lyria: Whaa?! D- Does that mean...?!
Sarunan: My life will probably come to an end before we reach Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
  1. What are you planning?
  2. I’ll give my life for yours

Choose: What are you planning?
Sarunan: ...What if nothing is done?
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! Are you going to turn Honey into a human on the Island of the Astrals?
Sarunan: Sad to say, there is nothing more I can do that to pass my staff along to Honey.
Sarunan: Though it might be difficult. I don’t think there is anyone else who would risk their lives for Honey.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Isn't Honey hoping for that, too?
Sarunan: Don’t you want to be married all your lives and die a natural death together? You finally became upfront about your feelings.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Whaaat?! Seriously, is something wrong?
Sarunan staggered with his head down. He came to a halt, looking as if he were about to collapse.
Vyrn: Hey, are you sure you’re really okay, Sarunan?
Sarunan: Ugh... Maybe because I can’t sleep, I get dizzy whenever I try to say something loudly...
Sarunan: Ah... Perhaps I said too much.
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Choose: I’ll give my life for yours
Vyrn: Idiot! Watch what you're saying, (Captain)!
Lyria: Exactly. What will happen to me and Vyrn?
Honey: ......! Hmph!
Sarunan: It was a most excellent offer, (Captain), given your life in exchange... But I cannot do that.
Vyrn: Why's that?
Sarunan: I cannot reduce the purity of apportioned life force.
Sarunan: If intermixed with the life force of other races, the effect will be felt in Honey’s body after reincarnation.
Sarunan: Thus the successor I am searching for must be of the Erune race, like me.
Sarunan: Hey! Ugh ugh...
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! You look like you’re in pain...
Sarunan: Ah... Perhaps I said too much.
Continue 1
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Ugh... Because I chipped away at my own life too much, there seems to be negative effects on my body, such as insomnia...
Sarunan: I’m going to return to my room. Even if I cannot fall sleep, I can at least make the effort. Let's go, Honey.
Our heroes silently sent off Sarunan as he staggered with an unsteady gait to his room.
Sarunan: (Well, what should I do...?)
Sarunan: (Will it be mutual destruction for me and Honey?)
Sarunan: (Damn it! How can this be?! I have to do something about this...)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: (Should I look for a successor? I really need to think about that...)
Sarunan: (Nothing is more important in the Erune tribe than to be able to use magic...)
Sarunan: (Someone with a longer life ahead of them... In other words, a child...)
Sarunan: (Maybe I should kidnap a child? My magic makes brainwashing easy... And children have undeveloped psyches...)
Sarunan: (So... Should I do that? That’s all I can do!)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...! What happened, Honey? Please don't look so sad.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: W-What...?! Of course I was thinking of a way to save you.
Sarunan: What’s with that scary look on your face? Ah, you're not feeling well...)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: I'm laying down. I can’t really sleep, but anyway, off to bed...)
Sarunan: (These are some scary things I'm considering here... Kidnapping kids and brainwashing them...)
As the end of one’s life draws near, the heart is swallowed by darkness.
Failing to realize that, Sarunan covered himself up with the futon.
His insomnia would cause her to have to endure yet another seemingly endless night.